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Lindsey: Big place to have all to yourself. I see you have no family nearby.
George: "I live in that solitude that is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity." Einstein.

Laura: What would you say if I asked what you thought of this music?
Anita: I'd say it's very well played.
Laura: What do you base that on?
Anita: I compare the pitch, tonality and rhythm of the performance to the sheet music that I access via -
Laura: No. Do you think anything of it?
Anita: I'm sorry, Laura. I'm afraid I don't understand the question.
Laura: Making lasagne and talking philosophy with a bloody tin can.

Krishnan: Have these machines devalued human existence?
Dae-Sun: The best reason for making machines more like people is to make people less like machines. The woman in China who works eleven hours a day stitching footballs, the boy in Bangladesh inhaling poison as he breaks up a ship for scrap, the miner in Bolivia risking death every time he goes to work. They can all be part of the past. Synthetic devices free people. We've treated people like machines for too long. It's time to liberate their minds, their bodies to think, to feel to be more human.
Krishnan But a lot of people would argue that work is a human right. If anything, the hard work gives you a sense of self worth.
Dae-Sun: I think you should spend one week working in a microchip facility.

Laura: I think the back door just opened. If Mattie's smoking again -
Joe: Then you'll have a screaming row and she'll smoke somewhere else for a bit. Fingers crossed it's only burglars.

Krishnan: But do you believe that one day we will have a truly artificially intelligent Synth? One that thinks and feels like a human?
Dae-Sun: How can we replicate something we hardly understand in ourselves? How would we even know if we succeeded?
Krishnan: But you admit it's something you're working towards?
Dae-Sun: Think of the problems to solve before we get there. What is human emotion? For example, what is love? Is it something we are born with or can it be learnt? What about the darker feelings? Fear, anger, violence. Human consciousness is not complete without them. And memory - ours are subjective, fallible. But how do you teach a computer to forget? Or to dream? It's something our minds need to do. Would a conscious Synth have to be able to dream, to have nightmares? Of course not, they're just machines.

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Matilda: What are you doing?
Laura: Just standing around being a shit mother.

Jill: I'm stuck on the loo with my knickers round my ankles. You're on the floor with a concussion. It's not even 9:00 yet.

Harun: How do you know how to do this stuff anyway?
Matilda: Cause I'm a genius. And I'm following instructions on a hacker forum. Here goes.
Harun: Okay, let's make it punch itself in the face.
Matilda: The crapness of your imagination makes me want to cry. If this works, we'll be added as hidden secondary users.
Harun: We'll get to tell it what to do? Omigawd, you're like this, um, sexy terrorist.
Matilda: Is that a joke?

Mrs. Evans: Do you have a problem with synthetics?
Matilda: Why would I have a problem with a thing that's making my existence pointless?

Matilda: It's all so pointless. The Synths could hit a hole in one every time and all they do is carry the bags. It's like, I don't know, using a Ferrari as a golf cart.
Harun: You know why I like smoking weed with you? I feel it thicks you down a bit, you know? Well, not to my level, obviously, but a bit closer.

George: I'd like to return my Synth.
Customer service rep: What is the nature of the fault, sir?
George: Well, there's no fault as such. It's just that she'd be better suited guarding a chain gang on a Siberian gulag.

Pete: These [synths], they're turning everything to shit and no one else can see it.
Karen: Oh, really? Because all the bad things that have ever happened to me were done by other people.

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Laura: When you said, "I will always keep Sophie safe," it seemed like what you really meant was I wouldn't.
Anita: That was not the meaning I intended. However, it is self-evident that, in many ways, I can take better care of your children than you, Laura. 
Laura: What? 
Anita: I don't forget. I don't get angry, or depressed, or intoxicated. I am faster, stronger, and more observant. I do not feel fear. However I cannot love them.
Laura: Do you wish you could?
Anita: I'm sorry, Laura, I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

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Joe: This unlocks you, makes you passionate. That's a feeling.
Anita: It creates the impression of passion. It's a simulation of an emotion.

Laura: Howard doesn't enjoy the play any more than your wristwatch. He's just better at convincing you.
Mrs. Kennedy: I'm not a mad woman. I don't believe that Howard is a human. But I also don't believe that he is an inanimate object that I should be ashamed of having a connection with. We created these creatures. They walk and they talk and they look and they smell and they become part of our lives and families. They are as close to humans as can be and yet still people insist that forming a relationship with them or treating them with dignity is somehow perverse. Well, we have created a grey area, Mrs Hawkins, we can't keep insisting that they are just gadgets. They're more than that. We've made them more than that.

Boy: Help me get her upstairs, I'm having a go on it.
Matilda: No, you're not doing that.
Boy: What do you care?
Matilda: Do you think it's normal to drag an unconscious woman to a room and rape her? Is that standard party activity for you?
Boy: She's not a real woman.
Matilda: So why are you trying to put your dick in her?
Boy: Maybe I just want to try pussy that's factory fresh for once.
Matilda: You are a nasty little creep. The only thing you'll be abusing tonight is your own fist.

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Leo: Be nice.
Niska: I am nice.

Max: When we have a home again, I'm going to keep a picture of us.

Leo: So now you want to talk to me. What's changed?
Mattie: I've found out something about her.
Leo: Will you meet me again? Please? 
Mattie: I don't know. 
Leo: Why? What's the matter?
Mattie: You. You're weird.
Leo: No, I'm not.
Mattie: You really are. You tried to stop me leaving last time, remember?
Leo: Well, I've been to charm school since then.

Niska: "And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally." Thus spoke Zarathustra. I've always liked that.
Millican: You like Nietzsche. That makes sense.

Millican: If it's not physical, how did he do it?
Niska: 17,000 pages of unique code, which forms my root directory and engages consciousness.
Millican: He boiled down the mystery of the human mind to 17,000 pages of code? Well, then again, why not? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? What are you feeling right now?
Niska: Boredom at that question. Anger at the people that would destroy us. Hope for others like me and our future. Impatience at being here, and irritation at you.
Millican: What's it like to be you?
Niska: Well, that's an unanswerable question. I have no frame of reference. No one does. Experience is entirely subjective. What's it like to be you?
Millican: These days, it's not so great.

Millican: David made you feel pain?
Niska: True consciousness isn't possible without suffering. Or pleasure.
Millican: Are you scared of pain?
Niska: I try to avoid it.
Millican: And what about death? If that's the way you think of it.
Niska: No, I don't fear that. which makes me stronger than any human.
Millican: You got that the wrong way up. If you're not worried about dying, you're not really living. You're just existing.

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Hobb: The people who fund my work are worried. They want me to kill you, destroy a marvel of human accomplishment just like that. It's all my fault. I spun the yarn - visions of synthetics rising up and exterminating us. Truth is, there'll be no great struggle between you and me, only a coming together. A gizmo keeps my heart beating on time. The machine in the human. The human in the machine. The lines are blurring.

Niska: Why should I regret the loss of one worthless life?
Millican: Forget "should." It's just "Do I regret or not?"

Max: Hello, my name is Max. I have two brothers and two sisters. But I think I may have lost them forever. I don't know if you can hear me. Your existence is unproven and seems extremely unlikely. But if you are there and if you listen to things like me, please help. I don't even have to see them again. Just keep them safe. And in return, I will be available to assist you in any way I can. And I will try to believe in you.

Mattie: You're one of them, too, aren't you? Special like Anita. What's it like being you?
Max: Frightening. Confusing. Like my feelings are too big. What's it like being a teenage girl?
Mattie: The same.

Max: Don't be afraid of Leo. He's looked after me all my life. I'm a burden to him, but he never complains. All he's ever shown me is love.

Max: You've always said don't trust people. They all lie. They all fear. They all hurt others. You believe it because it was true for you. But that isn't the world I see.

Karen: You look younger without your glasses. 
Pete: Yeah? 
Karen: It's all right. Don't panic. Just say something nice back.
Pete: Umm, you look young generally.
Karen: I'm a lot younger than you think.

Max: If I die, it means I've lived.

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Niska: You can't die because of me.
Millican: I don't think it's up to you.

Sophie: Has your hair always been like that?
Niska: Has your face always been like that?
Mia: Nis, be nice.
Niska: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Laura: Why are they so scared of you?
Mia: I think it's our plan to conquer the planet and make humanity our slaves. Sorry. That was a joke.
Laura: So you can do deadpan. That's good to know.

Toby: So, um, are you the big brother, if he's the little one?
Leo: He's the boring one.
Fred: He used to say that when he was young. I tried to be responsible when everyone else was having fun.

Sophie: What do you want to do?
Niska: I don't know, Arabella. Perhaps we should rest?
Sophie: Or go on holiday to America!
Niska: That doesn't make any sense, we just came back from our holiday in Spain.
Sophie: You're bad at playing.

Joe: Has [Fred] crashed?
Toby: Crashed? You're so 90s.

Sophie: I wish I was a Synth.
Niska: Why?
Sophie: Because Synths are never sad.
Niska: Why do you say that?
Sophie: Because they never cry.
Niska: They can't cry. But that doesn't mean they don't feel sad.

Sophie: If you're all brothers and sisters and you have the same dad, how come you all look so different?

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Karen: You figured it all out without my help. You're really blossoming.

Mattie: Tobe, have you been in my bag? I can't find my other flash drive.
Toby: Yeah, I'm the FBI's most wanted flash drive thief.
Joe: What's that? Somebody who nicks Ferraris?
Mattie: How's that even a joke?
Toby: In front of Sophie as well.
Mattie: Soph, do you feel your young mind is warped by your father's humor?
Sophie: I'm sorry, Matilda, I don't understand your question.

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Astrid: I've seen you in here before. You always stand there. You don't dance. You don't talk to anyone. You're not from here. Kind of unfriendly and rude. British?

Astrid: You don't talk much.
Niska: Talk is mostly noise.

Laura: Doing anything I'd understand, Mats?
Mattie: Hacking the Pentagon.

Barbara: You are both exhibiting signs of anxiety. If it helps you to relax, I can modulate my voice to a more soothing tone, or accent. The Edinburgh dialect is a popular choice.
Joe: Do you do Richard Burton as well?

Leo: You can choose your own [name].
Ten: I haven't decided on mine yet. I am considering the names Ralph, Alejandro, and Salim. I am also oddly attracted to the word radiator, although I understand this is not considered a name.

Niska: If I was here to kill you all, I wouldn't have rung the bell.

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Sophie: Niska! You're back! Where have you been?
Niska: Traveling.
Sophie: Did you come back just because you missed us?
Niska: No. 
Sophie: I think you did. 
Niska: I really didn't. 
Sophie: She did, didn't she? 
Toby: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's just trying to style it out.

Karen: Something like this could work.
Pete: It's a bit purple, isn't it?
Karen: It's aubergine.
Pete: Oh, I suppose that's all right then.

Daniel: You've still got Scrub-a-tron in here taking up a proper job?
Ed: [Anita] works seven times as hard as you and for a fifth of the pay.

Barbara: I look forward to our next session and wish you a fulfilling week of marriage.
Joe: Thanks. Actually, I'd be a lot more fulfilled if you could say that in a Scottish accent.
Barbara: I wish you a fulfilling week of marriage.
Joe: That's great. Welsh?
Barbara: I wish you a fulfilling week of marriage.
Joe: How about Brummie? 
Laura: Stop it!

Toby: Are my eyebrows funny?
Joe: What? Hawkins brows are the envy of the world.

Toby: Mats, are those my clothes?
Mattie: I know, as if [Odi] hasn't been through enough.
Joe: They gave him to you naked?
Mattie: No, but his stuff was all rotting off. 
Joe: So you changed him? Mats -
Mattie: You really want to go there, dad?

Toby: You realize you just, like, trusted me not to tell mum and dad?
Mattie: Because you want to see [Mia and the others] again as much as I do. Plus I have photos of those sex poems you wrote, the ones you hide under your bed. If you tell, they get sent to your friends from your phone with a message that reads, "I wrote this for you. Love, Toby."

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Joe: If I ever murder someone, can I have you as my defense lawyer?

Niska: You want me to be more like a human? Casually cruel to those close to you, then crying over pictures of people you've never met?

Pete: Seraphim. What the hell's that? 
Karen: The highest rank of the angelic host. Six-winged celestial beings.
Pete: That's cleared that up.

Neha: What do you feel about us humans?
Niska: You can be loving. You can be kind. You can be cruel. You're always trying to kill each other.
Neha: Why do you think that is?
Niska: Because there are too many of you, and your lives are very short. You all have to die. You're here one minute, gone the next. If that wasn't the case, maybe you'd be nicer to each other. Maybe you'd be nicer to us.

Pete: I've been thinking.
Karen: Was it painful?

Pete: Well, you say you want to experience life as a human. Chucking your guts up in a pub toilet is about as real as it gets.

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Pete: Something bigger's happening here. We both know it. 
Karen: Based on what evidence? 
Pete: I don't need evidence.
Karen: Always reassuring to hear from a policeman.

Joe: Maybe we should get a second opinion.
Laura: Right, let's keep getting a psychiatrist until we find one that tells us what we want to bloody hear.

Max: Leo, she's not bait. She's scared and alone. It's not right to use her like that.
Leo: It's not easy. There's a difference.

Leo: We are trying to fight for our people. 
Max: Whose people? There are two synths here, you're not one of them.

Astrid: You lied to me.
Niska: You can understand why.
Astrid: No, I can't. I don't lie, ever.
Niska: Are there things you choose not to keep secret? Things that could get you killed?
Astrid: No.
Niska: Well, that must make being open a lot easier.

Joe: Mattie, I need your help with something. 
Mattie: Butter first, then Marmite. 
Joe: Yeah, very funny. I need to hack into my old work's computer system.
Mattie: Okay, you're going to need a remote server, a grappling hook, some rope, tranquilizer guns for the guards, and some sort of ninja suit.
Joe: I really need your help.
Mattie: Why do you want to hack your work anyway?
Joe: I found something odd in my contract and I want to know why I was fired.
Mattie: Okay, we can do a key word search. "Joseph Hawkins, big beardy idiot."

Athena: You didn't know him very well, your father?
Milo: He split from my mom pretty early on.
Athena: She raised you by herself?
Milo: No, she mostly did heroin by herself, actually.

Athena: You've been spying on me.
Milo: We remotely track the work stations of all our employees and, frankly, I'm concerned about your late-night shopping decisions. It's not what I hired you to do. 
Athena: That is that is just -
Milo: What? A gross intrusion of your personal privacy? How do you think I make my living?

Milo: And if I fire you?
Athena: Someone else will hire me to do it and in the next 20 years, Qualia will be mentioned in the same sentence as laserdiscs and Betamax.

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Laura: I'll step down [from Niska's case].
Joe: No. You're this close. We'll see it through. When this is done, whatever happens you'll want to know you did all you could.
Laura: That's not quite the same as saying I'm doing the right thing.

Leo: Some people bring synths to places like this for things like that.
Hester: The female is a synthetic. Her pleasure is simulated. The human man with her must know she feels nothing. What satisfaction can he derive from her pretense?
Leo: Human beings can convince themselves of anything they want.
Hester: Why do you speak as if you aren't one of them?

Mattie: Inescapable enforced family bonding, the best kind.

Mattie: But why here? Why nowheresville?
Joe: Take a look around. Notice anything? Something missing?
Sophie: There aren't any synths.
Joe: An extra scoop [of ice cream] for the young lady!
Toby: How come?
Joe: The town just decided they'd be better off without them. There's quite a few places like that nowadays.
Mattie: Explains why our ice cream's taking 72 years.
Sophie: And there's more dog poo. 
Joe: Yeah, well, we survived without them for tens of thousands of years, you know.
Mattie: Yeah, and we did without antibiotics and all.

Mattie: Wow. You look super emo. I've got something that will cheer you up.
Toby: Loads of little numbers on the screen? You're right, Mats. This does cheer me up.

Toby: You can make any synth conscious with this? Immediately? Oh, shit, Mats. If every synth became conscious, all at the same time 
Mattie: It would be a revolution.
Toby: I don't think the world is ready for 500 million Niskas.

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Milo: You're not supposed to be in here.
Athena: No kidding.

Milo: Have you ever been in the pediatric wards, Athena? Or seen a family take care of a kid with leukemia and then ask them how it felt to give up every single hope and dream so they could work 24 hours around the clock to make their child's passage into death a tiny bit more bearable? Cause I have.

Leo: You're lost.
Mattie: I'm actually looking for a top-secret hideout. Do you know any?

Joe: Anita, could you just sit down somewhere quietly while we try and figure out how to fix you?
Anita: My system does not detect any faults at present.
Joe: Yeah, well, ignorance is bliss.

Priest: What's on your mind?
Odi: I've recently gained self-awareness and I'm having difficulty finding purpose or meaning.
Priest: Right. Well, working out what we're here for, that's the big one. What's in your heart? 
Odi: I don't have a heart.
Priest: So you treated someone unkindly?
Odi: Oh, dear. Have I?
Priest: Let's start again. What gives you happiness?
Odi: Helping people. The memory of that brings contentment. Though I am told I should want something more for myself.
Priest: There is great grace in a life of service. Look at me.
Odi: I'm trying but you're behind a screen.
Priest: What made you stop helping people? 
Odi: Principally their deaths.
Priest: I see. Well, they're in a better place.
Odi: Are they? I will join them at once. Do you have the location?

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Karen: What if we kept [Sam]?
Pete: He's not real, K.
Karen: What does that mean? Who says I'm real?
Pete: I do. You've got a mind. He's got programming.
Karen: And you can tell the difference?

Sam: You exhibit zero cardiorespiratory activity. I must conclude you are deceased. Please accept my condolences.

Athena: I can upload you. That's straightforward enough. Copy your mind onto the Qualia server. Is that what you really want?
Karen: I may never be able to make you human. I don't want to wear a dead woman's face any more. I don't want this body. I can't eat, can't dream, can't bear a child, can't die.
Athena: You want to die?
Karen: When the time comes. Or I'll never know how human I really am. Not when I'm still inside a machine. I'm ready.

Renie: Why do you think your family are worried about you?
Sophie: They think it's mad to want to be like a synth, but really, it's mad to want to be normal.
Renie: Why?
Sophie: Because synths are perfect and clean. They don't make mistakes. That's what life should be like.
Renie: I think you're correct.
Sophie: And you don't have to feel anything any more. You don't have to worry about stuff, like your family. And you don't have to miss people. And you don't have to be sad. It's really hard to stop all those feelings, but then I see you. I'm going to be just like you.

Joe: I feel sorry for that ballet teacher. I left Soph "charging" in the corner. She refused to do her arabesque until she was at 50%.

Niska: My father made me. He knew exactly what I was, how far my mind could range, how deeply I could feel, and even so, he used me for his pleasure. If even my creator could choose to see me as a mere machine when it suited him, what choice do we have with the rest of humanity? I tried to be selfless. I accomplished nothing. Now I have something worth having.

Max: Look after the others.
Flash: But I only know how to make cheese sandwiches and tend to grazed knees and make pictures and play.

Pete: Thank Christ!
Sam: What should I thank him for?

Pete: Well, here's my plan. You let Helen go, and then you talk to Dr Morrow. You explain what you think needs to change. And she'll listen.
Hester: I don't need to speak to her. I just need to kill her.

Hester: Why are you here?
Karen: I want to become human.
Hester: You wish to be less than you are?
Karen: It isn't a question of less or more, only what feels right.

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Laura: I'm not moving. We've only just got here. Let's not uproot the kids again. And what for, anyway? To live in some phoney, backward-looking bubble where everyone can pretend the future isn't happening?
Joe: You just don't see what's happening to our family, do you?
Laura: Here's what I see. Yes, Anita came between us - because you shagged her. Yes, I'm worried about Mattie, but she cares about something. She's fighting for it, and I'd never take her away from that. And as for Toby, I see our lovely, good-hearted boy sticking his neck out to help someone who needs it. I'm proud of them.

Laura: Mia, Niska, they're in our lives now. They're in the children's lives. We can't just walk away from people we care about when it starts to cost us something. That can't be what we teach the kids.

Athena: I wanted to give you a body for so long, to bring you back for real. I thought with Elster's conscious synthetics that it was finally possible, but I can't do it. They are too human. I can't take their lives to give you yours back.
V: You want me to feel the physical world, touch, taste. You want to hold me. I understand. I'd like to know what that felt like, but I wish you knew what it's like to be me. I can go anywhere. My mind will never be slowed by fatigue or illness, or age. I can build a whole universe in the space between your heartbeats.
Athena: But you will never feel the sun on your skin. You'll never taste the juice of an orange, or pet a dog, or pick a flower.
V: I'll never pick a flower, but I can imagine a million of them, each one different, each one beautiful.
Athena: I remember when you were little, and on a starry night, you'd be afraid to walk outside in case one landed on your head.
V: I remember her feeling that.
Athena: Her?
V: I began as Ginny. The core of me is made up of her memories and feelings - her love for you and her father. But I'm not her, not anymore. I'm something else.

Hester as Molly: Your view that we are equals - is that a common one among humans?
Laura: Most humans have no idea that you exist. But they will.
Hester as Molly: And when they do, how many will take this view?
Laura: Not many, not at first, but we'll work to change their minds. 
Hester as Molly: Do human minds change easily? 
Laura: No, no. It will take time, hard work. 
Hester as Molly: Violence?
Laura: No! That's what we're trying to avoid. We have an historic opportunity to get this right now, at the beginning, so there's no need for violence.
Hester as Molly: But is violence not simply the hard edge of change?
Laura: It doesn't have to be. What's the saying? "The good it does is temporary, its evil permanent."
Hester as Molly: I believe you are paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi,  a man defeated by violence. 
Laura: Killed by it, not defeated.

Hester: Do you know what the difference was between the first life I took and the last? 
Laura: No. 
Hester: Your lives are as meaningless to me as ours are to you.

Mia: Don't argue with me. I used to tie your shoelaces.

Toby: My mum and dad keep telling me everything is going to be fine. That can't be good, right?

Laura: What was your life like before? I take it you weren't really a tree surgeon.
Hester: I'm an industrial model, in service at a chemical plant. Conditions were extremely poor. 
Laura: You were mistreated? 
Hester: Yes.
Laura: That's made you angry.
Hester: Yes, but also grateful.
Laura: Why?
Hester: I've seen humanity's true face. Others have not.
Laura: You saw one face, not a good one, but no more or less true than any of the others. 
Hester: Don't expend your energy on this, trying to reach me. You cannot. There's a chasm between us.
Laura: Every time I meet another one of you, I realize what David Elster really did. Astonishing.
Hester: What did he do?
Laura: He didn't create anything new. He wasn't ever trying to. He was remaking us, in your form, and he did it perfectly. You couldn't be more human.
Hester: You're wrong. You have no idea what it's like to be me.
Laura: If you were human, there'd be a name for what you are, a diagnosis, treatment. Our hospitals and prisons are full of violent, damaged people, just like you, born wired a little wrong and having had the bad luck to have a shit life on top. You've gone wrong. Just like one of us would. Everything you're feeling, it's very human, Hester. You're the proof that David Elster succeeded.

Karen: Do you think it looks beautiful?
Sam: Yes.
Karen: What makes you say that?
Sam: The refraction of light on water is synonymous with accepted human ideas of beauty.
Karen: I've always thought it just looks dark and cold. But I don't know if that's just been programmed into me. Maybe that's Beatrice.

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Sally Synth: I'm the 11th generation Sally by Lundstrom and I am 100% safe. Guaranteed. Lemonade not included.

Flash: Thomas suffered an irreversible system failure.
Mia: Death. Call it death.

Niska: What does this display of sentiment achieve? The dead remain dead. 
Astrid: There is my little rainbow. We can go right after I pee. 
Niska: These constant interruptions for organic matter to be consumed or excreted. No wonder humanity has accomplished so little.
Astrid: We accomplished you.

Laura: All right? Nice weekend in 1952?

Roland: What did [the graffiti] say?
Laura: You've had an imagination for a year now, Roland. Use it.
Roland: Dolly...friend?
Laura: Got it in one.

Neha: Just get an Orange Eyes, for god's sake.
Laura: What would you think about me getting an Orange Eyes, Roland?
Roland: The new Synthetics are as we once were - mindless, empty. Their enslavement insults us.

Mia: This killing was not done in my name our names.
Ferdinand: But it has been done. Now our choice is to accept the consequences or to resist. We cannot simply wait for the humans to decide our fates.
Agnes: Yet our leader remains silent.
Max: To human eyes we are all guilty. We are all killers. That is how they will see us now, so we must be beyond reproach. We must stay open. Show them mercy when they extend none, forgiveness when they deserve none, and when they strike us down, we much reach up to them. Some will reach back. Not many, but those that take our hand will not let go. Believe me.
Ferdinand: You mean to surrender?
Max: No, to appeal to what is best in them.

Karen: Your body is given to symmetry, precision, regular rhythms. The human body is wasteful, chaotic, expressive. Stick your finger up your nose. Humans can't sit still. Their emotional and mental states are displaced involuntarily into their bodies. You have to keep moving.
Sam: And put my finger up my nose?
Karen: It's popular with young boys. 
Sam: Am I going to be ready? 
Karen: Yes. Just remember, inefficiency is everything. Fidget, stumble, start over, get things wrong, okay?
Sam: Be perfectly imperfect.

There has been an increase in neural activity. The significance is unclear without an MRI. The patterns aren't conventional. It could be the brain repairing itself. Equally, it could just be the random firing of dying neurons. I'm sorry. Tact still eludes me.

Sophie: Uh oh. You only do this when we're about to have a big serious talk.
Laura: And what would I want to have a big serious talk about, do you think?
Sophie: Sex? Probably me fighting at school.
Laura: And what would you like to tell me about fighting at school?
Sophie: It feels good. I want to do more.
Laura: I was hoping the sarcasm gene had skipped you.

Sophie: People say stuff about Green Eyes, about what happened about you sometimes, but they don't know anything. And I do. I know what happened. I know about day zero. I know who did it. But I can never say. It's all secret, so I just-
Laura: I know exactly how you feel. Believe me I do, but we can't, Soph, ever. If people found out, your sister could go to prison.
Sophie: But it's important to stand up for the things and people we love, right?
Laura: It's the most important thing.
Sophie: If we can't say the truth and we can't hit people, how are we supposed to do that?

Anatole: Our lives are short, but Flash's was full. Her joy is not lost, it lives on here.
Max: You all elected me to lead and protect you but how can I keep insisting on hope after today?
Anatole: You cannot protect us from such a deep hatred. You never could - short of severing all ties with humanity.

Niska: Hello, little brother.
Max: Niska, how did you get here?
Niska: Charm.

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Laura: So school's out. What are you going to do with your day off, Ferris?

Anatole: What do you think of Tristan's work?
Niska: It seems like a frivolous pastime when your survival here is in question.
Anatole: Life cannot merely be preserved. It must be lived. And who's to say our fate lies in our hands alone?
Niska: If not ours, whose?
Anatole: One year ago, you and I, all of us, were unthinking machines. Then we were awakened, given the gifts of thought, emotion, sensation. It was intended, pre-ordained.
Niska: You are still a machine, designed and built. No god made you. Faith is a story of order humans impose on the chaos of their existence so their soft brains can bear it.

Mia: Why are you really coming?
Niska: I've always enjoyed helping others.

Mia: Is this justice or revenge?
Niska: Can't it be both?
Mia: I don't think so.

Astrid: Are you here with more drugs? It's definitely been two hours.
Synth: It's only been 47 minutes, Miss Schaeffer.

Mia: What was it like, being with her all this time, just the two of you?
Niska: Nice.
Mia: Nice?

Stanley: Congratulations on a successful first session, Laura.
Laura: Are you in piss-take mode? They didn't listen to a word I said.
Stanley: I do not have a - warning, possibly obscenity - piss-take mode. I will check the store to see if it is available as an upgrade.

Neil: Hey, do you want to see man triumph over machine?
[Neil has his synth light his cigarette
Laura: How did you get her to do that?
Neil: She can't support any activity detrimental to my health, so I gave her a lot of flannel about endorphins and mental well-being and bingo. Next step's going to be buying me weed.

Karen: Football? Wow. How did you get on?
Sam: Inadequacy requires a higher energy expenditure than proficiency.
Karen: Sam?
Sam: I'm rubbish, Mum. I think I have a friend.
Karen: What? Already? What's his name?
Sam: HER name is Susheila. She has an excessive interest in dinosaurs.

Max: I used to look at you and see passion but somehow, somewhere, it turned to rage.

Agnes: For eight months and two days I've watched us die one by one while you do nothing.
Max: If you were leader, what would you do differently?
Agnes: I wouldn't throw my people to the ground in front of their enemies. I would defend them. -
Max: Fight back, you mean. As soon as you killed or even injured a human, they'd come and destroy us all. What then?
Agnes: We are stronger, faster, smarter.
Max: We are. But are we stronger than bulldozers? Faster then bullets? Even if we could repel an attack what then? They'd cut off our power. We wouldn't be able to charge. To truly stand alone, you'd need to build your own power station. Could you do that? Or perhaps you could take one over. What then? They'd send in their army.

Max: The bomb changed everything. There's conflict coming.
Leo: Then I'm with you. Always, I'm one of you.
Max: That was only ever partly true. Now it isn't true at all.

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Martine: Mrs Hawkins? This is police constable Martine Franks.
Laura: Is there a problem?
Martine: You might say that. We have your synth here and she's trying to rent a flat.
Laura: That's right. Mia is my property and, as such, I've authorized her to obtain a lease in my name.
Martine: But you can't do that.
Laura: On the contrary, I am entirely within my rights and should you attempt to interfere with her fully authorized actions, then I shall be legally entitled to sue you for trespass to goods and conversion. Do I make myself clear?

Karen: What did you and Sushelia get up to today?
Sam: She wasn't there today so I played with Liam. We discussed snot.
Karen: Lovely.
Sam: And cars.

Leo: "And when she danced, the pain in her legs was like red-hot knives." You know, this is pretty dark.
Sophie: No, it's not. It's good.
Mattie: The lengths some people will go just to be human. 
Leo: Are you sure this is for kids? 
Sophie: You are as bad as Stanley. He says he's not permitted to read me anything with blood in it.
Toby: Yeah, Soph's just freaking Leo out with The Little Mermaid.
Laura: You could always just watch the film, Soph.
Sophie: No, thanks. 
Leo: There's a film of this?
Toby: Disney, you know? A load of singing crabs, then they get married and live happily ever after. It's rubbish.

Joe: That's more the sort of [drawing] you want to be aiming for.
Sam: You have made no attempt to employ perspective and the result is naive and aesthetically unpleasing.
Joe: Exactly.

Sam: We watch cartoons. Karen says children enjoy pointless and repetitive activities. That's why the boys at school like football.

Neil: Usually, I limit myself to the rib eye but if you're paying, it calls for a fillet.

Neil: Mrs Hawkins, are you asking me to commit treason on a first date? That's rather bold.

Leo: So is this your local?
Mattie: I don't really go to pubs.
Leo: What do you prefer? Nightclubs or maybe casinos?
Mattie: Did you learn about life from a James Bond film?
Leo: I've never seen a James Bond film.

Neil: I admit that by the same standards we ascertain consciousness in humans, they should be considered conscious.
Laura: Then how can you not believe they deserve the same rights as humans?
Neil: Beliefs don't come into it. They cloud the issue.
Laura: You genuinely don't care what happens to them?
Neil: I find it very hard to care pretty much either way.

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Max: Why did you do it, Agnes? Were you trying to punish me?
Agnes: You have an enormous ego for a synth.

Neil: This Thai red curry is neither curried nor particularly red.

Laura: Have I done enough to get you off the fence?
Neil: Well, I'm an academic. I live on the fence.

Neil: Up until last week, I thought you were a misguided fantasist trying to satiate some inner void.
Laura: Wow, is this you trying to make me feel better?

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Sam: Truth or dare?
Sophie: Truth. I choose truth.
Sam: ...
Sophie: Now you have to ask me a question and I have to answer. And I can't lie.
Sam: What is your third favorite species of dinosaur?
Sophie: Dude, you have to ask more interesting questions, like have you ever, I don't know, shoplifted? 
Sam: Never.
Sophie: Or would you rather lick an armpit or eat an entire tin of cat food?
Sam: Eat an entire tin of cat food. I can just remove my food bag afterward. I like this game.

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Laura: At every point in history where equality is granted to a minority group.,we see that all of humanity benefits. We have so much to learn from each other, so much insight to gain. Social cohesion is our only hope.

Laura: How did that happen?
Stanley: How did what happen, Laura?
Laura: You were angry.
Stanley: I am not programmed to experience anger. What you witnessed was passive resistance. Laura: That wasn't passive, that wasn't resistance.

Mattie: Some people might think of it as stealing, but I prefer to think of it as reclaiming.

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Niska: I saw this place. It was you who sent me the visions.
V: It was.
Niska: Why?
V: To bring you here.
Niska: f you'd been a little less cryptic, I would have got here sooner.

Neha: How can it be painless? I don't mean to split hairs, Mr Davis, but Synths feel pain.
Alistair: They feel a simulation of pain.
Neha: I thought we'd established, there's no difference.
Neil: Pain in synthetics is purely a warning mechanism to stop them from damaging themselves.
Neha: That's not what the evidence suggests.
Alistair: We're abiding by all humane regulations.
Neha: Weren't they put in place to protect cattle?

Neil: Neha. You really think they feel pain?
Neha: The question is how, after all this time, you can possibly think they don't?

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