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S03.E02: Jury Duty

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Call me a sap but I loved the side trial where Bull was on the jury for the non-lawyer who loves the law and happened to be good at it without a license.   Oh, I was hoping for a not guilty outcome.  Mercedes Reuhl has GOT to lay off the plastic surgery.  It is hard to even look at her.

I couldn’t stand the woman in the main trial but was OK with the final decision for hung jury (6 and 6) and time served.  That’s a messed up family.  

They need to up their wig budget — the other daughter’s wig was out of a Halloween closet.  I thought the actress did a very good job of depicting fragility and just trying to put one foot in front of the other after their tragedy.

I never liked Cable so I have no sadness about her being off the team.  Nice to see Jill Hennessy but I was hoping she was joining the show!

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7 minutes ago, MerBearHou said:

. . .  Nice to see Jill Hennessy but I was hoping she was joining the show!

Me, too!

Couldn't her character join the cast, as the talented lawyer or medical examiner who is the twin sister of Claire Kincaid or Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh?


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5 hours ago, MerBearHou said:

...…I never liked Cable so I have no sadness about her being off the team.  Nice to see Jill Hennessy but I was hoping she was joining the show!

Per TVLine: Hennessey is set to guest-star in multiple episodes as a new client who asks Dr. Jason Bull to help her with one of the most challenging and emotional cases he has ever faced. She wants to get justice for the death of her daughter Cable.

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The case of the week didn't engage me, however I think the show is doing a great job of showing the impact of Cable's death - her office mug, etc, and then the moment when Bull hears her voice - all the feels...  :-(

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I thought Bull was to learn from his heart attack. Yet, he was such a snit to his client (the woman on trial for MURDER) because she was upset he was never there. Bull knew it was upsetting to her, and he was trying his best to get out of jury duty, but he didn’t have to be so harsh to her. He showed more compassion for the guy who was practicing law without a license. (Yes, I know he did his typical turn-around at the end.)

Yea for Jill Hennessy. I don’t know if they will “go there,” especially given the story-line, but Bull certainly has a type, doesn’t he? Have we ever seen him with a blonde?

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I turned it off after the jury duty selection; the speech pattern of the prosecutor was driving me bonkers. I tuned back in at the end but missed why it was all the daughters fault and what they were hiding. Can someone Cliff Notes it for me?

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I’ll try.  

Five days before the mother killed the rapist, the daughter was in the bodega and the rapist was there staring at her. The daughter ran to a coffee shop and called her mother to pick her up and why.  The next four days the mother was at the bodega waiting for the rapist to return and when he did she shot and killed him. 

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14 hours ago, MerBearHou said:

 Mercedes Reuhl has GOT to lay off the plastic surgery.  It is hard to even look at her.

OMG.  Is that who that was?  I II knew her from somewhere, but I really couldn't place her.  I liked her as a judge.  Maybe she can be a recurring character?

I was intrigued when they showed the security footage from the bodega.  I thought Benny or Danny would spot the molester actually stalking or fondling other children inside the store which had previously gone unobserved since the investigators were concentrating on the mom's behavior.  Then that could be used in the defense.  But I actually prefer the direction they went in, when the mom let out that sob after her older daughter said she was so scared and tired of being scared that she wanted to kill herself, that was a great moment.

Once again the casting department did well.  The mom character was the right balance between sympathetic and unsympathetic.  The teen daughter was perfectly fragile and vulnerable without being a caricature (wig notwithstanding)--if a biopic of Winona Ryder's life is in the works, she's perfect for the role.  I really liked the not!lawyer dude, how long before he starts working for Bull?  I"d be OK with that.

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4 hours ago, Babalooie said:

I could not find on IMDB the name of the actress who played the defendant.  She looked very familiar.  Does anyone know her name?

Cara Seymour (Heather)

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What a waste of Bull having jury duty. I was willing to bet money that this would be their 12 Angry Men episode. It's only a matter of time before this show does that kind of an episode. Maybe they will give that subplot to another character later this season or next season. 

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6 hours ago, rhys said:

I don't understand why the daughter said it was the best day of her life when her sister was raped & murdered. WTF!?

She said the best day of her life was when he was caught because she felt safe again, but it was also the worst day because it was the realization the her sister was really gone. 

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