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S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

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9 hours ago, JacquelineAppleton said:

There are serious consent issues with claiming ever young children as trans. adults who identify as trans were not trans as babies and they were not trans as toddlers.

I think I get what you're saying and I agree - parents shouldn't be messing with their little kids heads and trying to force them to be what a parent might want them to be.  But seriously?  Is this a big issue where you are?  Because I can count on no fingers on any hand a circumstance where I've encountered a parent trying to claim their young child is trans.  Any parent doing something like this probably has some issues of their own and consent issues are the least of the problem.  But, again, since I doubt this is happening, or certainly not happening anywhere near often enough to even register as a cause for concern I won't be losing sleep over it.

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We appreciate all your comments but since there are no transgender characters (that we know of) on The Conners, the subject is not on topic. It's time to move on. 


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54 minutes ago, stillhere1900 said:

How was Rosanne killed off ?

The episode opens 3 weeks after Roseanne died, presumably of a heart attack in her sleep. They later find out she had taken an accidental overdose of pain meds. 

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