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Fred, the handy one

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Fred is a great character, and I especially like him now that he has married.  I know that Fred works for the nuns and midwives, but does he also have another job?  Fred and Vi are such good pseudo parents to Reggie.  Their family scenes make me smile.

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I've been watching two shows that Cliff Parisi was in.  One is "Kavanagh, QC" where he plays the office manager of a legal firm.  The other is "Bramwell" which starred Vanessa Redgrave's niece Jemma as a doctor in Victorian London who opens up a free clinic for the poor.   Cliff was in the first two series as a man who worked for her as a porter after his foot was amputated.  Both shows are available  available on Britbox, if you're interested.  

I think Fred's job is to work for the nuns and midwifes.  I'm gussing he gets paid by the church or maybe the religious order.  

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