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AHS Season 1 Alternate Ending

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        Now, I believe that some stories are best left up to the imagination. But, I thought of something I would have wanted to see. And I'm not going to go completely into detail, but I just wanted to dot down some things. 

       My version starts after the Christmas scene where Violet and the family are looking the happiest they've ever been with Tate and Hayden in the distance looking on...

        Initially, I wished season 1 was an at least 2 or 3 episodes longer. This way, we could have gotten a little bit more screen time of the hyped up "beast" the offspring was lead up to be. He should have caused more havoc and made his stance as a serious villain the series was lacking. After doing some killing, maybe after killing the reoccurring detectives, Constance reaches her point and seeks out the help of Billie Dean Howard to exorcize the demon out of the child. This would then lead Billie Dean Howard to go to the house and set up the room, where the baby was born, for the exorcism.  When Billie Dean Howard enters the house, she is almost instantly greeted by Violet, she then asks Billie to try her best to free her and the others from their imprisonment. Billie agrees, and then goes and tries to set up the room. When she's done gathering the supplies for the room and sets it up, she goes and tries to find the prized possessions. This then leads to challenges with the ghost as some don't want to leave the house, but some do. With the help of Violet and her family, they convince the ghosts and collect all of their possessions.  Billie then goes to Constance and tells her that they need to subdue the child, they put the "beast" under sleeping drugs, they carry him to the house and lay him down. They start the ritual, only to find seconds later, him waking up with the devil reaching out from within him. He notices Constance and reaches out for her in an act of desperateness. Constance almost warms to the tormented child, but then continues to hold him down. After some gruesome fighting, the demon is released and the child is "free". Billie and Constance then go to perform the ritual that Violet couldn't perform earlier in the series (more than likely because she was a ghost herself). While Billie is throwing the things into the fire for the ritual, the "Bad" ghosts show up and try to stop her from continuing, but then she is saved by the "Good" ghosts, (a fight referenced by the maid earlier in the series). Through some endless death scenes by the undying ghosts, the ritual is complete. The ghosts one by one ascend up into heaven, or down below (this being based on the character's morals themselves). Leading to a dramatic scene where Tate and Violet find themselves embracing eachother with one last kiss as Tate descends, and Violet ascends. Vivien then meets up with the "beast" child, her son, and embraces him and then ascends. Leaving only Constance and Billie in a wrecked room. The scene cuts, "3 years later", Constance is dropping the "beast" child off at school, as the child gets out we find Vivien in the back seat looking out as the child goes through the school doors, she says "Take care of my child Constance". The shot then zooms in on Constance and she replies, "Like he's mine". Cuts back to the backseat to find Vivien gone. Roll credits. After credits we see the "beast child" brutally stabbing his classmate to death with his teacher watching in horror in the background. The end. 


I don't know, I thought this ending was better. I didn't like the extremely depressing ending of everyone being stuck there, and the child being stuck with Constance without her trying to "help" the child. 

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