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"The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

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Monday, Oct. 29 
Daniel Radcliffe (Broadway’s “The Lifespan of a Fact”); Judge Greg Mathis discusses the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices

Tuesday, Oct. 30 
Tyler Perry (“Nobody’s Fool”)

Wednesday, Oct. 31 
“The View” celebrates Halloween with “A Very Fierce View”; Ellie Kemper (author, “My Squirrel Days”; “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”); Brie and Nikki Bella (“Total Bellas”)

Thursday, Nov. 1
Jason Segel (author, “OtherEarth”); Geraldo Rivera (“Murder in the Family”)

Friday, Nov. 2 
Rami Malek, Joe Mazzello and Gwilym Lee (“Bohemian Rhapsody”)

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Other than Thursday, I'm liking who the guests are this week. I just wish the View would realize that booking two separate guests along with View your Deal is stretching the show thin. I don't think the show is even a full 30 minutes if you cut out the ads, so imagine them doing hot topics, going to one guest, then going to another and then finishing with View Your Deal? It's too much and it doesn't give the guests enough time to talk.

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1 hour ago, tribeca said:

Last week the had Dr.  Phil sitting at table when they came back from break.  They should do that for all the guests.  

Right?  Save a few minutes without all the hugs and kissing. 

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I'm dreading the Wednesday "Halloween" show. Its always a chore watching Whoppi act like a 5 year old child in a $2000 costume. I think it would be great if Joy showed up as Fred Armisen as his Joy Behar impression from SNL! As far as the rest of the Halloween themed show, "so what, who cares"?????

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4 minutes ago, njbchlover said:

Oh, Megan - check pronunciations of words you don't know.  Daniel Radcliffe was in a revival of the play Equus - pronounced "Ek-was", NOT "Ek-we-us"!!!  

At least her unfamiliarity prevented her from asking Daniel about the nude scene. 

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5 minutes ago, Apprentice79 said:

She gets upset more over guns than people who were assassinated. That is very telling in my opinion. 

Good point, but I think one of Megan's major personality flaws is that she takes everything so personally.  Because she is a licensed gun owner, any conversation of stricter gun control laws sets her over the edge.  Because she is a Republican, any discussion of Republican issues cuts her to the core.  She doesn't know how to have a respectful conversation with someone who doesn't have the same "View" as she - and, well, isn't that the name of the show?  Isn't that the premise of the show - different women, different views, discussing and exchanging ideas?  

And, also, when she went on that rampage about guns, did Megan mention that she was Aryan?  I could have sworn that's what I heard!  

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1 minute ago, rickhurst3186 said:

Sunny referred to Daniel as a character and Whoopi barked "ACTOR"!

Thanks! Wtf Whoopi?

1 minute ago, njbchlover said:

And, also, when she went on that rampage about guns, did Megan mention that she was Aryan?  I could have sworn that's what I heard!  

I thought my ears were deceiving me! That's what I heard, too!

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11 minutes ago, rickhurst3186 said:

Sunny referred to Daniel as a character and Whoopi barked "ACTOR"!

And Sunny phrased her observation correctly in saying that Daniel affects an American accent so well that you (audience) don't see Daniel, the person, you see the character. He disappears into the role, as a very good actor will. Whoopi was wrong in correcting Sunny.

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13 minutes ago, Alexis2291 said:

Sunny referred to Daniel as a character and Whoopi barked "ACTOR"!

What I heard was Sunny commenting on how impressed she was at Daniel’s American accent. Whoopi interjected “Actor” very snootily. BTW, you can be an Oscar worthy actor and not be good at accents. You can be good at accents and have no acting ability. What an idiot!  She must really hate Sunny.  Which makes me love her even more. 

Yes, merriebreeze totally agree. 

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Someone else said it brilliantly.
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23 minutes ago, Haleth said:

Joy is so over coddling poor little Meghan. 

Meghan came out ready to argue about her damn guns. 

I have to say (tm MM) Abby does a good job moving the discussion away before Joy and Meghan come to blows.  She's a better moderator than Whoopi. 

Oh, but I was soooo wishing for a continuation of that argument - with a SPLIT SCREEN - like Elizabeth and Rosie!!  

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I think Whoopi was responding to Sunny asking how Daniel does an accent so well-- because he's an actor. It just came out a little harsher than it should have.  

Did Meghan not mention her father today?  That's a first!

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