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S01.E06: Buridan's Ass

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Thinking of it if the market "King" would stayed to deliver the ransom and not call his father to drive his son to that location his son would be alive, so I think it was really bad luck or maybe divine intervention... 


1 Million for peace of mind if you have the money? 

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I'm getting put off by the insane amount of gratuitous violence, however, and it is bothering me a lot more than the incredulous plot devices.  


Chiming in late to say I couldn't agree more.  This whole episode was violent and dark.  The endless slo-mo massacre of Don was not only gratuitous but sadistic.  It was wallowing.  It's tipped me over from being a fan of the show to questioning whether I should even watch it any more.

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The endless slo-mo massacre of Don was not only gratuitous but sadistic.  It was wallowing. 


It was way OTT...I stopped watching and hit the mute.  Most of this production I've really liked but that scene was definitely sadistic.  I don't even know if I'd watch a similar scene if Malvo goes out this way (here I am, presuming that Malvo is not going to survive this season...must be forgetting how he somehow disappeared from Lester's basement).

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Holy moly hearing that Australian accent (I think??) by the guy in the opening scene was absolute torture. He may as way have just taken bits of broken glass and shoved them deep into my ears. Why!?!?


@SlackerInc In ep. 3 Malvo confronts Chumph in the closet and asks, "Why $43,613?" Chumph says it's to open a Turkish Bath (doesn't answer the question).  Now in ep. 6 when Chumph is trapped in the pantry he fantasizes out-loud about his spa's amenities and welcoming women to "Turkish Delight." Malvo must have heard the whole thing.

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