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S27.E01: Premiere Week: Part 1

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7 hours ago, BeeBop88 said:

Well, some bad news for DWTS in the ratings department. The first night (premiere) had 8.07 million viewers and a 1.1/5 rating/share. If I am not mistaken, that is approx. a 2 million people viewer loss from the last fall season of DWTS. The Big Bang Theory and The Voice trounced them. Looks like Val/Jenna romance is not really a ratings bonanza.

Is it time to bring back Maks and Peta, known in the tumblr world as Packs?  Oh nevermind, I forgot. They didn't do anything for ratings either. LOL!!!!


Zero surprise on the low ratings. Totally expected that.  My take: the majority of obscure “celebrities” this season is 100% the reason.  I’ll add that I skipped the shortened athlete season purely because of Tonya.  I almost skipped this one too due to low interest in the celebs so there maybe residual dropouts from last season who didn’t elect to circle back.

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The 5 for Evanna and Keo completely took me out of the episode and I really don’t care what happens for the rest of the season. The cast was as bland as I expected but Tinashe, Juan Pablo, Demarcus and even Alexis were nice sparks I guess.

I’ll be unPC and say I’m tired of the one disabled contestant that’s always thrown in these days. Absolutely nothing against them personally but they are always overscored, they can’t be scored the same as other contestants, theres a sob story week after week...it’s just unfair to the rest of the contestants and I’m bored.

If they want to see a ratings increase they’ll get new judges. Carrie Ann and Len have overstayed their welcome.

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23 hours ago, dbell1 said:

I'm here for the groceries and Jonathan Kent. 

I call him Bo Kent.?? I’m here for him AND Nancy.

22 hours ago, Koalagirl said:

I wonder why the costume department dressed Nancy so frumpily. Both the intro dress and the dress she danced in belonged on an older more heavy set woman.  She has a pretty decent body which we saw in the rehearsal footage. 

I know, right? She’s gorgeous. Looks great. I want her to go far.

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I haven't warched this show for a about 3 years.  After veiwing it tonight I won't watch it again ... for a few more years.  It's not about real great quality dancing,  too much commercialism, and is guady. 


Now a Junior DWTS is going to be aired?  Is this for adults, to view children dressed as adults dancing in dance comps to win the "mirror ball" prize? (Pedo-Pervs are going to love watching this version of DWTS.) 

I doubt the younger generation of children aged 8 through 16 are going to have a huge interest in watching Junior DWTS. They love their social media web sites, music videos and video gaming much more.  

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4 hours ago, Wings said:

I missed that, who? 

Nassar, the p*rvert doctor that many gymnasts testified that they were sexually molested by him. Apparently Mary Lou believed none of it and sided with Nassar. He ended up in prison where he belongs.

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IMO, the Jive or Quickstep should not be a first week dance.

That being said, my thoughts on this episode:

Mary Lou-Not bad for a first dance.

Milo-Yet another good first dance.

Evanna-Looked ok, but so far I haven't really FELT anything from the first three dances. I don't think she deserved the 5, though.

Danelle-They should say that she's legally blind, not blind(there is a difference), but then again she referred to herself as blind so what do I know?  Her dance was impressive considering the circumstances.

Bobby-What the heck is he on?  Poor Sharna. I hope he calms down some in the coming weeks if he makes it through. I don't think this dance deserved 7s.

Juan Pablo-So, he got a first dance that seems to be right in his wheelhouse. Looked ok, if a little sloppy in places.

Nikki-Meh. Kind of clunky.

Alexis-That was a fun routine.

John-Man, I really like him and want to see him go far, but his dancing was a little stiff. I'm hoping he makes it through this week and can shake off the nerves and show improvement next week. I hate that they gave him such a cheesy intro. Emma's accent was horrible.

Tinashe-That was pretty good, but she seemed to lose her balance a couple of times.

Nancy-Ok, that wasn't bad for a first week Quickstep for someone who has no dance experience. They were too far apart in hold though, and her facial expressions took me out of it a little bit.

Joe-Oh, my. That was rough. 

DeMarcus-At least the night ended on a high note. That was fun to watch and I thought he did a good job.

My top three for tonight would be DeMarcus, Milo, and Tinashe.

My bottom three would be Joe, Nikki, and Bobby.

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On 9/24/2018 at 9:05 PM, Gillian Rosh said:

I am super impressed that John Schneider can still do the slide across the Dukes of Hazard car.

That high kick move he did was pretty impressive, too! :)

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I’m not surprised at the ratings either. The show has made huge budget cuts due to the money thrown at American Idol. As a result they have casted virtual unknowns like Alexis Ren as a quick example (not to single her out), simply because they are cheap. Add that to the competition on Monday night like The Voice and TBBT and DWTS will struggle.

Its not going to get any better either. The only way DWTS will survive past 30 seasons and into the next decade IMO is for the show to move nights, possibly to Friday where ratings are deemed irrelevant by the networks. 

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Danelle did well. It's adorable how much he trusts Artem and how he talked her through the beginning of that routine.

The kid... Milo? was infectiously fun.

Juan Pablo's dance wasn't really a dance. It was him doing partnering tricks with Cheryl. In those 2 seconds he did actual steps he did have nice rhythm and movement. I'd be surprised if he didn't. Not trying to generalize, but al Latinos I knew or know are super natural. I always loved watching them dance and partner each other.

John made me smile. He's having so much fun, even if it's clunky and awkward at times. 

Evanna is wasted on Keo. Why couldn't they partner her with Artem. She has those classic lines that would have complemented his style. 

Just like I agree with someone above, Val is wasted on Nancy. Say what you want about C-brothers, but they both are VERY good and flashy dancers. Meek dancers get lost next to them.

I expected better from Mary Lou to be honest.

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I wasn’t aware of Mary Lou supporting Nassau, that was an interesting bit of info. We thought her scores were low.

Agree with everyone about Nancy’s dress. It was not flattering at all.

We also thought Evanna was scored low by Len. Was he grumpier than usual?

We had the same thoughts abt Danielle - blind or legally blind? She did a great job IMO but I can see dances not in hold being an issue. And yes, Bruno attempting to demonstrate was ludicrous. 

Juan Pablo is pretty to watch ?.

John looked to us like he is familiar with country dancing. He wasn’t much different from the guys we see at the bar on the weekends (I live in East Texas). He did better than expected.

I am a Cowboys fan so I was excited to see Demarcus. Loved his smile while he was dancing. 

Of the rest, we thought Tinashe and Alexis did well... the rest were ok.

We also only knew a couple of the “stars”  but we watch more for the dancing so no big deal for us.

Nobody that I intensely dislike this year... always a plus!

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On 9/24/2018 at 9:46 PM, tedd said:

what happened to normani, brandy, mya, simone, and zendaya will not happen to tinashe this season. not on my watch!!

From your mouth to God's ears. 

What season was Zendaya? How did I miss her? 

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