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The Primetimer Golden Rule is Be Civil (or Be Gone): this rule applies to your fellow members. 

It does not apply to those on TV.  Folks are free to say whatever they like - and however they'd like to say it - about anybody on TV providing it does not violate site rules, i.e. is racist or homophobic etc. This means that you should treat other posters with the same respect you expect yourself, by:

Remembering to think twice, post once - If you're unsure whether what you're saying is a violation; don't say it. This includes passive-aggressive jabs or mocking the opinions of others in any form; whether written or by using gifs/pics and/or ganging up to shout down others.

Using the report button appropriately - If you see a post that you believe violates any forum guidelines do not respond, use the report button (flag icon), that brings those posts to the attention of the entire mod team.

Not attempting to 'backseat mod' - By telling other posters what they can or can't post, where they can or can't post, mentioning mod actions, etc - instead, use the report button or PM the mods.

Handling disagreement with civility - Opposing views aren't personal attacks, stating your own opinion is fine; trying to forcibly change/belittle/mock the opinions of, or otherwise harass, others who disagree is not and breaches our golden rule. Additionally, nobody has to prove any claim they make, the onus is on the reader to believe or not and respond civilly either way.


How to actively ignore another member:

If someone isn't breaking the rules, but you find their posts infuriating or even just irksome, we recommend using the Ignore feature, to do that: 

  1. Hover your mouse over the person's name/avatar
  2. A pop-up of their mini profile appears> click 'ignore user'
  3. Click the check boxes to select what to ignore
  4. Click 'Update'> done.

Any questions please PM the DCC mod team: @kariyaki @Drogo @aquarian1

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New topics by users are permitted but may be removed if deemed superfluous or problematic by the moderation team.

Linking to the Social Media of the show participants is permitted providing their profiles are public.  However, posting their home addresses or pictures of their homes is a violation and may result in a warning. 

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