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Legacies Quotes

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Cleo: Landon! Such violence is not necessary.
Landon: That's pretty ironic coming from you.

Clarke: Still as handsome as ever. Oh, admit it. You totally missed me.
Hope: I'm not going to dignify that with an answer. I will, however, indignify it with a question. How are you even here?
Clarke: Long story short, someone chopped off my head. Woke up in the blackness, endless loneliness, suffering, existential agony, blah blah blah.

Hope: Lizzie-
Lizzie: Don't. Have you completely forgotten that Clarke once faked being Vardemus, turned Josie evil, and then tried to hijack your body? Not to mention a zillion other shady things.

Hope: Seeing Clarke must be traumatizing for you after everything that happened.
Josie: I'm starting to think that traumatized is my permanent resting state.

Cleo: Your actions could have jeopardized my entire mission.
Landon: You're seriously going to lecture me about violence? I literally had to stop you from murdering Hope.

Cleo: After last night, I've realized you're not the same Landon Kirby I saw in Hope's heart.
Landon: Oh, you mean the fake Landon Kirby you created in order to fool Hope into thinking you had saved me from the prison world? That Landon Kirby?

Kaleb: I got a couple superhero names worked out right here - fire and ice, tooth and nail, hustle and flow.

Clarke: Why are we stopping here?
Hope: So there won't be any witnesses. Relax, I'm only sort of kidding.

Lizzie: Hope is technically single and ready to mingle so this is our shot to break that cycle. And as her two best friends in the entire world, it's practically our sacred duty to help her find someone new before she inevitably moves heaven and earth to try and get back with Landon.
Josie: You're saying it is our sacred duty to get Hope a rebound? With who?
Lizzie: We can't afford to be picky. Anyone who won't dissolve into a puddle of goo when they have sex will do.

Hope: Are you kidding me with this? So you're human now?
Clarke: Thank you for acknowledging the gravity. It's a pretty big life moment for me.

Clarke: I always thought you [and Landon] were destined to be together.
Hope: Well, destiny disagrees.

Hope: He was born to be Malivore's vessel and I was born to be the only one capable of destroying Malivore. So that's about as incompatible as dating a guy who has cats.

Lizzie: Next we'll swing by the studio so I can show you some of Hope's amazing art. Somebody actually once offered her $91,000 for one of her sculptures.
Ethan: Wow, that's a rather large and oddly specific number.

Ethan: This school must have a field.
Lizzie: For wickery, which is like nerd football. I think the Swedish invented it.

Cleo: I'd like you to understand why I did the things I've done that may have caused you any pain.
Hope: Well, you tried to kill me and now you're shacking up with my ex-boyfriend, so yes, Cleo, there's pain.

Hope: How are you feeling?
Clarke: Sore. And surprised cause you clearly saved my life. Oh, gawd. Does this make us friends?
Hope: Frenemies at best.
Clarke: Well, being a human sucks.

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