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Hee, I expect that this will be full of quotes from Kyle!

Ahsha: I'm gone a week, I come back, and you're married?
Kyle: It's that old story. Boy meets girl, girl strips at boy's club, girl marries boy, and boy pulls a scam for 3/4 of a million dollars and goes to prison. Yeah.

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Ahsha: The new guy's hot.
Derek: You have terrible taste in men.

Pete: You hate basketball.
Lionel: First of all, I don't hate basketball. Hate implies investment. I'm apathetic. Second of all, get over yourself. They're showing a tease of my new movie during the broadcast.
Pete: The porn? That doesn't come out for months.
Lionel: It's not a porn. It's a psychosexual drama that's based on an international best selling book series.
Pete: Full frontal?

Zero: Can you spot me? Every act of good will is a step towards salvation.
Jelena: I don't do saving.

Zero: I'm just trying to get the most out of life.
Jelena: The most endorsements.
Zero: You are absolutely without a doubt the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on. It would be an honor and a privilege to get to know you - in the biblical sense.

Pete: Lionel, she was a one night stand that lasted ten years.

Raquel: Oscar has kids?
Jude: Kid. Singular. He never mentioned me, huh?
Raquel: Well, we don't really hang out so...

Pete: You're nervous.
Sloane: I can't afford for my first at bat to be my last.
Pete: Baseball metaphor in a basketball arena? That should get you fired right there.

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I want to quit this cheesetacularly bad show, but the promise of dancing always sucks me in!


So anyone can just stroll into the arena and sit down in the coach's office? No security, no vetting, no waiting area? Ooookay.


I already hate Pete's wife. I also have no interest in Jade either. Wah, daddy issues! I am not looking forward to the inevitable German/Ahsha/Derek awkwardness now that Pete has hired German.


Kyle is still awesome. I was afraid the loan shark was going to insist on pimping her out to work off her husband's debt so at least they're "only" going to work together to bilk rich guys.


Only a minute of rehearsal footage and then a two minute dance routine at the game - not enough dancing! I was so excited as soon as I heard the beginning of "If," but gawd. First of all, they need to stop with the terrible camerawork during the dance scenes. I don't need to see these girls from the waist up while they're dancing. I don't need to see closeups of their abs while they're doing back handsprings. The choreography goes back and forth between actual technical dance skills and literally shaking their asses.


Ha, first of all, I love that Ahsha wears a comfy outfit from the ankle up (loose hoodie with jeans) but with stiletto heals. What the hell? Secondly, I love that Derek is just chilling in his hot tub butt ass naked.


As for their decision to keep seeing each other, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is really dumb. Ahsha knows she could be kicked off the team. On the other hand, she keeps referring to it as a job when she isn't even getting paid enough to afford her own place to live. I know any time you work and get paid, that's considered a job but she's making it sound like she's going to lose a 6 figure fortune 500 job. If you want to keep your job as a pro basketball dancer, then you need to follow the rules or expect to be fired. Keeping it a secret isn't the best strategy. Of course, Yelena gives no fucks at all so she's gone from openly dating Terrence to accepting a date with Zero. I guess if Ahsha wants to keep her job, all she has to do is point out that Yelena was allowed to do it. Derek is being pretty selfish though. He knows he won't lose his job for dating Ahsha so there's no risk for him.


I feel like I should be impressed that Oscar instantly recognized Olivia's watch and ring, but I was more creeped out that he would recognize them. Please don't tell me Rick Fox killed her! I'll miss you, Evie. I'll imagine you singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" to Nick in the creepy house.

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Behind the scenes set tour with McKinley Freeman (Derek Roman)


Behind the scenes with the Devil Girls


AfterBuzz interview with Dean Cain:


AfterBuzz interview with Logan Browning:


AfterBuzz interview with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Lionel):

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I'm also hoping that Rick Fox didn't kill Olivia. Simply because thats just too obvious. Definitely enjoying all the male eye candy! YUM!!! And that last shot of Mckinley Freeman's ass!!!!! DOUBLE YUM!!!

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I don't get why Yelena is allowed to date the players but not Ahsha? That made no sense to me. This show is so bad...yet so good at the same time!!!

Because she's the queen bee. I love it how the new guy, Zero corrected her as an "ex" girlfriend.


I think Oscar or Olivia's husband  are behind Olivia and Mia's murders.

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Kyle (after catching Derek and Ahsha together in the gym): FYI, that door locks.

Jelena: We're not canceling.
Sloane: First, we don't make my decisions.

Kyle: He just bought the rights to Pez. Not the dispensers. Just the candy.

Pete: You said Olivia was duller than her natural hair color.

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Teddy: When I bought Lucky Charms, there was a box with a maze on the back. That was awesome.

Chase: I did not kill [Olivia].
Police officer: We found the shovel that was used to bury her in the trunk of your car.
(Did we just magically get transported to Rosewood where possession of a shovel is an arrestable offense?)

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Best part of the episode: Allison's really long solo during their museum performance.


I had to laugh when Jelena got so pissy about how the Devil Girls have NEVER missed a performance. Really? How long have you been with the team, Jelena? Because I'm pretty sure it's been around longer than you've been alive so there is a slight possibility that the team missed a performance some time in the 18-20 years before you joined. Also please STFU.


I also laughed my ass off when she tried to guilt trip her ex about being seen talking to another girl in public. Gasp, the nerve! How dare he publicly converse with anyone who has a vagina?


I also laughed at Jelena's sex scene with Zero. I'm sure she and the director thought all that hair tossing was sexy but I just found it fake and hilarious.


Man, did Kyle sell her life story cheaply. $150K? I do enjoy how clueless Teddy seems. I cringed when he asked for Jelena's autograph though. Dude, you're at a funeral so calm down there.


Now that they have arrested Chase for Olivia's murder, I'm 100% certain he didn't do it. There's no way the show would make it that easy. When the police said they found a shovel in his car, I thought for a second that I was watching Pretty Little Liars where it is a felony to possess a shovel!


Ahhhhhhhsha has this all wrong. The one time that she could get away with being seen hugging Derek in public is right after Olivia's murder. No one would fault any of the players and dancers for hugging or offering condolences whether it was at the funeral or at the stadium.


It's only been two weeks and I'm so tired of Lionel. She and Jelena are cut from the same cloth where they act like they are so sexy and irresistible and superior to everyone else. They may as well twirl their evil mustaches while wearing nothing but lingerie.

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Not feeling the beginning of season 2.


Hate all the new characters. 


Way too much focus on Pete's love life. His ex wife and romance with Racquel takes up screen time better spent on something else.


Hate Zero. Actor sucks (not uncommon for this show) and his character is way too annoying. I also feel he's getting more screentime than Derek and Terrance which upsets me as I am way more invested in their characters. And that sex scene with Jelena was awful. My goodness....Logan is a better actress than Taylour but Taylour has better love scenes, which may be because of Mckinley though...


Why is German still around? He's a bore. Not interested in watching Ahsha flip flopping between him and Derek. She's not likeable enough for that.


The only thing I really like is Ahsha and Derrick trying things out because they have good chemistry although the Ahsha character annoys me. I also need Derek screen time and since zero's arrival it seems I only get to see him with Ahsha.


Oh and I'm interested in Olivia's murder mystery s/l and Kyle is always a win, though I hate her new pimp.


So really I just need all the new characters to go plus German.

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Is the guy Kyle hanging  with a con artist and is she his partner?  What happened to her husband?

If Chase didn't kill Olivia then I think Oscar is behind it somehow. Maybe he didn't actually kill her  but had someone else do it (maybe his son?). I can't stand Pete's ex,  what kind of name is Lionel for a woman?

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I gave up sometime last last season on this show because I couldn't handle the stupidity and the badly filmed dance scenes weren't amazing enough to force myself to sit through this show. I watched this episode to see if this show was worth trying again because of the lack of show's on during the summer.


It still bothers me that they act like being a professional cheerleader is a full time job that pays enough to live off of. And I never did get behind the way they through Aaasha and Derek together as a couple just because. It actually bothered me how stupid they write Aasha when she's a girl who went to college. She should at least have some smarts. She's way too naive and dumb. Not even Melanie on The Game was that naive. 


Aasha and Yelena are so miscast its ridiculous. Taylour Paige is just horrible. Logan Browning can not play a bad girl at all. She's supposed to be playing some conniving vixen but just comes off like a bitchy sorority girl. That sexy scene wasn't even close to being sexy or shocking.

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Is the guy Kyle hanging  with a con artist and is she his partner?  What happened to her husband?

In the first episode of S2, they introduced the new guy as the one who got Kyle's husband to sign the divorce papers but he is holding them hostage until she pays the $350K that Kyle's husband owes him. So for now they are teaming up to bilk enough money to pay off her debt.


ITA that Logan playing a bad girl is terrible. She is like the middle school version of bitchy - she acts like she's hot shit and is constantly posing in ways that a 12 year would think qualify as bitchy when it's usually just a blank stare. Her sex scene with Zero was similar - it looked like what a girl whose only exposure to sex is a few clips of porn that her boyfriend showed her online thinks sex is supposed to look like.


This week's dance was pretty weak. While I appreciate that they are trying to do different styles and doing something like this with more ballet and jazz is more appropriate for a performance at a museum than their usual booty popping, a lot of this just didn't work for me. Case in point: ten full seconds of all the girls pounding their hips with their fists at 1:38. My old high school dance coach was also a professional cheerleader so sometimes she would teach us their dances for our football games and pep rallies, but she usually changed some of the choreography. I remember one of the pro dances she taught us had four counts of ass shaking and she said, "I think we can do better than that," and she changed it to something else. That's how I felt about those ten seconds of hip pounding.


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I know the main reason I started watching this show was the dancing, so I thought we should have a thread just for discussing the actual dancing!


S02.E01 Game Changer (If by Janet Jackson):


I had mixed feelings about routine. Sloane just made it a point to tell Lionel that the Devil Girls are now dancers, not cheerleaders and then we cut to the girls running out on the court doing spirit fingers like they're at a pep rally. I really thought they couldn't go wrong with "If" by Janet Jackson (which I still love) and the opening was great - a roll off of dramatic drops to the ground to take advantage of the music and the old school open legged squat from back in the 90s - but it was downhill from there. The camerawork was terrible and then we got a literal eight count of the entire team standing in a line shaking their asses (which they then revisited at the end of the dance). Most of this dance looked like a high school pep rally with the cheer fists in the air and the walking around. And why would you have the girls do a split jump and have them land with their feet apart?

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S2.E02 Passing (Fantasy by MS MR)



I do appreciate that they changed it up for this routine so that we got something classier than booty shaking for a performance at a museum (on a shallow note, the setting was really beautiful, as was the lighting) but the absolute best part of this routine was Allison Holker getting a big solo. I hated the sissons in between the lamp posts because it ended up looking like they were doing half assed leaps to try to avoid kicking the lamp posts.


Jelena wrapping her leg around one of the lamp posts was unintentionally funny. You want to dance with the lamp post? Make out with it? The mini solo with Kyle, Jelena, and Ahhhhsha just highlighted that they are not the strongest dancers in the group, which makes it even more ridiculous that Jelena is the captain lording it over everyone.


But the most ridiculous/hilarious/cringe inducing moment was at 1:38 when the entire group pounded their hips for ten seconds straight. What the hell was that supposed to be? Because it definitely wasn't sexy or interesting or anything positive. And for future reference, bourees in t-strap shoes? Not a good look.

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Hit the Floor’s Taylour Paige Talks Season 2 Romance and Rivalry! — Exclusive

Reward Me
Taylour Paige as Ahsha Hayes on VH1's Hit the Floor
Credit: VH1
Memorial Day (Monday, May 26) marked the Season 2 premiere of VH1’s hit NBA-centered scripted show, Hit the Floor. Actress Taylour Paige comes back to the small screen as lead character Ahsha Hayes, but this time around she’s got a lot more on her plate. As Ahsha’s star rises, she’s met with a strained relationship with her mother and new boss, Sloane, secretly dating Devil’s star player Derek, and working with her ex, German. Oh yeah, and she’s still contending with team member Jelena, who is always plotting to take her down.

So what can we expect from Ahsha this season? When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Taylour, she gave us quite a bit on what’s ahead.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can fans expect to see with Ahsha and Derek’s relationship this season?
Taylour Paige: I think that there are the Team Ahsha-Derek and Team Ahsha-German fans, but I think they will be pleasantly surprised to see a vulnerable side of Derek. I mean, people who see him as this Roman emperor, he’s this talented basketball player who gets all the ladies, see him be vulnerable and kind of honest. I think you’ll see another side to him and how Ahsha becomes a reflection of the good in Derek. I don’t want to spoil it, but the most exciting thing to see is his vulnerability and how much they actually care about each other and that their relationship is a little more mature and grown like their sex, what they talk about, how they’re trying to keep their thing under wraps because they’re not allowed to date, and to see how they go about it, because they really do care about each other.

And how does Ahsha handle what’s to come with German now becoming an assistant coach on the team?
You know, there’s definitely an “awkward turtle” going. Their chemistry and relationship is still very much high school, but they’re very mature about it. It’s very truthful in the respect as if you were working with your ex-boyfriend, if he were working in the same workplace as you. It’s very honest and truthful, and I mean they were together for a very long time, so they have an unspoken understanding of one another with what they each want to do for so long. German’s wanted to be in the basketball world for forever, and Ahsha’s always wanted to be a dancer on the team, so I think it’s cool. No one hates German because he’s a pretty good guy, so you’ll be rooting for him in a different way, but you’ll also want to see if he has that curiosity about Ahsha and Derek. But everyone still respects him. He wasn’t a shady boyfriend.

Obviously love is complicated and Ahsha’s been with someone that she’s been comfortable with and safe with and I think that she loves German, but she takes on a different persona when she’s with Derek. I feel like she belongs in a different way, and it’s like her old life and new life are merging and she’s going to have to face both, but I think it’s going to be interesting to see how she keeps her own sense of identity while being someone else’s girlfriend with so much going on.

And will Ahsha and her mom, Sloane, work on their relationship now that Sloane’s her boss?
I think their relationship is definitely a little weird right now and strange. I think that Ahsha’s jilted and she’s almost like ‘Can you get a life? Dang. I’m trying to be myself here, and get credit for being willful and strong’ and think she’s almost like ‘Can I do it on my own?’ which is always a relationship with parents … so there’s that tension of course. But I think it’s going to be cool to see how their relationship stands out because it’s her mother the director, and also it’s her mother. She has to be respectful, but her mother’s also her boss now, and Ahsha has no clue why her mother’s really there.

Does her relationship with dad, Pete Davenport, get any better?
You will see more of Ahsha and Pete and they wrote some really cute stuff for us … It was really great working with Dean [Cain] because he really is like a dad. It’s cool to see their relationship evolve, you know, because they’re starting from square one. It’s cool to see how they can relate in a world where they’re both awkward; Pete was the star of this organization that he’s now coaching, which he’s never done, and Ahsha has been dancing her whole life, but she’s never been in this situation where her star is rising … they’re both going through the same thing, but different.

The Cast of VH1's Hit the Floor Season 2
Credit: VH1
What kind of evolution can we see in Ahsha’s overall character this season?
I think that people will be happy to see that Ahsha’s developing a backbone and she’s starting to speak up for herself. There’s a toughness that I think has been underestimated because she was trying to stay true … but you’re going to see her become a woman and she has to be because of what she wants. She’s in a specific atmosphere that is pretty new and you can’t be soft or you’re not going to make it. She’s realizing what she has to do to get there and she’s starting to play a bit of Jelena (Logan Browning)’s game. She’s not going to ignore it anymore.
And I think she wants to be accepted for doing it on her own. She’s not there because of her mother; she’s here because she has a talent and she has the potential to be a star. She doesn’t want to be a throwaway flousy. She wants in the business and she’s there for a reason and here to make her mark. I think it’ll be cool because there are different opportunities this season to prove why she’s here. She gets tested and it’ll be cool for everyone to see how she’s handled it.


What can you tell us about Ahsha’s interaction with Jelena this season?
You know, Jelena always has something up her sleeve! But Ahsha’s growing a backbone to say some s—t back to her! She’s not going to stand there and make a sad face. She’s more to say this season because she’s made it dealing with her shenanigans and crazy motives. And I think she’s trying to be on to her, so she’s starting to think ahead more than she has before because she wants to stay and be a part of the team.

One thing that fans love aside from the drama are the amazing dance sequences. What can you tell us about some of the dance routines this season?
They are really dynamic and exciting. I think that every time you’ll say ‘Oh, I love that’ and the next week you’ll say ‘Oh my god. I love that.’ One of the dances we’re doing is so sick and huge! It’s not as technical as some are and everyone gets to bring their own personalities. And it’s cool how every episode’s appearance or location and music [for the routine] goes with the storyline … For instance, there’s a song called ‘Radar’ that we’re dancing to, and in a part of the dance, Ahsha and Jelena are looking at each other like they have each other on their radars. And it’s not that everyone doesn’t know that, but specifically in that episode something happens where they’re like ‘Oh girl, I got you.’

Before you go, tell us why fans should keep watching Season 2.
If you don’t want to see girls dancing and shaking their thang, or these sexy men revealing their bodies, we’ve got incredible actors coming together, and there’s so much mystery and drama and sex. I think we have everything! There’s comedy — we have amazing Kat[herine] Bailess who brings so much relief to these dramatic storylines and she’s also got motive, so you’re like wait, what does she have. I think there’s a dynamic group of people and our dynamic characters come out with our personalities and we’re colorful. And that’s why you should watch!

A new episode of Hit the Floor airs on Monday, June 2, at 9 p.m. ET on VH1. Will you be watching? Tell us in the comments below!



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I have conflicting feelings about the dance routines this season.  On the one hand, I have loved the musical selections.  You can't go wrong with "If," and "Fantasy" was a nice change of pace from the usual upbeat music.  I also loved how they incoporated the LA setting by staging the museum performance at the urban light exhibit.  However, so far, I have really hated the choreography.  I know they are kind of limited when Yelena is included in the group numbers because Logan is not a professional dancer, but I generally enjoyed the performances last season. Does anyone know if they changed choreographers? 

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The dancers mentioned in an interview at the beginning of the season that Michael Rooney is the choreographer (he's Mickey Rooney's son and some of his past projects were Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" video and 500 Days of Summer).

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I find Jelena bragging about figuing out Ahsha's secret while in bed with Zero incredibly annoying. And they keep mentioning that they aren't allowed to date players, but I don't remember who originally told them that, so who exactly would be enforcing that rule? The director, her mother? The coach, her father? The criminally invested and far too busy to care about such things Oscar? Who would even care that much?


I love Kyle. Since it can never be said enough.

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I may have missed it, but why can Jelena date the players, but no one else can?  It seemed before that the public didn't know about this so they let Jelena do whatever she wanted.  That's not the case now because they are taking publicity photos with her and Terrence as a couple.  Is it because Olivia let Jelena do whatever she wanted?  Is it because she's part owner now?  Is it because she's head cheerleader?  If a rule is the main thing keeping away your core couple, then either enforce it fully or explain why you don't.


Look's like Kyle's new love interest, whoops, partner, is staying around.  At least he's really charming.  Kyle is awesome as always.


Yeah, Pete.  Leave your new girlfriend with your vindictive estranged wife.  Nothing bad could possible come from that.


Finally, I am so tired of Ahsha bitching at her mom.  Sloane does not deserve it, especially for this long, and I have no interest in watching a woman in her 20s act like a 2-year old.

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Why can't Ahhhhsha get an apartment?! Hasn't she been sofa surfing since early in season 1?

It cracks me up that she keeps telling Derek that she can't lose her job as a Devils Girl when it clearly doesn't pay enough for her to afford to even share an apartment with someone, let alone for her to get her own place without a roommate. Being a pro cheerleader/dancer IS a job to be sure, and it's a job that requires a huge amount of time commitment, but it's not the kind of job that pays enough to keep you afloat.


Of the girls I knew who danced for sports teams, none of them made enough from the piddling amount they were paid to even cover the most minimal of their expenses. NBA dancers do get paid more (I think at some point they unionized and are now paid for rehearsal time) but NFL cheerleaders only get paid per game and it's something ridiculously low like $75/game. They do not get paid for the hours and hours per week they spend rehearsing. Pro cheerleaders/dancers either have to have a second job (which is their main source of income) or have a husband/parents who foot the bill for most of their expenses like rent, food, car payment, gas, health insurance, cell phone, etc. The girls often get paid for doing extra appearances, but that is often based on seniority and it's still Ahhhhhhsha's first year on the team (I can't wait to see how long they stretch this one basketball season out).




I find Jelena bragging about figuing out Ahsha's secret while in bed with Zero incredibly annoying. And they keep mentioning that they aren't allowed to date players, but I don't remember who originally told them that

I found it ridiculous that Jelena was bragging about it while she was still half naked from sleeping with another player. It's often written in the girls' contracts that they can't date players so theoretically they could be dismissed from the team for breaking that rule but since they have already set the precedent that Jelena was dating Terrence last year, if they tried to fire Ahsha for it or reprimand her in any way, she could just tell them oh, you mean that's enforced for dancers who aren't Jelena?


Ahhhhhsha sure is romantic: "Wanna do it?"


Why am I not surprised that Jelena hired someone to creepily follow Ahsha and Derek around to take pictures? I know PIs and paparazzi do it all the time, but that doesn't make it any less creepy to me.


Zero bugs me because he looks so slimy and ferrety, and in a way that tells me he knows he's being slimy and ferrety and he enjoys it. Ugh, his attitude is so gross. Plus he was a big fat lying liar when he told Terrence that he didn't know he and Jelena were a couple before he started boning her.


When Sloane told Ahsha that she should quit the team and that she could join some other team, I thought riiighhhht. Because all those other teams will be panting to hire someone who quit in the middle of the season. Nope. Despite that, I hated Ahsha's snotty attitude about it. She can't comprehend the possibility that her mom might be telling her this for a very good reason, not just to tell her what to do. I swear, she acts like a 14 year old girl so much of the time and it drives me crazy.


Hee, Kyle going through Lexie's pharmacy was hilarious (as were all of Lexie's excuses for why she needed each bottle of pills - "For energy!"). But when she handed over Lexie's engagement ring to her new partner and said that should put a dent in working off her debt, I thought wait, what? She already established earlier that it was a 14.2 carat ring. That should be worth way more than the entire $350K she is working off.


Part of me is glad that Lionel finally admitted to Pete that she wants him back, but the rest of me was rolling my eyes. You filed for divorce to wake him up? Stop acting like an insecure manipulative teenager.


Speaking of manipulative, having Jelena and Lionel manipulate everyone so easily is stupid and annoying. They might as well be twirling their evil mustaches every time they talk to someone. Jelena is the worst villain ever, not only because her face never shows any emotion, but because she doesn't even have a decent shredder. Any kindergartener could piece together the huge pieces from her shredder. Girl, you need to go to Cost Co and buy a cross cut micro shredder if you're going to dispose of evidence like that!


I also laughed my ass off when I saw that Jelena has a huge framed photo of herself on the end table in her living room. Her narcissism has no bounds.


So is Oscar telling the truth about not killing Olivia or is he just screwing with Chase? I have a hard time believing Jelena is smart enough to pull that off.

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Lexie: Gag on that irony.

Kyle: That Lexie is as twisted as Enrique Iglesias's, well, let's just say I've seen things.

Lexie: Go find yourself another sucker. This one's mine.

Kyle: If a woman is hiding a secret, it's in her purse.
Guy: Well, how do you know which one is hers?
Kyle: Tacky knock off full of crap, just like the one that carries it.

Lexie: Is that my purse?
Kyle: It fell! And look what rolled out! This is for acne. I thought you were a natural beauty.
Lexie: I am. I take it to stop sweating. I dance hard.
Kyle: These are tanning pills.
Lexie: For the vitamins!
Kyle: That's a weight loss pill. I don't think they even make that anymore.
Lexie: For energy! I have so many projects in the works. I'm killing it.
Kyle: You're killing your baby.
Lexie :What are you talking about?
Kyle: Pregnant women can't take any of these. They cause horrible birth defects. Either you're a horrible mother or you're not really pregnant. Which is it, Lexie? Are you trying to hurt your baby?

Kyle: I know you don't understand, but you dodged a bullet. A fake crazy ass bullet.

Zero: What could be more satisfying than laying naked with me?

Zero: You are so cold it's almost sociopathic.

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I watch the DCC show too, so I know the girls don't make much money. However, this is a world where Devils Girls get everything and lead charmed existences. When Raquel "lost her job" (aka her spot on the team) she considered the job at Devil's Playground to be an equal paying opportunity. I guess we're supposed to believe DGs pays fairly well.

I just think Ahhhsha is a slacker and she is using her "sad circumstances" (ancient arguement with Sloane, breakup w/German) as an excuse to not take responsibility for her own life.

I really don't like most of the characters on this show. Sometimes I wonder why I watch. Oh yeah- Kyle.

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I love how Jelena's idea of being stealthy is to take two steps down the hallway. Yup, that will keep you from being overheard! Considering that Olivia was blackmailing her because she overheard Terrence and Jelena in the locker room, you'd think that Jelena would try to be a little more discreet when talking about BIG SECRETS at the arena.


Ha and Terrence is just lying in bed butt naked watching tv in the dark.


Oh, Ahhhhhsha, telling Jelena that she underestimated you is pure delusion. Ahsha didn't get out of this mess because she was able to outsmart Jelena. Her solution was to sit in bed whining about how she was going to get kicked off the team. She had no plan. Lionel swooped in and saved the day. All Ahsha did was show up and answer a few questions on the red carpet.


Is this show taking place in a time warp or something? Derek tried to make it sound like it was AMAZING that the pictures of Ahhhhsha from the charity event "already made their way to Japan." I bet they used that fancy internet thing I've heard so much about to get those pictures all the way from California to Japan!


I can't believe that Raquel is being so easily manipulated by Oscar's son. Pete and Sloan have a daughter together so of course they are going to continue to have a relationship, no matter how minimal. And they were together for several years so it's not unbelievable that they would still care about each other. I know I still have ex-boyfriends who I'm friends with and who I still care about. That doesn't mean I'm going to run off to be with any of them. I like Raquel so I wish she would quit letting this junior high jealousy get the best of her.


So now everyone is getting red envelopes with the same "no more secrets" note? I swear, there are so many red envelopes floating around that it looks like Valentine's Day in a second grade classroom. You get a red envelope! You get a red envelope!


Normally I'd say it's a mistake for the show to blow its wad by giving us a dance in the first five minutes of the show, but since this dance kind of sucked I'm actually glad they got it out of the way. Were they zooming in on all the feet to hide what a sucky dance it was? Or was that supposed to be artistic? I'm surprised they used a song with the word "fuck" barely bleeped out so many times. I'm not offended or anything but usually when shows use songs with swearing, they use edits that hide the swear word a lot more. In this song, it was really obvious and it was done repeatedly.


I do not give a rat's ass about Jelena missing Tertence. Boo hoo. Just man up and tell him you miss him or get over it. And it's not like he didn't have a perfectly good reason for breaking up with her. Girl, you drugged him so he wouldn't get traded. That's fucked up. I'm actually glad that he isn't jumping every time she snaps her fingers. I was disappointed that he showed up to the charity event just because she demanded it and then hung up. Not surprising that one of her main motivations is that being with him gave her power.


Even though it's been obvious that Beau likes Kyle, which is cliche, I find their relationship much more entertaining than Jelena and Terrence/Zero or Ahhhhhsha and Derek/German. I was surprised that Lionel didn't have a fit about Pete bringing Raquel to her charity event but I guess she could afford to be generous since she was saving Ahhhhhsha's ass.


Even though I like Sloane, I have no interest in bringing Jelena's mom into the cast too. How has that FBI guy been putting off being sent to Cleveland for a whole week? I checked IMDB to find out his character's name and despite being listed in four episodes so far, they don't even have his name. I guess he is just nameless FBI guy.

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Jelena: This woman will not die. I've been cordially invited to the reading of Olivia's will tonight.
Terrence: What would she leave you?
Jelena: A warehouse full of bandage dresses and estrogen patches?
Terrence: Not even a little respect for the dead?

Alicia: You can have him. Hope you enjoy your trip to Lake Flaccid! He can't get it up!

Beau: The rest is so you can go back to school and become a sex therapist. He said clearly you have a gift.

Jelena: I'd rather have whatever disease this charity event is for than go to [Olivia's will reading].

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Ahsha's bras are magic. They transform after a night of sex. I want one!


No, Jelena was being blackmailed! Oh wait, I don't care. Generally speaking, one can't be blackmailed when they've done nothing wrong. Also, was he supposed to appreciate her taking care of whoever else knew about his positive drug test? Considering she was the one who drugged him to begin with. I also don't much care that she misses him. They didn't miscommunicate or spend too much time apart. SHE DRUGGED HIM. That's amoral. And illegal. He owes her nothing.


Are they allowed to know another team's plays? I know nothing about sports, so. How was that guy's phone not locked? Or in his pocket? I thought he was a reporter or something. Maybe I misremembered. I love Kyle, and her not boyfriend. Forever. Even though it was completley obvious and expected. They seem to have fun together unlike everyone else. Raquel please stop being so easily swayed. Maybe, I dunno, talk to the guy you're seeing instead of his ex-wife and the guy who said extremelty distastful about the mother of his child. And of course he is still going to talk to said mother, especially after an event regarding their child that resulted in media attention. I loved her charity dress, though. The people on this show sure do love having personal, sensitive conversations in front of literally everyone. Terrance should have stayed home and enjoyed his nakedness; I sure was. All that time dedicated to Ahsha not getting fired for dating Derek, and Jelena can not only entice Terrance to show up for a slice of the spotlight, in a very childish manner I might add, but she then goes to plan Zero and takes pictures with him like it's nothing. I can't with that. Everyone also seems to love wandering around the DA all day and night doing... who knows what.


Suspicious red envelopes for everyone! It's so awful, yet I'm completely and shamelessly adddicted.

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I also love that Jelena was clutching her pearls at Olivia blackmailing her when Jelena is the shadiest bitch this side of the Rockies (per her own purported image and self-promotion). How dare anyone blackmail anyone else? Only Jelena is allowed to be underhanded and sneaky! I wish Olivia had told Oscar or leaked Jelena's secret to the press. That would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining. When she told Terrence that she took care of it and tried to imply that she was capable of killing Olivia, I just rolled my eyes. Jelena is too lazy to actually kill someone.


Did they ever announce the cause of death? I remember that Chase was guilty of Possession of a Shovel but I can't remember if they said what actually caused Olivia's death.


I know it's just a matter of time before we find out that Zero has been spying on the Devils for another team or something. I don't trust that guy at all. Did Oscar bring him on just to split up the team? He's obviously been trying to cause a rift between Derek and Terrence since he arrived - or is that just for fun?

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Kyle: You got a good face, a great job, and you don't have to blow into a breathalyzer to start your car. These days, that's all some women can ask for.

Jake: I'm sorry.
Kyle: For what? Lying to get me into bed? Or for whatever it was you thought you were doing to me in that bed?  Or for dragging me here for what I can only imagine is a carnival of creepiness?

Terrence: You texted?
Raquel: Yeah, listen. I was supposed to have lunch with Jelena but she canceled.
Terrence: So you want to have lunch with me?

Zero: Aren't you glad you came? For a minute, I thought you only existed naked in bed.

Derek: I know who Monika with a K is. I used to have sex with her. I've had sex with Monicas with Ks, Cs, and one with a silent Y.

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Why would Ahhhhhsha bring all those shopping bags to the arena instead of just putting all the clothes into her gym bag or one shopping bag?


I know that the premise of this show is that Ahhhhhsha is so innocent and not wise to the ways of being a professional dancer or dating an athlete but seriously, if she is going to get upset about every girl who hits on Derek or sends him underwear, she is not going to last.


"If we don't have honesty"? Really, Ahhhhhsha? So it will make you feel better if he tells you about every time some random chick hits on him, gives him her phone number (or underwear), invites him to a private party, etc.? I don't think he's deliberately keeping any of it a secret. It's just a regular occurrence and it doesn't mean anything to him. As long as he isn't accepting any of these invitations, then who cares? The same way you told German about every time Derek hit on you? Besides, if Derek hooked up with any of those before he started dating Ahhhhsha, then it's really not appropriate for her to get upset about his past.


She said he had a reputation as a player which means she KNEW that he was dating/sleeping with lots of chicks before her. She went into this relationship with her eyes wide open and now she's clutching her pearls because GASP, he's been with other chicks? It's like when guys start dating strippers they met at the strip club and then get upset that their girlfriends are strippers and want them to quit stripping. You knew this before you started dating!


You can't control other people's actions. People are going to hit on your famous boyfriend no matter what. If you don't trust him to turn them down and stay faithful, then you have no business being in a relationship with him because YOUR insecurity is YOUR problem, not his. Has he cheated on you? Has he given you any reason to believe that he is having sex with these other girls?  Man, these immature jealous girls wear me out.


I don't mind Kyle being a gold digger or using guys, but I hate when she's so obvious. She was totally telling Jake to take a hike and then as soon as she found out he could help her, she started kissing his ass and fondling him with her feet. At least be a little moer subtle about it, Kyle! I know, I know, Kyle doesn't do subtle. But try to at least make it believable. Instead of saying she was glad those five pages turned up to remind her how cute Jake is, how about just saying how sweet he was to want to help her?


Raquel is now so ridiculously insecure and jealous that as soon as Sloane said she broke up with Pete, Raquel stomped off like a 13 year old having a temper tantrum. "The fact that I don't know which 'us' you're talking about says everything." Uhhh, everything about YOU and your insecurity, Raquel. And no, you're not a good judge of character. The fact that you're friends with Jelena tells me that. Again, as I said of Ahhhsha and Derek, if you can't trust the person you're with then you shouldn't be together.


If Raquel and Sloane really believe that Oscar is capable of murder, then WHY THE HELL are they talking about it in the arena? Even if Oscar wasn't there at the time, what about anyone who is loyal to him overhearing them?


This week's dance scene was another disappointment.


Even more disappointing is the show's effort to humanize Jelena and make here more sympathetic. We're supposed to feel for her because her dad used to beat her mom and that's why she won't let any man boss her around, but all I thought when that got revealed was that she needs some therapy so she can quit being such a bitchy cliche. And damn, girl, talk about blaming the victim. So she's not mad at her father for beating her mother, but she's disgusted with her mother for being abused. How about blaming the person who was the abusive one? And she is such a manipulative bitch for accusing her mom of punishing her for telling her how she felt. Talk about projecting.


I still don't trust Zero, even though the show is trying to make me think that he actually likes Jelena as more than just a FWB.


The rain special effects were hilariously bad!

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Ahsha's terrible, and Racquel has sadly went downhill this season. But otherwise I'm reasonably happy with the show this season.


I think we're supposed to think that Jelena's wrong for blaming the victim, but growing up in a home of abuse still leaves scars even for the person not being abused. As far as Zero, I think the actor is doing well playing a phony manipulator. Hell, even if it's obvious what is endgame, at least I give a shit about Zero/Jelena/Terrance which is all I can ask from a show. Kyle was obvious this episode, but she's still the best.


All this, hot people, and the fact that I'm reasonably interested in the murder mystery mean I'm happy.

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Kyle was obvious this episode, but she's still the best.

Ha, that sums up Kyle every week - it's totally true! I love that she made time to encourage German to get over Ahhhhsha. I know she's the manipulative gold digger but she is still sweet to the people she actually gets to know.


I love how Oscar's son spots an unburned red scrap of paper in Derek's fireplace and instantly jumps to his Scooby Doo conclusion that Derek must have gone to see Olivia too!


Raquel seemed reasonably smart last season so I don't know why she's turned into such an easily manipulated scared little dummy. Lionel suggested that Pete drinks a lot and suddenly Raquel is asking, "Did you have a drink before you picked my son up?!" I'm all for making sure your kid isn't driving around town with a drunk driver but it's so annoying that she's suddenly so open to suggestion. All it took was Lionel dropping a few not so subtle hints and Raquel is now convinced that Pete is an alcoholic who's still in love with Sloane.


I have not missed Oscar at all the last few weeks. Sometimes I remember he was Mr. Pinciotti and I kind of want to high five him for being so convincingly creepy as Oscar.

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Serious question: do Ahsha and Derek do anything other than have sex?  Do they have any common goals or interests?  Do they watch movies, listen to music, pontificate intelligently, anything else?  At least Ahsha and German were supportive of each other's careers (not that I want the former to get back with the latter; he deserves better).  Speaking of German, it was nice for Kyle to point out that, as a nice guy with a good job, he's a catch.

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So jelena's backstory was not enough to explain how awful she is. She's a truly evil little witch. She's got daddy issues, fine. But it doesn't excuse her drugging Terrance or the stuff she's done to ahsha out of pure jealously.

Ahsha is annoying but I get it. Derek is just too much for her. She's what 22 or 23 and in a relationship with a guy in his 30s with just way more experience and baggage than her. She's not used to being with a man with so much going on and so many options.

I wish she would just see her and derek as having fun though. No need for them to be all serious. Yea they have a lot of sex and go to a lot of parties but that's what they should be doing. They just got together. Derek has not proven to be boyfriend material so just have fun with him.

I disagree that German was more supported of ahsha though. German is only a catch if he's with a woman not in the spotlight. Him and ahsha weren't working period. They had issues outside of derek. I'll never forget the flack he gave her for getting the spot in dream's video and how bitterly he talked about the attention she was getting. Ahsha is basically the German in her and Derek's relationship.

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ITA with your entire post. Not every relationship has to end in marriage and she and Derek just started dating a few episodes ago (since S1-S2 take place during The Longest Basketball Season Ever, that probably means it's been a few weeks at most since they first hooked up). Just because they went public with their relationship doesn't mean they're engaged or they have to be totally serious. Why not just date, have fun, get to know each other, and enjoy the rush of endorphins you get from the early days of being together? There's no need to be so freaking overdramatic.

But I agree that a large part of this is due to the age difference. She's young enough to want/expect a baggage-free boyfriend, very few previous sexual partners, and instant monogamy. It seems like Derek is willing to offer the monogamy but he can't do much about the first two things. Your past will always be your past.

As for Jelena, she thinks that by behaving this way, she's stronger than her mother and therefore not a victim but it just means that she's in denial which means she is still a victim. She needs intense therapy stat or before she knows it, she won't have anyone left in her life who truly cares about her. And of course she will blame it on everyone else because that's what Jelena does.

I believe Terrance knowing about her father's abuse, but Raquel? I just don't buy their out of the blue friendship. Last year Raquel seemed to really dislike Jelena but this year they're meeting for lunch and we are supposed to believe that they're close enough that Raquel is one of the only people in the works that Jelena discussed her abusive childhood with? I don't think so.

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I agree that the fact they went public doesn't mean ahsha has to take the relationship so seriously. There are a lot of bad things that come with dating derek but also a lot of good. And ahsha won't allow herself to enjoy the good.

I really wish ahsha could afford her own place. Them instantly moving into together also unnecessarily speeds things up. They really should just be going on dates, having sex, shopping, and continuing to get to know each other at this very early stage in their relationship. Watching that would be more fun than watching ahsha mope about something every episode.

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