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S30.E05: Baby You Can't Drive My Car

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Intro: Sky Police!

Couch Gag: Exercise bikes!

"Here's your nuggets."
"CHICKEN nuggets?"

Homer and his nuggets really spoke to me, as was celebrating that CarGo serves free food set to "Pure Imagination." 

I love how "WARNING: FAT IDIOT" is on Homer's driver's license thanks to Patty and Selma. I also loved seeing that Hans Moleman still has his Gremlin (it didn't explode again, sadly).

So this episode was essentially dropping Homer and Marge into Silicon Valley, with amusing results. Of course the driverless cars had a catch, that they drive you to what you talk about thanks to mining your data. Of course that even in a self-driving car, Agnes is still a backseat driver.

Burns trying to pass himself off as a young person is always a recipe for comedy. For the first time, he's the LESSER of two evils!

"Kids, you're BOTH stupid in your own special ways!" Another nugget of wisdom from Homer.

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On 11/4/2018 at 8:29 PM, Galileo908 said:

"Here's your nuggets."
"CHICKEN nuggets?"

"Including things that ate or were eaten by a chicken"

Homer's thought balloon about what may have eaten a chicken or been eaten by a chicken included:
-- an elephant
-- a mouse
-- a chicken
--  a hot dog

I especially liked that the word "chicken" was in quotes on the Krusty box.

And I liked the fact that CarGo was bought by French's Mustard, and then shut down.

Even better -- when Homer said Holy Crap, the self-driving car took them to church.  Hah !
Or when Skinner was in the car with his mother, and the car took them to the Assisted Suicide office when he stated "What am I going to do with you ?".

List of Burns' memories:
-- Potsdam Conference
-- Conscious Embrace of Evil
-- First Million
-- First Billion
-- First Kiss
-- Crazy Wrinkly Short Piece of Garbage
-- Al Jolson Songs

I thought it was odd that Mr. Burns wouldn't think about giving Marge a job at the nuclear power plant because of workplace attraction issues -- even though Marge has already had a job at the nuclear power plant (in the episode 'Marge Gets a Job').

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I did like this episode. Marge and Homer don't interact as much as a couple except when there is marital strife, so it was nice to see them as a team for the most part.

The one thing that bothered me is Homer is well aware of self-driving tech when he took over for that truck driver. But, it is Homer and he probably lost those memories after a beer.

Also, the talking tattoo thing reminded me that those exist in Futurama - wonder if that was intentional...probably not.

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