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A Million Little Clues: Spoilers And Discussion

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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

I hope so. That way, they can also age up Charlie so they don't need to have a newborn baby (who is supposed to be how old, by the way? She was born at the beginning of the season so she can't be more than four months, especially if Delilah was supposedly three months along when Jon died. Since it's been a year since his death, Charlie can't be too old). 

And also, with Maggie going, it MIGHT get her to mature a little bit. Maybe she can learn some things by actually going. I think the show would benefit from a year time jump.

It really does make the most sense.  I like your suggestions!  Sad that after only 2 seasons this show already needs a “fresh start.”  But I do feel like there are so many story lines and it’s all over the place!  Like tighten it up and decide what this show wants to be.  

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This isn't a spoiler, but a potentially spoiler-ish discussion. Do we think or know if Eddie is going to regain use of his legs at some point? I figured it would be a typical 'tv' miracle before now, but after last night's episode (4.2) I'm not so sure he's ever going to walk again. I would give some unexpected kudos to the show if so.

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I have so little interest in Gary's girlfriend, I haven't even bothered to learn her name.

I assumed she was hired to be the instrument by which Gary got back to Bloom but now it's like Eddie's miracle cure--I'm still out here waiting.

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