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Cats (2019)

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3 hours ago, Spartan Girl said:

Bless you, Lindsay Ellis.

I was tempted to watch that car wreck for the first time after watching her video, but Amazon will only let you buy the movie, not rent.  I'm not buying that trash.  So I ended up renting the 1998 filmed stage version, and probably had a better time.  I never liked Cats, but now I feel like I get it... it's just supposed to be a weird acid trip.  There are no real characters (not even Grizabella) or motivations. 

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When the URL sums up the whole story...



But worst of all, the source said, was the treatment visual effects staff received from Tom Hooper. The director, the source alleged, has no idea how animation works—but that did not stop him from sending crew members individual emails denigrating their work. (Hooper and distributor Universal Pictures did not respond to multiple requests for comment.)

Before visual effects artists fully render sequences for animated films, they normally show directors playblasts—preview renderings that feature characters without color or texture. That allows the director to evaluate the motion before hours of work are done to flesh out things like color, texture, and lighting. Hooper, however, did not seem to grasp that process. Any time the visual effects team wanted to show the director any animatics, the source said, they had to fully render it. Otherwise, he’d say things like, “What’s this garbage?” and “I don’t understand— where’s the fur?”

Some aspects of the production, the source alleges, became simply absurd—like when Hooper would demand to see videos of actual cats performing the same actions the cats would do in the film. “And as you know,” the source said, “cats don‘t dance.”

Multiple times during our interview, the source described Hooper as “horrible.” Other adjectives included “disrespectful,” “demeaning,” and “condescending.” “When you go into a conference room, you’re not allowed to speak,” they said. “And he talks to you like you’re garbage.

It took the VFX team six months to render the trailer, then they had four more months to complete the film. What a mess!

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