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Star Wars Resistance

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Technically, four episodes have aired. The first 2 episodes aired together.

So far it's been pretty meh in my opinion. I thought Kaz joining the Resistance was a bit too abrupt to say the least. I think the first two episodes would have been better served developing Kaz as a character before just throwing him into his first mission. I understand the the show is geared more towards kids,  but the comedy is falling a little flat. I'm going to stick with it a bit longer to see where this connection with the First Order goes, but it really wow me at least once soon. I will say it is refreshing to have a Star Wars show without a force user.

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"The High Tower" was the first episode I actually enjoyed. Kaz, while still somewhat goofy, was actually competent during his mission and it moved The First Order plot forward a little. I'm interested to see what is going on with Captain Doza and what he will do about Kaz. He didn't seem to buy that Kaz was visiting with Torra. Speaking of Torra, according to this, the firebird poster in her room was one of Sabine's artworks. I'm also interested to learn why Hype Fazon, who I learned is voiced and named after Donald Fasion  aka Turk Turkleton from Scrubs, hates the First Order. I'm not sold on the show yet, but I thought this episode was vast improvement over the last four.

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So far, there are no force users in the cast. Or at least no one has revealed they can use the force. I'm hoping it stays that way. I think it would be nice to have a Star Wars show without a force user for once.

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I've been watching this with my son the day after it's on.  We've both been loving the episodes.  They're not like the Clone Wars or Rebels as it's on the Disney channel but the fact that it focuses around star fighters makes it appealing to me.  I know the first episodes have been a bit slow but we're learning about Kaz and the rest of the characters.

Rebels and Clone Wars felt the same to me in the first season.  A lot of character build up has to take place.

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I've really liked these last few episodes. Kaz has been a bit goofy, but he has been mostly competent. One thing I would have liked is last week when Yeager woke him up, if instead being a zombie he reverted to fighter pilot mode and immediately put on his flight suit and hopped into the Fireball. As a pilot he should have been trained in scramble situations. Also, the Colossus defense cannons really should have a back up targeting system or the ability to fire under manual control for exactly the reason shown. 

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So, Doza was an Imperial Captain. I guess that explains his reluctance to work with the first order. He of all people would know that once the Empire gets its' hooks into you, it never lets go. He also knows that Kaz was a New Republic fighter pilot and presumably that he is the son of a Senator. I wonder if he is going to use Kaz to get the NR and the FO to play against each other, so he can get the best deal. Also, Torra now knows that something is up with Kaz. I'm very surprised at how much this show has improved in a short time.

Also, I didn't realize that Elijah Wood was the voice of Rucklin until I read it on Wookieepedia.

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On 1/29/2020 at 3:31 AM, paigow said:

we can guess that Kylo destroyed the Colossus before the next movie.

Some people have claimed you can see the Colossus in Lando's Fleet. Whether that is true or not, Yeagar, Kaz, and Torra are all confirmed to have taken part in the Battle of Exegol. Here is a link showing the renders of their fighters that were made for the movie.

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