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Episode 15.22 Sweet Amelia

This was such a great episode. Did not see any of the twists coming. 
loved it.

The scenes of Murdoch and his daughter were so cute!

Poor George!

I suspected the man “ helping” Margaret was up to no good but did not expect just how bad he was.

I think this was the best episode this season. 

PS Poor Watts.





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15.22 - Sweet Amelia

Nnnn. Almost skipped this one, Amelia irritates me this much. But holy eff, that was a twist. Still glad Effie got to smack someone that looks like Amelia. Can we please stop putting George in danger from crazy women, though? The poor man has suffered enough! Please let George and Effie get married happily and without incident!

Holy eff again, for Margaret! I knew Charlie was bad news the whole time. I'm glad they convinced Bobby to come home and face it like a man. I flipped when Margaret got shot though; I love her to death.

I've never been a big fan of baby storylines but William reading the scientific names of animals to Susanna was just adorable. 

Swear to god, this show needs to stop dicking my poor Watts around! LET. WATTS. BE. HAPPY.

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15.22 - Sweet Amelia

I too nearly gave this one a miss because of Amelia but I'm glad I watched.  I am happy that Amelia is dead and I hope that the next time Dorothy shows up someone just shoots her dead.And I hope Effie and George get married right away.

Margaret was really the star of the show.  She was so brave setting off for Windsor all by herself. It was obvious Charlie was up to something - once he said his son had died I knew it was one of the young men Bobby had killed. I had forgotten the circumstances of the two killings - I guess Bobby was not the hardened murderer I was thinking he was since one death was an accident and the other was self defence. I am glad he is going home to face whatever comes.

I don't know how Murdoch thought poor little Susannah could sleep with that light going on and off. It's a wonder she didn't have a seizure. 

I don't know the significance of the feather Watts took out of his hat and threw on the ground. Anyone?  It seemed to indicate that he was done with Milo but I could be wrong.

Edited by Trey
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On 3/26/2022 at 10:36 PM, buckboard said:

15.5   Love or Money

It was good to see Effie and George together and happy. 

We've seen George's aunts in a few episodes.  We know they were prostitutes, but I don't recall Zinna or any of the others conning unsuspecting women out of large sums of money.  Her lying repeatedly to George and Murdock and running off was calculatingly criminal, not cute, like the aunts behavior previously.

Why does Julia stay at that hospital with all the incompetent male doctors and why does she put up with administration that is anti-female?  Haven't we seen a women's hospital in Toronto in a previous episode?  (It was run by women doctors for women and children.)

On 10/19/2021 at 11:05 AM, Trey said:

Season 15, Episode 5 LOVE OR MONEY, first aired October 18, 2021

Not as good as last week's episode but still pretty good.  It's always a hoot when one of George's aunts shows up.

Brackenreid sure enjoyed his brief stint as actor - his love of acting/theatre has been a thing since the early years of the show.

Effie seems to be recovering from her trauma and the train accident.  It is nice to see her and George happy together.

And Julia is in trouble again.  Of course, she was in the right but diplomacy has never been her strong suit.  I wonder how this will all work out.



On 10/19/2021 at 7:26 PM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 5 - Love or Money

I too enjoyed this episode with little moments from all the favorite characters.   Watts as the fake bank teller was a particular good one. 

I don't remember the aunts being thieves either.  I remember that they all have flower names, and I think they are all sisters, right?  If not, how did they all get such unusual flower names unless they changed it themselves?

Aunt Zinnia was a hoot but I didn't find the actual mystery with the conned woman's son and his girlfriend having killed the aunt's partner to be all that interesting.

I did like seeing Effie back to mostly normal and seeing her have fun with George.  They keep talking about how tall this actress is... how tall exactly is she?  I just assumed that George is short.

Is this the first time we have seen Dr. Deakins?  I forget Julia's full history at the hospital, but I think recall that she has had disagreements with Dr. Forbes before.  Why would they name a doctor at the hospital Deakins when we already had a Dr. Dixon?  I'd rather they brought back Dr. Dixon, he was a lot better than this Deakins.


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Episode 15.22 - Sweet Amelia

I agree it was an enjoyable episode - as a metro-Detroiter, I got a kick out of our Southern neighbor (aka Windsor) featuring prominently.  I thought Margaret was incredibly brave (if a little foolhardy) setting out on her quest alone but it was wonderful to see her as a force with which to be reckoned. 

Tolerated the Amelia portions of the episode - everyone handled the material very well but I am ready to see an end to the sisters' saga.  Thought Murdoch and the baby were cute - liked Higgins getting upset about paternity leave and soliciting all sorts of opinions on it.

Very glad on the advancement of the George/Effie relationship and very sad about Watts/Milo.  I understand Milo feels he is being clear about what he wants (and good for him for doing so) but as an ardent Watts fan, I totally agree - LET WATTS BE HAPPY!

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I don't know the significance of the feather Watts took out of his hat and threw on the ground. Anyone?  It seemed to indicate that he was done with Milo but I could be wrong.

My DH and I discussed this last night. My idea is that it was like the way guys used to wear an earring on the left or right to signify the preferences. He said it might like the way Hawaiian women wear a flower to let people know they're available.

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Episode 15.22 - Sweet Amelia

Poor Watts seems to pick the wrong men. I guess it's from lack of experience because Milo had big "Avoid! Avoid!" signs flashing for someone who wants stability and family as much as Watts.

I'm glad the Amelia story is just about wrapped up.  At the start of the season there was way too much of the twins and their craziness; this episode seemed to have the right amount with the other stories of the Brackenreids Watts and the Murdochs at home.

3 hours ago, Trey said:

I don't know how Murdoch thought poor little Susannah could sleep with that light going on and off. It's a wonder she didn't have a seizure.

I loved the Latin names of things, that was so Murdoch and may actually help her a bit even if it's only his voice and holding her. The flashing light horrified me -- what a baby that age needs is lots and lots of sleep, 

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On 10/26/2021 at 9:29 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 6 - I Know What You Did Last Autumn

Enjoyable but not my favorite of the Halloween themed episodes.  I enjoyed that pumpkin carving contest (including eventual winner) and George's journey with the pumpkin seeds.  But the clown mystery was not my cup of tea - still it was well done and the cast seemed to be having a grand time with it. 

I enjoyed this episode overall, even if I am not a fan of clowns.  The jump scenes with the clown appearance were fun, just like in a modern horror movie.  From the beginning I was saying the killer was either the sister or the supposedly dead girl.  I didn't call that it was going to be both of them.  All of those "teensters" were supposed to be about 17, but all of the actors looked way older.

The fun in Murdoch is always seeing what things are invented on the show.  Here it was George on his way to inventing the term "teenager", and discovering pumpkin spice coffee.

My question is with the girl at the end, the one that said she didn't feel safe and Julia invited her to stay at their house.  I thought there was going to be a police constable on all of the teens in the Lit group.  How did the killer sisters know she was going to be at the Murdoch house?  

On 10/26/2021 at 9:50 AM, peacheslatour said:

Did we ever get to see Murdoch in costume?

On 10/26/2021 at 10:48 AM, Grundoon59 said:

I think it was left to our imagination,  Julia talked about it but I don't think we ever saw it (which was disappointing if it was supposed to be a companion to Julia's costume).

Yes, Julia was dressed in her Sexy Witch costume and said that she spent a lot of time on the costumes and his was supposed to match hers, so I was assuming it was something the straight laced Murdoch would probably feel uncomfortable wearing.

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Episode 15.23 - Pay the Piper

@auchic - right there with you.  I think I saw a moment in the preview where Brackenreid was speaking to Watts but not 100 % sure.  This incident better bring Milo to his senses though. 

A very jam-packed episode.  Almost too much going on.  Random thoughts: Is the Wexford plot going to tie into things at all?  Why was Effie's mother such a pill?  What was with all the references to George's past romances?  Who is Georges looking for in Toronto?  How does Brackenreid know Ms. Hart's father?  What's up with the Nanny?  Why go after Watts if William is the target because of his actions in Quebec?  Did we ever find out who the William dress-a-like was?  How many people are involved in the conspiracy against William?

I did enjoy the episode and look forward to next week even though it means no new episodes for awhile.  In particular I enjoyed how William seemed more and more paranoid as each new element was added - all could be explained away rationally but all could be part of a real attempt to kill him.  One part of my brain did wonder if it all could be a feverish nightmare that he was having since so much was going on but I am hoping that is not the case. 

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11 hours ago, Grundoon59 said:

A very jam-packed episode.  Almost too much going on.

Yes, agreed. I didn't pay a lot of attention to George's plot after a while, and I'm thoroughly confused about Mrs. Hart. It almost felt like leading up to a series finale, with all the callbacks. Hope not!

10 hours ago, Pepper the Cat said:

I think Effie’s Mother did not like the fact that George’s parents weren’t married. So she thinks George is not good enough for her daughter.

Also she seemed to like that Roger(?) guy that Effie used to see. Maybe she doesn't like that George is only a policeman, with "quirky" interests like her husband.

I liked paranoid William, but it did seem very over-the-top, like a fever dream as @Grundoon59 said.

I still can't believe they left me with that cliffhanger. Though I should be grateful it wasn't the season ender...I wouldn't last all summer worrying about my poor Watts.

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Season 15 Ep 24 Close Encounters

LOL at Checkov's pretzel, Madison Meats and Checkhov's pelican.

Cliff-hangers galore: will Watts return? What does Aunt Chrysanthemum have to say about the wedding?

Murdoch give Ogden a button to summon him in case of emergency. I was expecting a gun, and then I remembered that this is a Canadian show.

I'm glad that Murdoch was right about the priest's Latin

I want someone fabulous for Watts. someone like Pree on Killjoys. Or Thom Allison's new role on Coroner. Milo just dreams of being like Pree. (Trivia: Clare McConnell (Effie Newsome) was also on Killjoys playing Evi Robbel of Land Robbel.)

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Episode 15.24 - Close Encounters

Man, I was as freaked out as Julia when Frank Rhodes had Susanna.  She saved the day with the pelican!

I thought George and Effie's story was quite sweet. She showed him that she loves what a dork he is. Plus they solved a crime! I did not recognize Effie's ex-husband last episode, but then again, it was a tiresome Newsome episode, so I didn't pay attention.

With all the talk of George's ex-sweethearts last episode, I have to wonder if we're supposed to think it's one of them stopping the wedding. I wonder what Aunt Chrysanthemum's issue is.

What was up with Mrs. Hart and her husband? Was he insinuating that she killed him or does he think it was Ms. Bright? I'm a little disappointed with their relationship this season; the end of last season promised good things with regards to those two.

Oh Watts. Please please please say he's coming back.

30 minutes ago, statsgirl said:

I want someone fabulous for Watts. someone like Pree on Killjoys. Or Thom Allison's new role on Coroner.

I haven't watched either show, so I googled Thom Allison and just on a shallow basis, I completely agree!!!

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Season 14.24 - Close Encounters

Given all the plot lines that needed to be dealt with, it did feel a little overstuffed but generally an enjoyable episode.  But it was so crowded that I kept wondering if I was missing something.

I did like the George/Effie story line - it was a good mix of fantasy and reality.  Also loved Effie's father's mashed potato tower that no one directly commented on.  Whoever is disrupting the wedding has to be someone known to both of them - I know she went to meet George's aunts but are they ever all in the same place?  Could it be the ex-husband? Or heaven forbid Amelia's sister (sorry can't remember her name - having foggy brain at the moment)?

Glad Higgins made it in time for the wedding - I previously wondered if they were at Kellogg's Battle Creek facilities - nice to have it somewhat confirmed. 

Happy Montreal Georges proved dependable and that the Murdochs triumphed together.  Long live the Pelican.

Are we supposed to know what the reality is of how Mrs. Hart's father died?  Also what happens to his share of the salon?

Over the moon that Watts survived, pleased that Milo realizes (maybe too late) what a good man he is, concerned that given the Watts/Brackenreid confrontation there may not be a way for Watts to return to Station House 4.  Also I am not sure how Jack returns to Toronto since he has no real claim to the child he essentially kidnapped. 

I appreciate a good cliffhanger for a season finale (and this was one on many levels) but ever since Frankie Drake went out on one that became a series finale, I get very nervous.  Any word if there will be a season 16 yet? 


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On 11/2/2021 at 11:46 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 7 - The Incorrigible Dr. Ogden -

I enjoyed it but it felt a little disjointed to me with different characters moving in their own story lines with not as much interaction as usual.  That being said, there were many positive elements for me. 

I found myself liking Mrs. Hart far more than I have previously - her reactions to Brackenreid's questions about hats and his rhyming slang were wonderful.  Plus I also liked her working with Murdoch on the case.

It was good seeing Margaret again and I liked Thomas' efforts to cheer her up.  My heart broke for her by the end.

Milo Strange was an interesting addition - I think I will like him in small doses.  It was certainly good to see Watts smiling again. 

The main story with Julia kept my interest - what an awful place the reformatory was.  I have to wonder how quickly I might have been labelled an Incorrigible back then. 


On 11/7/2021 at 4:58 PM, marina to said:

Season 15, Episode 7 - The Incorrigible Dr. Ogden 

Milo was fun and I do hope we get more of him. Just not too much. Agree with everyone it was good to see Watts smile. Also appreciated the follow up with the situation with Bobby.

I thought this was a good episode and I agree that it was nice seeing Julia getting a meaty story, as opposed to the usual "you're screwing up again" haranguing at work.

Were there any consequences to the doctor for taking bribes?  I know the nurse got arrested but I don't think the doctor got anything.  I am a bit confused, what was the nurse going to prison for?  For falsifying the document that Edna's baby died?  From what we learned, Jennifer Drask was blackmailing Edna.  And Adelina said that Jennifer slipped and fell off the roof.  So what exactly was the crime of Adelina?  If the doctor didn't get prison for falsifying the surgery, why is Adelina going?

And who moved Jennifer's body onto the train tracks?

Milo Strange was a bit... strange.  He is obviously being set up as a love interest for Watts.  I'm trying to figure out how Milo knew that Watts is gay.  For many seasons, Watts wore the checkered jacket and I don't think any audience or characters on the show suspected he is gay.  But this guy takes one look at the jacket and determines that Watts is gay?

I know we are quite a bit behind in the States, but is there a reason why George has been absent so often this season?  Does he show up more later?  Is this usual as of late?  I seem to think he used to be in every single episode, and now it seems like he is in less than half.

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I know we are quite a bit behind in the States, but is there a reason why George has been absent so often this season?  Does he show up more later?  Is this usual as of late?  I seem to think he used to be in every single episode, and now it seems like he is in less than half.

Don't you get CBC in your market? The Canadian channel has all the new season.

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2 hours ago, blackwing said:

I know we are quite a bit behind in the States, but is there a reason why George has been absent so often this season?  Does he show up more later?  Is this usual as of late?  I seem to think he used to be in every single episode, and now it seems like he is in less than half.

Jonny Harris, who is a standup comic as well as an actor, has another show on CBC called Still Standing where he (and the team) go into a small town that's struggling, talks to the people, finds out about the town, and ends with doing a stand up comedy show about it (good show).

I assume that when he's not in an episode of Murdoch, it's because he's off shooting his other show.

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2 hours ago, peacheslatour said:

Don't you get CBC in your market? The Canadian channel has all the new season.


1 hour ago, statsgirl said:

Jonny Harris, who is a standup comic as well as an actor, has another show on CBC called Still Standing where he (and the team) go into a small town that's struggling, talks to the people, finds out about the town, and ends with doing a stand up comedy show about it (good show).

I assume that when he's not in an episode of Murdoch, it's because he's off shooting his other show.


1 hour ago, TVForever said:

In my part of the US (mid-Atlantic), we only get the show on Ovation. 

Yep, I'm in Chicago, and we are too far south and inland to get CBC.  We only get Ovation.  I usually watch through the Ovation website (although this particular episode, the website cut the episode off at 31 minutes so I had to go to the DVR to watch the end).  I don't want to bother with using a VPN to be able to access the CBC site.

Thanks for the info re Jonny Harris.

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Still Standing is a fun show to watch about small town Canadian life - I believe some seasons are on IMDB on line (which I get through my Prime Channels).  Jonny Harris always comes across as a nice guy you would like to have a cup of tea/drink/meal with.  If he isn't, I don't want to know. 

Yet again I am grateful to have CBC access via Windsor in the metro-Detroit area but also grateful I can rewatch through Acorn/Ovation. 

@blackwing - rest assured Crabtree will be back for many episodes as the season goes along. 

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Season 15, Episode 8 - Murdoch Knows Best

Fun episode and hey, it's Sparrow! In the US we recently had a cute, quirky, Canadian SyFy show called "Astrid and Lilly Save the World." At any rate, "Junior" was Astrid's boyfriend, "Sparrow," and appeared in most episodes. FYI: At mid-20s IRL Spencer MacPherson is hardly a teen in either show. Busy year for him.

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On 4/12/2022 at 11:11 AM, blackwing said:

I know we are quite a bit behind in the States, but is there a reason why George has been absent so often this season?  Does he show up more later?  Is this usual as of late?  I seem to think he used to be in every single episode, and now it seems like he is in less than half.

I miss George so much.  Hoping he is back soon - and often.

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S15E8:  Murdoch knows best

What a fun episode.  I really liked Terence Myers alternative life, and his superspy wife.  Certainly they are a matched pair.  The dog/cat game looked like fun.    I also liked the little basketball story, especially since Watts didn't seem as hunched over as usual.  

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On 11/8/2021 at 9:59 PM, statsgirl said:

Season 15, Episode 8 - Murdoch Knows Best

This was so much fun. Peter Kelehan's real life wife, ah Pinsent daughter of Charmian King and Gordon Pinsent)  played Terrence Meyers wife, and I really liked all the twists and turns and hidden room.

As someone who serves the traditional soup at Christmas, it was spot on for me..



On 11/9/2021 at 10:45 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 8 - Murdoch Knows Best

It was a perfect antidote to my gloom over it getting darker earlier due to the end of Daylight Savings time.  I liked the main story line as well as the secondary. 

I enjoyed Murdoch, Brackenreid and Julia reacting to Meyers' "civilian life" and working together to solve the murder at the house party through all the twists and turns.  But even more I liked Watts and Crabtree teaming up to solve the kids' mystery - especially Watts being almost giddy at glimpsing Milo on the street and Crabtree stepping up to help the team.  All the actors got to have their moments to shine. 


On 11/9/2021 at 1:12 PM, Victor the Crab said:

I don't know what to think of last night's episode. So Terrence Meyers was really an alias? I guess that makes sense given the line of work he was in. But how does one explain what his own family was thinking after he disappeared in that rocket ship, then spent time on Borneo where he landed, from a few seasons ago?

I had no idea Leah Pinsent was married to Peter Keleghan. I hardly recognized her. Funny thing though, I thought the guy playing the son, Junior, was Keleghan's real life son. Turns out, NOT!!!


On 11/9/2021 at 7:14 PM, statsgirl said:

The rocket ship and subsequent missing months follower by the long hair and bracelets was where my suspension of disbelief stopped but I don't mind because this episode was so much fun.


2 hours ago, mjc570 said:

S15E8:  Murdoch knows best

What a fun episode.  I really liked Terence Myers alternative life, and his superspy wife.  Certainly they are a matched pair.  The dog/cat game looked like fun.    I also liked the little basketball story, especially since Watts didn't seem as hunched over as usual.  

I really enjoyed this episode too.  I am intrigued by the Cats and Dogs parlour game.  It seemed like these cards could be hidden anywhere in the house.  How long did one of these games take?  If the cards are slightly visible, then they can be found easily, but if they can be hidden inside things like a drawer or a book, then it seems like the game could take forever.  Imagine a library with 500 books, and a card could be in any of them.  Also, does the owner of the house particularly not care if guests are completely rummaging through everything?

I agree with everyone about Terence Myers / Lyle Anderson and wondering about how he explained to his family that he was gone for months/years.  They thought he was an insurance salesman.  But the wife obviously knew he was a spy and maybe she covered for him to the children.  Although I'm not sure why.  When he disappeared she would have no idea where he was, did everyone assume he was dead?  If he was dead why would she continue the spy pretense since there would be no secrets to learn from him when he was "dead".

Great to see George.  Two things about this episode I really liked, that hearken back to the early years.  George with his ridiculous and preposterous theories, and Murdoch using his second sight to imagine how Mrs. Anderson committed the crime.

It seems like if we have a George sighting, then Henry is absent.  Are there budget issues, or is the Henry actor also really busy and needs time off?

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Never been a big fan of Terrence Meyers episodes but this one was great. Loved seeing his alternative life and family. Lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed seeing Watts and George help the boys with the basketball team as well. 

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On 11/16/2021 at 9:35 AM, Trey said:

Season 15, Episode 9 - The Lady Vanishes

I think I have had enough of the Newsomes of Mimico to last a life time.  Except for Ruthie, of course. At least she was ready to go to prison to keep her brother out, because he wouldn't survive prison and she would.

Good for Julia for taking the job where she could do most good. The times just weren't ready for her to win a lawsuit in court, even with Effie as her lawyer.

I never posted about the Halloween episode but I wanted to say that, right up until the reveal of the murderers, I was hoping it would turn out to be Killer Clowns from Outer Space.


On 11/16/2021 at 12:03 PM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 9 - The Lady Vanishes

I kind of agree with you @Trey about the Newsomes but I did like everyone else's reactions to them and particularly Murdoch's face every time he talked about "Mimico".  I figured out some of the plot points in advance but that did not take away from my enjoyment while viewing.

This season I find myself liking Mrs. Hart and Miss Cherry far more than in previous seasons and I appreciate how the show is working them into more story lines - it looks like next week will be featuring Miss Cherry.  Ruthie is also growing on me - some of her reactions last night while remarking about what kidnappers do and prison life were priceless. 

Count me amongst those who hope never to see Rupert Newsome ever again.  Of course, he will keep turning up like a bad penny.  The only saving grace of him showing up again would mean more Ruth.  Ruth is a hoot as always. 

It was great seeing both Higgins and Crabtree together in the same episode.

I don't think I fully understand why Brackenreid chose not to charge Lucinda and her dad.  They conspired to fake her death so that her husband would be blamed for it and hanged.  How is that not a crime?

I do agree that Mrs. Hart and Miss Cherry are a lot more tolerable this season.  But I'm still wondering what is going on with Mrs. Hart's husband.  Is he still in a state of permanent drug stupor?  Or is he dead?  If he is alive, surely she has to keep checking up on him and feeding him?  

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2 hours ago, blackwing said:

Count me amongst those who hope never to see Rupert Newsome ever again.

Season 15, Episode 9 - The Lady Vanishes

I'm with Murdoch - let's not go to Mimico again. I'd rather watch 3 Terrence Meyers episodes in a row.

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14 minutes ago, Prevailing Wind said:

Season 15, Episode 9 - The Lady Vanishes

I'm with Murdoch - let's not go to Mimico again. I'd rather watch 3 Terrence Meyers episodes in a row.

Agreed.  I don't really care for Terrence Meyers either.  I'm assuming that Allan Clegg is going to re-surface at some point, since he's clearly not dead.  I dislike Clegg more than I dislike Meyers.

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On 4/26/2022 at 2:17 PM, blackwing said:


 The only saving grace of him showing up again would mean more Ruth.  Ruth is a hoot as always.   

I love Ruth!  “You need a finger? I can get you a finger”. And “ I’d be fine (in prison)”. Love the way the actress delivered those lines!

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Season 15, Episode 10 - Drawn In Blood

I loved how incensed George was over Miss Cherry casually walking off with pens AND UMBRELLAS!!

At first, I thought the weapon was somehow connected with the camera, as it was fired at the EXACT same time the flash went off. I guess I shouldn't start writing mysteries. LOL.

I recognized the perp from him having been on the A&E "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" years ago. I have the boxed set and re-watch frequently - the use of music & the repertory company of actors is marvelous. He usually plays weaselly guys, so I wasn't surpised.

Oh, and I looked it up on imdb... It's Terrence (with 2 Rs) Meyers (not Myers). Perhaps now I can remember that and not sit here staring at my screen trying to recall how to spell his name.

My mom used to know a jingle for a company named Llewellyn. The jingle was how to spell their name: Double L, E, Double U, E, Double L, Y, N.  I have no idea why, 60 years later, I can remember that.


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Hmmm my DVR never recorded episode 10 for me, and for some reason it's not yet up on the Ovation website.  I guess I will have to wait a long long time before it gets repeated on Ovation, or have to wait for the DVD, or wait until the website eventually puts it up.

On 11/29/2021 at 8:08 PM, Pepper the Cat said:

EP 15.11 The Night Before Christmas.

Loved this episode. So much fun.

I did not see the twist at all. I loved the secret passages. I always wanted to live in a house with secret passages and rooms. 
Loved the orphans and the puppy. Puppy love!❤️❤️❤️😻

And Julia is pregnant!❤️❤️

On 11/29/2021 at 10:21 PM, auchic said:

Ep 15.11 The Night Before Christmas

SUCH a great Christmas episode! I guessed that the servants were in on it right away, but it was fun watching it all go down. Plus, everyone got a chance to be awesome! Even Ruth, who was only moderately annoying 😂.

Yay that Watts got to be part of the episode, even though he wasn't on the couples trip. He and Mrs. Hart worked together really well. I thought Mrs. Hart might adopt the adorable orphans at the end, but it was so sweet she got them presents. Plus, the puppy got home! 

That union suit George wore did not leave much to the imagination 🤣

Add a white noise machine to William's list of inventions 🤣🤣

And I don't care how improbable it is, JULIA'S GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!! 


On 11/30/2021 at 7:52 AM, Trey said:

Ep 15.11 The Night Before Christmas

Very improbable (retconned from being impossible back in the early seasons)  but it is wonderful news.  Surely this time all will go well.  I couldn't stand it if anything happens to the baby.

I loved this episode.  A little bit spooky and scary, lots of humour. Loved Effie telling the butler that she and George were "recently wed". I would have loved a house with secret passages too.  Heck, I would have loved just a doll house with secret passages.

I wonder how much the orphanage (with three residents already) will figure into the rest of the season.

We almost didn't need a second storyline but I did enjoy Watts and Mrs. Hart working together with the orphans to find the lost puppy's home.  You can't go wrong with a storyline that includes Christmas, orphans, and puppies!


On 11/30/2021 at 12:51 PM, Grundoon59 said:

Episode 15.11 - The Night Before Christmas

Like everyone else who has posted so far, I really enjoyed this episode.  It was a delightful holiday treat.  I suspected the servants (or at least one was involved) but since I missed part of the exposition related to the timeline of the house given while they were in the sleigh, I didn't really peg them in their exact role until the reveal.  I loved Effie and George working together, Thomas trying to place the accent, Margaret taking charge of the dinner and the pairings that ended up giving chase.  I even chuckled at the tableau. 

I especially loved the Watts/Mrs. Hart story line since I was bummed that they were not on the trip (it was actually my first thought when I saw the preview last week).  I liked Mrs. Hart prodding Watts to action after loosening him up with drink plus kids and a puppy - cute but not cutesy. 

The only bummer is the wait till January for another new episode.  Guess I will have to binge past seasons which is not a hardship at all. 

This was such a fun episode.  Loved the secret passages and the fact that they allowed access to practically every room.  The fireman's pole to get from the upper level to the lower very quickly was fun.  Laughed when Murdoch thought nothing about sending George into danger with a "off you go George" and George's look of consternation.

I liked how each of the party suspected a different servant and that in the end they were all right.  I especially liked the delivery of Arwen Humphries when she said "I think it's the cook" and Julia responded "why would you suspect the cook" and she immediately said "she can't cook".  For some reason this kind of banter during this episode reminded me a lot of the great "Clue the Movie".

I also did enjoy the Watts/Mrs. Hart storyline.  They've definitely made a huge attempt to make Mrs. Hart more relatable and likeable this season.  I loved how they have her using her wealth to make some orphans happy.  I do still wonder what the deal with her husband is though... at some point we need to see him again and find out what is going on.  Does she have to feed and change him?  If he's that much in a state of constant stupor, surely he is always soiling himself.  Who is watching him when she is at work?

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Episode 15.11 - The Night Before Christmas

Excellent! Although, I did wonder about the lights in the secret passageways. They were flickering as though they were candles. Who lights 'em all & replaced the spent candles? Are they ALWAYS on?

Margaret was amusing with her "A cook who can't cook?" and Julia taking exception to that being a "clue."

Effie is nowhere near as overbearing as she used to be. I still resent her for sending off George's manuscript unbeknownst to him, so it's taking a lot for me to get over that. And I agree with a previous poster - Ruth wasn't as annoying as usual.

Acorn has two nearly-ten-minute "Aftershow" videos. The first one has Bisson, Banton, & Harris and the second has Murdoch, Banton, & Maslany. They're short interviews, a trivia game, and contests - one is an autopsy game and the other is pumpkin decorating (no carving). But the thing I found most interesting was the shows are hosted by Michael Seater - aka James Gillies. He's much more likeable as a host.  LOL.

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On 1/4/2022 at 11:57 AM, Trey said:

Episode 12 Season 15, "There's Something About Mary", Jan. 3, 2022

I was hoping Mary Pickford would be silent again, like she was in an episode a few years ago. 

That Johnny Brackenreid - he is quite  the ladies' man! And quite the eye candy!

I know they've been warming us up to Louise Cherry again but when did she become a bosom buddy?

I don't know why they've introduced another character or why Mrs. Hart is being so good to her. I think her husband is plotting his revenge.  I hope Mrs. Hart is on her guard.

The plot was okay. I'm glad Mary Pickford was innocent of making porn.  I don't think the show could have got away with saying she did. And it's always good to see Ennis Esmer.


On 1/4/2022 at 12:53 PM, Grundoon59 said:

Season 15, Episode 12 - There's something about Mary

I was glad to have a new episode but this was not one of my favorites (but that also could be attributable to me recovering from Covid and not feeling my best).  I had some problems keeping all the theatrical characters straight apart from John and Mary and frankly didn't care that much about the victim or who the murderer was.

I did enjoy the side stories - Margaret coming up with the idea of a fan club, Mrs. Hart with the salon (agree that her husband is up to something and I am not sure what the deal is with her protege), Miss Cherry pursuing a professional and personal story -loved her reactions to Julia.

I should probably give this another watch when it becomes available for streaming - I may not have been entirely fair to it.


On 1/4/2022 at 5:38 PM, auchic said:

Ep 15.12 - There's Something About Mary

I enjoyed it! Not the strongest plot, but it wasn't too convoluted and it was nice to see John Brackenreid again; he is quite the snack 😉😂.

Also nice to see Ennis Esmer and Rachel Wilson again. I remember Rachel Wilson being the switchboard operator that was sure she had heard a murder on the exchange and harassed George until he helped her. And Ennis Esmer was a "pornographer" who killed one of his models.

Yeah, I'm surprised it took this long. Mrs. Hart hasn't been too awful this season, so I hope crazy hubby doesn't do too much damage. I like when she uses her powers for good and not evil.

I missed Watts.

I enjoyed this episode but I agree that I didn't really care about the theatrical characters and their motivations.  I was more interested in all of the side plots.

I missed episode 10 and am waiting for it to be put up on the website, but I am assuming this woman who is trying to open up her own bar first appeared in that episode?  She and Mrs. Hart were familiar with each other and I'm glad things worked out in the end.  Is this the first time we have seen Mrs. Hart's husband since we saw her administering drugs to him to keep him in a stupor?

I was surprised to see him out and about so freely and am wondering what the deal is with him.  He seemed entirely too docile.  Does he know what is being done with him?  He seems to have some lucidity if he is able to pour drinks.  The whole thing is way too strange.  She must not be afraid of him telling others about anything if she lets him out of the house.  Maybe his mind is so drug-ridden that he's too far gone to be anything but in a constant state of dependence and subservience.

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On 1/4/2022 at 12:57 PM, Trey said:

Episode 12 Season 15, "There's Something About Mary", Jan. 3, 2022

I know they've been warming us up to Louise Cherry again but when did she become a bosom buddy?


I wasn't too invested in this episode. I'm not interested in Mrs. Hart and that other woman. The mystery itself seemed flimsy.

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On 1/11/2022 at 9:51 AM, Trey said:

Episode 13 Season 15 "Murdoch on the Couch", Jan. 10, 2022

Murdoch investigates a death threat against Sigmund Freud and gets an unwelcome analysis.

Poor woman, Lizzie felt the need to kill herself because Freud was a Fraud as a doctor.  I'm not surprised her husband wanted to kill him. I think most of Freud's theories have been debunked now.

And most of Freud's analyses last night were wrong, except for Murdoch's. He really is a stick in the mud and his efforts to show he wasn't didn't change anything.  I liked Higgins laughing about Freud thinking he and George were in love, and Brackenreid and Murdoch just looked at him, like they agreed with Freud.

Despite Freud's wrong theories he was still an engaging character and really did want to help people.

Next week's episode looks scary.

On 1/11/2022 at 10:55 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Episode 13 Season 15 "Murdoch on the Couch", Jan. 10, 2022

I enjoyed the episode even though I had some problems keeping all the doctors straight - I did find all their cross-diagnosing each other a fun conceit.  I also cracked up at Murdoch trying all episode to show he is not a stick in the mud - all his different stances and "say Howdy from me".

I sort of guessed that Lizzie's husband would be connected somehow but was so happy to see Watts again that I might have gotten a bit distracted.  At least there was an explanation for where George was (and given the Still Standing promos airing, I assume that explains what was going in IRL with Jonny Harris) - I do wish we could see Effie with all the aunts though. 

I too had lots of trouble keeping all the characters straight, the only ones I could recognise were Freud and Jung.  I liked Murdoch's skepticism about Freud's theories and the line at the end about how Freud's views will never last and be accepted.

It didn't help that I wasn't familiar with any of these presumably real-life doctors except for Freud and Jung.  I assumed they were all real people in which case it was 100% obvious that the killer was going to be the husband.

I did like how Julia was constantly ribbing William and William being all offended about the theories.

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Question for those watching on Ovation... is Ovation trying to burn off the season as quickly as possible before we get too far into summer?  This past weekend and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend we have double episodes.  I love Murdoch but as with any show, I am not a fan of double or 2-hour episodes, I want the show to stretch out longer so I can savour it more.  Plus I already have enough to watch each week and double or 2 hour episodes just make me stressed.

On 1/17/2022 at 10:33 PM, auchic said:

Ep. 15.14 - The Witches of East York

Not a bad episode, although it would have been more fitting around Halloween to me. I was actually surprised by it being the wife who killed her husband. Maybe if she hadn't been so adamantly arguing for his release at the beginning. Plus I don't buy her being so accepting of her daughter.

I got the same vibe when they didn't come down harder on Minerva for being black. I know this show is supposed to be a feel-good, but it seems a little white-washy to ignore the very real persecution Minerva would have faced had she actually been a black single women accused of practicing witchcraft.

Poor Margaret. 

I had to laugh at Greta renaming herself "Elspeth Nighthawk". The early 20th century version of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way? 😂

When Julia and William were talking at the beginning about "witches and inquisitors", she was totally hinting at their next roleplay game, wasn't she? 😂😂

Yay for Watts two weeks in a row! I always cheer when I see Daniel Maslany's name in the credits.

On 1/18/2022 at 9:38 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Ep. 15.14 - The Witches of East York

I liked the mix of humor and spookiness in the episode and that there were people who were open minded about "witchcraft" (Julia, Watts, Ms. Hart) to counter those who weren't (William, Brackenreid) with poor Margaret being willing to try because she was so desperate. 

I totally agree @Pepper the Cat, the dude needs to go.  But it is exactly those little moments that make me love this show so much.  We may never see those folks again but I care about that spirited woman. 

Like you @auchic seeing Daniel Maslany's name makes me smile and he did not disappoint last night.  He is always doing something in a scene, not to undercut any other performer but just behaving as you would expect the rather eccentric Watts to behave.

My heart was breaking for Margaret and Thomas.  He was somewhat more supportive at the end I think due to his own experience with the ergot but she was clearly nearing the end of her tether. 

I really enjoyed this episode and as I was watching, I too thought it was interesting that nothing was said about how Minerva was not only a supposed witch but she was a black single woman who somehow got these two young white girls to follow her.  I know this show tends to be very progressive and I think it's great that we have had characters like Rebecca James and Violet Hart in prominent roles in society.  

However, this is the same show where it was considered scandalous for Violet Hart as a black woman to appear in public with Carmichael.  And where Julia as a female doctor has faced all sorts of discrimination.

I thought it was hilarious how Julia and Violet played up the witchcraft angle and William was always "please don't say witchcraft".  I really enjoyed seeing Julia and Violet working together.  Hasn't Julia accepted the job at the women's hospital yet?  How does she have so much free time to assist Violet in all of the testing they were doing?

I appreciated the reminder about Bobby, and Margaret's increasing desperation.  But it has been two episodes now with nary a mention of Carmichael after we saw him in episode 12 with a wry smile on his face as he played bartender.  The Carmichael story is definitely a slow burn but I wish it would get resolved one way or the other.

I know those up in Canada have seen the whole season and I've been spoiler-free by not reading through the parts of this thread discussing the episodes which haven't yet aired stateside... but if it were me, I would have this season end with Carmichael's body being discovered, and Violet being accused of murder.

Has the show been renewed for Season 16?

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I can't find anything that confirms it's been renewed or canceled.  It's getting late, we want to know.

I can't imagine they would cancel it since it's so popular. 

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On 1/24/2022 at 11:34 PM, auchic said:

Ep. 15.14 - Rawhide Ralph

Ugh, Ralph Fellows. No thank you. Julia was awesome as always.

So Watts was still sleeping with Jack? Why do you do this to yourself, Watts? And damn, Jack is looking really suspicious in this. I just hope it's all over so Watts can go be happy with Milo Strange, however their relationship happens to be.

Higgins was quite sassy this week. 

I feel like Mrs. Hart is going to kill her husband. 

On 1/30/2022 at 3:01 PM, Victor the Crab said:

The only thing good about last week's episode was that it was finally the end of Ralph Fellows!

It's obvious to me that Ralph is not dead.  He had a dead body in that closet, said something like "I've got plans for you" and it seems clear to me that the pieces of body found in the vat of acid were that of the corpse and not Ralph Fellows.

I'm not really sure how he managed to pull that off... he was with Julia in the rafters/second floor of that building.  He pushed her off (how could he be sure that she wouldn't fall into the acid???), fell off himself, and somehow managed to get that body into the acid, all at the same time?

We heard a splash and bubbling, so the body must have been dropped into the vat at the same time.  Was it an accomplice?  I didn't think there were any left that weren't captured by the police.  Was it some kind of rig set up to release the body when Fellows fell?  

In any event, seems like many of the notable guest characters never truly stays dead on this show even when we think they have died.  Terence Myers and his unexplained survival after being blasted off on a rocket, Allen Clegg, James Pendrick, etc.

I can't stand the Ralph Fellowes character.  What's the point of him?  And why go to the lengths of faking his death?  I just don't fully follow what was supposed to happen.  He kidnapped Julia and Harry so that he could lure Murdoch to this barn so he could kill him in the acid?  At what point did Ralph's plan switch from killing Murdoch in the acid to using the acid to fake his own death?  The fake death was obviously planned from the start because of the dead body he was keeping.

Also, what was the explanation for why Harry is suddenly in town?  I thought he and Anna fled to England to escape the Black Hand... now he's back unaccompanied with not much explanation.  Why is it now safe for Harry to wander around?  He got on a ship all by himself for a multiday voyage across the ocean?  Doesn't seem particularly safe.  But it seems like a setup for Harry to live with Murdoch and Julia permanently.  I expect Anna to be revealed as dead at some point.

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On 1/31/2022 at 10:35 PM, auchic said:

Ep 15.15 - It's a Wonderful Game

George is back! He was so good talking with Harry. I know what it's like to feel like you have to join all the teams and do stuff, even if you don't enjoy it. I'm glad Harry got his moment at the end. And Julia's totally going to be that mom.

Nick Nurse's cameo was 😂😂.

Brackenreid saving my poor Watts was just awesome, and then gave him back the pretzel 😂. I'm glad they wrapped up Clara's murder, and I'm glad it wasn't Jack who did it.

On 2/1/2022 at 11:29 AM, marnette said:

I don't like Harry, I hate to say it. I don't think he was a necessary addition to the show and he is so unlikeable. 

I hope we can see more of Jack and I love the idea of him living in a more welcoming environment. 

I can't wait to see the way Violet Hart's situation falls through!

On 2/2/2022 at 10:34 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Episode 15.15 - It's a Wonderful Game

I liked the episode - great to see George again and glad Milo admitted that he had been kind of a jerk.  Oh course mainly glad that Watts was okay (I am surprised that the miscreant couldn't feel me zapping him with laser beams from my eyes for hurting LLewellyn like that).  Loved that Brackenreid got to them in time and his banter with Watts. 

Enjoyed the basketball based plot and William being so doubtful that the game could be invented.  The cameo didn't do much for me but I can understand what Raptors fans would enjoy it.  I admit my mind drifted for a bit - did they tell us exactly where Jack was living now?  I agree it seemed an interesting arrangement. 

I enjoyed the basketball plot and I agree it was funny that Murdoch was so puzzled that it was possible to "invent" a game, particularly one that consists of throwing a ball into a hoop.

I am glad that Jack wasn't his wife's killer but I also don't fully understand why he would flee the country if he was innocent.  I know he was upset that Watts suspected him but if he was truly innocent, he could have stuck around and let it play out.  I do wonder if he legally adopted Samuel or had some kind of legal guardianship and whether there would be a custody battle between him and his wife's parents.  I would think that we could see him again, it seems odd to show him setting up in Greenwich Village if there was no intention to bring him back ever again.  They could have just used the scene of him getting into a cab and saying to drive anywhere but here as his exit from the show if the intent was to be done with him forever.

I also agree that I find Harry to be irritating.  He's a know-it-all and a little bratty.  I get that we are supposed to see him as his father's son, but he's a bit too precocious for me.  Is the intent going to be to have him on the show all the time now?  I always hate the trope of "Billy's away at camp" to explain why child characters aren't seen in a particular episode.  But I also don't need to see him all the time.  I'd rather we get more George and Henry.

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I'm confused. Witches was Ep. 14, Rawhide Ralph would be 15 (and Acorn agrees) so It's a Wonderful Game should be 16.

Anyway, back to Ep 14, Rawhide Ralph: Yeah, he faked his death. I'm not sure, though, how he managed the body & his escape with Julia right there...

"You never said we were counting to three..." I loved Murdoch's solution to the shootout. Reminded me of Indiana Jones.

Oh, I hope Jack IS guilty. I want him out of Watts' life. But I'm sure it's someone framing him.


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42 minutes ago, Prevailing Wind said:

I'm confused. Witches was Ep. 14, Rawhide Ralph would be 15 (and Acorn agrees) so It's a Wonderful Game should be 16.

Sorry, I was just quoting others who wrote at the time of original Canadian airing... I agree with you that your numbering is correct.

On 2/21/2022 at 10:10 PM, auchic said:

Episode 15.17 - Bloodlines

I quite liked Mrs. Hart during this episode; she's much better when the plots don't involve her idiot husband. I also liked that Brackenreid came in to help trusting her and her friend. I hadn't known about the Niagara Conference and it being in Canada, so I'm interested to learn more.

Harry's plot was sweet. I love that he is basically William Jr. being an inventions geek. 

On 2/21/2022 at 10:16 PM, statsgirl said:

S15.E17 Bloodlines:

I guess that this is the annual February Black history episode, I thought that it was quite good. I'm not a fan of Mrs. Hart but she didn't put a step wrong here. Cassie, on the other hand... they really haven't got a handle on the character. I liked Braclenreid coming on to help but not trying to change

Murdoch and his mini-me were funny. A good use of Harry while they had him.

Mark Taylor seems to be in everything. I'm looking forward to seeing him in Coroner later in the week.

On 2/22/2022 at 9:54 AM, Grundoon59 said:

S15.E17 Bloodlines

I enjoyed the episode - a million years ago in a college history class, we had to do an exercise involving the different viewpoints in the civil rights movement of the early 20th Century and I was part of the W.E.B. Dubois group so I have always had a fond spot for him even if I didn't always agree with his viewpoint - he had a remarkable career. 

My appreciation for Mrs. Hart continues to grow but I am still not sure whether Cassie is someone to be fully trusted or not.  I figured out part of the who done it reasonably early but not the why.  I liked Brackenreid's attitude and helpfulness but have to wonder if he would have been the same before Nomi became part of his life. 

I liked the Julia/William/Harry story but I am ready for a break from the Harry stories for a minute.  Nothing against the young actor but I will appreciate the air time given him to be used to see more of George, Watts, Higgins, other characters. 

I enjoyed this episode, and as I have said before, I appreciate seeing competent and likeable Violet Hart.  Such a huge difference from her depiction in previous seasons.  I liked that she used her skills as a coroner to help out the people who were fighting for something she believed in.  I wasn't that familiar with the history so I was very interested in seeing the differences of opinion between Booker T. Washington and WEB DuBois.  Also, thank you show for teaching me that it is pronounced "do-BOYS".

I'm not sure what to make about Cassiopeia Bright.  One minute, Violet views her as this irritating pest, then the next Violet is an investor in her nightclub, then Violet is a reluctant mentor, and now they are bosom buddies and she calls her "Cassie".  I am glad that she has another friend and has softened a lot this season.

I don't care for Harry, I still find him annoying and cloyingly precocious.  But I do love how William lights up when Harry said something he would have said.  

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7 hours ago, blackwing said:

I don't care for Harry, I still find him annoying and cloyingly precocious.  But I do love how William lights up when Harry said something he would have said.  

I love that too.  

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On 2/28/2022 at 10:21 PM, auchic said:

Episode 15.18 - Patriot's Game

Watts and Terrence Meyers together were everything. As was Margaret literally breaking the case wide open 😂. Plus a nice little nod to Kim's Convenience.

On 3/1/2022 at 8:40 AM, Grundoon59 said:

Episode 15.18 - Patriot Game -

I agree @auchic - the best part for me was watching Watts' reactions to Terrence Meyers.  Everyone else has gotten so used to the insanity Meyers brings with him that seeing him with fresh eyes was wonderful (plus it was Watts).  Also loved the reveal on Project Iguana.

Happy they gave Margaret something more to do - do not mess with her or her man.  Always delightful to see George and enjoyed Higgins wanting more time with the ballerina.

I also liked the refresher course on Russian/Korean/Japanese early 20th century history.  I learned some of it back in college but had forgotten the ins and outs. 

I liked seeing the Korean family, and the fact that Terence Meyers was on but wasn't ridiculous.  I actually didn't dislike him in this episode.  I did think it was a bit weird that nothing was at all said about the last time they saw him.

When Margaret and Thomas both laughed that neither of them would be able to get the young Russians interested in them, it was obvious that it was going to happen.  I would have liked to have seen Margaret have the young man interested in her, but I guess that wouldn't have advanced the spy plot.

The spy plot seemed a little convoluted but it definitely hinted at World War I about 5 years in the future.

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