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S04.E02: My Art Project

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Even if she was still Jane and not Remy I think Jane!/Remy woulda gagged/slapped weller in this episode he was just way too much... Also did Zapata was coldblooded... Not sure what her endgame is.. But she just traumatized a lil girl

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The writers are making sure Burke is nominated for villain of the year. Never go out drinking with her.

I hope Patterson was faking being unconscious and heard Jane and Boris’ conversation.

Rich saw through the sculpture because of Jane's tattoo but for 13 years, what tipped of the other agents to make a connection?

The CIA can’t find Zapata but Rich can find her whereabouts in not time?!

Did Zapata disable all the airport cameras so no one can confirm who was on the plane?

Zapata broke into the house, emptied the guns, hid the knives but didn't know a little girl was there?

Who leaves scones in a locker? For that, Boston shouldn’t get the job.

This show does display a lot of nice overhead scenery.

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That poor little girl. Yes, her mom was corrupt but Burke shooting her was straight up crazy. I’m hoping Zapata is still good because she seemed uneasy with that death, but I’m guessing she’s going to shoot  Reade by the middle of the season and it’s just a matter of time before Jane injects Weller. Not a good time to be a significant other with a double agent.

It was good having Boston back. I like the way he plays off the rest of the team. And why haven’t they replaced Zapata with someone else on their team? With Weller out they have gotten pretty small.

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I'm still confused as to why Zapata became bad with Blake, and is now apparently forced to continue being bad with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.  Unfortunately, I think I'm almost at the point where I am beyond caring.  I typically am not a fan of extended "previouslies" but one sure would have helped for this season.  Either that, or build it into the dialogue in the first episode.  Yes, I know I could easily go to wikipedia and look it up, but the show isn't giving me an intense reason to care.  I couldn't care less about the Reade/Tasha angst and the "will they or won't they, again" dance.  I think it's a joke that Reade is even allowed to continue in his position as Assistant Director after everything he did.

I like Weller and I feel sorry for him.  Yes he's a little overprotective and annoying, but he is otherwise a decent guy.  What did he do to deserve Remi/Jane saying she hates him?  I get that she is thrust into a life she doesn't remember where she finds herself married to him, but it's not like he's a horrible person and it's not his fault.

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I'm still confused as to why Zapata became bad with Blake, and is now apparently forced to continue being bad with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

I think all the viewers are still confused about Zapata. Her working for Blake came out of nowhere. I think we are supposed to infer, that after she was disowned by the CIA, when people found out she secretly swiped the phone belonging to Roman's target, even though she says it was on their order, she turned evil.

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