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The Greatest Dancer

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According to this interview with Matthew Morrison:


Speaking of TV, tell me about "The Greatest Dancer," the new show you're doing with Simon Cowell.

It's thrilling and so fresh. It's Simon's first talent show for the BBC. I'm a dance captain, along with Cheryl Tweedy and Oti Mabuse. The dancers walk into an audition room with mirrors before them. And there's an audience of 3,000 behind the mirrors, but the dancers don't know it. If 75% of the audience, which has controls, lights up for them, the dancers go on to the next round. I don't vote. I'm just there to give positive, constructive criticism and inspire them. It'll start airing in January in the U.K.

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Cheryl, Oti, and Matthew dance:


Some audition videos that the show posted:

Inspiring dancer Andrew leaves Cheryl in floods of tears

Oti reduced to tears by dancer Ellie's emotional performance

Frobacks' sizzling street dance opens the competition!

Frustrated dance captains beg audience to vote for ballet dancer

Superfan James dances for his hero Cheryl


Oti so excited by incredible child dancers KLA!

Dance double acts WOW the captains

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S1.E2: Auditions 2


Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo host a dancing contest, featuring performers from a variety of styles, including ballet, jazz, street, ballroom, contemporary and disco, competing for a £50,000 prize and the chance to showcase their skills on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. Cheryl, Matthew Morrison and Oti Mabuse are on hand to help the competitors make the best use of their talents - but which contestants get to go through the show's magic mirror and make it through to the next round is entirely in the hand of the studio audience.

Original air date: 1/12/19

Videos under the cut!


Cool Dynamic Dads are the real deal

Breathtaking Fionn stuns the dance captains with effortless moves

Mind-blowing Company Jinks get a standing ovation

Joyous girl dance group JSD Minis showcase passionate energy

Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca feels the music

Shantay, you stay! Globe Girls ready to take over the world


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S1.E3: Auditions 3


Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo host a dance talent show where dancers of any age and dance style compete to win £50,000 and a chance to perform on Strictly Come Dancing.

Original air date: 1/19/19

Videos under the cut!


Everybody stunned by dance school friends Harry and Eleiyah

Fresh and awesome Villains Crew create a dance masterpiece

Shocked face lols! 😂 Captains SHADE crowd fave Wei

Captains mesmerised by Dane Bates Collective's exceptional skills

Pocket-rocket Shyla WOWS with explosive moves

Inspiring 80-year-old Barbara enchants Matthew to dance a waltz

Cheryl's passions rise as fierce Unity UK smash it!

Cheryl and Oti jive in reaction to same-sex couple Santra and Piia


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S1.E4: Auditions 4 & Callbacks


It is time for the callbacks, where the dance captains must each choose three acts to take through to the live challenge shows.

Original air date: 1/26/19

Videos under the cut!


Inspiring AWA (aka Autism With Attitude) achieve their dreams

Only-child Matthew moved to tears by brotherly James and Oliver

Sexy street dancer Kieran Lai blows the captains away

The audience erupts for fiery Prospects Fraternity

Watch the final nine's auditions


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S1.E5: Live Challenge 1


After four weeks of tough auditions, the competition heats up as the final nine acts take to the stage for the live challenge shows.

Original air date: 2/2/19

Videos under the cut!


Dance captains and all the acts in spectacular opening dance

Phenomenal James and Oliver in staircase challenge

Frobacks on fire in classical challenge

Company Jinks smash it in chair challenge

Joyful Prospects Fraternity in colour challenge

Death drops and splits! Drag queens Globe Girls in sports challenge

Fierce Dane Bates Collective in doors challenge

Adorable KLA in carnival challenge

Ellie captivating in fairy tale challenge

World class Harry and Eleiyah in Doctor Who challenge

Watch all the acts from episode 5!


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S1.E6: Live Challenge 2


The competition continues as the remaining eight acts take to the stage for another of our live challenge shows.

Original air date: 2/9/19

VIdeos under the cut:


Dance Captains and Final 8

Will KLA’s Icy Dance Melt The Audience’s Hearts?

Dane Bates Collective Take On Hollywood

Prospects Fraternity Are A Class Act

James And Oliver’s Performance Was Revolutionary

Harry And Eleiyah Have Another Break Out Performance

Company Jinks Make Impressing the Audience Child’s Play

Ellie Composes Herself to Impress The Dance Captains

Cheryl’s Celebrity Friends Join The Frobacks' Performance

Watch all dances from episode 6

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Anyone stick it out to the end?  I came back after the live shows started and quite enjoyed it.

Oti was so sweet with her young mentees although a bit undiscriminating as a judge per se.

I liked Alesha and Jordan as hosts - I'd take them over Tess and Claudia on Strictly any day, but I imagine Alesha having judged Strictly would mean they would never use her for a 'lesser' role even if much better suited to her.

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S1.E7: Live Challenge 3


The dancers are set their last challenge which they must tackle with their Dance Captain to create an unforgettable performance. The power is in the hands of the viewers at home.

Original air date: 2/16/19

Videos under the cut:


Opening number

Harry & Eleiyah soar in circus challenge

Beautiful Dane Bates Collective shake it up in night & day challenge

Oti in floods tears over KLA

"Frotastic" Frobacks smash boxes challenge

Matthew on edge over James & Oliver

Fierce Ellie wows Matthew in chandeliers challenge

Fans go wild for Strictly professionals and TGD dance captains

Watch all the dances from the semi-final

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S1.E8: Live Final


The four finalists take to the stage one last time, competing to win £50,000 and a chance to dance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Original air date: 2/23/19

Opening number

The finalists each perform with their dance captains


KLA with Oti

Harry and Eleiyah with Cheryl

James and Oliver with Matthew

Ellie with Oti

The finalists reprise their original audition pieces



Harry and Eleiyah


Winner announced and all dances from the final


Winner announced

All dances from the final

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S2.E1: Auditions


The dance talent show kicks off with the auditions, where the audience holds the power. New dance captain Todrick Hall joins Cheryl, Matthew Morrison and Oti Mabuse.


The dance captains dish:

Curtis Pritchard is the new receptionist:

Meet Harrison:

Original air date: 1/4/20

Dances under the cut!


Lily & Joseph - contemporary

Tom - contemporary

Harrison - contemporary




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I hate criticizing little kids, but Lily and Joseph just don't have the maturity or gravitas for that routine. Dance wise, they were fine. The choreography looked like an average contemporary competition routine but performance wise, they couldn't pull off the emotional maturity.

Tom was okay. I know they brought him in for his CF story, but his technique was pretty lacking.

Harrison the clown was smart. He has good technique but contemporary dancers are a dime a dozen. He came up with a gimmick to make himself memorable and it worked. Everyone is going to remember the creepy clown guy.

On a shallow note, I hate Matthew Morrison's pornstache. I don't know when they filmed the auditions, but I was surprised to see Todrick after all the different allegations from a few months ago (not paying his dancers, sexual harassment, etc).

I haaaaaaaaaate how the cameras keep cutting to the judges and the audience for reactions during the auditions. I don't care what anyone has to say during the actual audition. I want to see the dancer, you know, DANCE.

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Tonight’s auditions feature a troupe of contemporary performers dancing in blindfolds, Irish dancing with a twist, and a latin and ballroom real-life couple who leave Oti speechless.

Original air date: 1/11/20

Cheryl teaches iconic Promise This choreo

Meet Ross & Travis:

Meet Ainsley:

Meet Michael & Jowita:

Dances under the cut:


Michael & Jowita - Latin

Ainsley - contemporary

Jake - Irish step dancing

Vale - contemporary



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The skill level definitely increased between the first and second episodes. I liked the ballroom couple, partly because they were good and partly because we need more variety in the auditions/finalists (I do not need to see 47 million contemporary dancers as the finalists).

I'm not an expert at Irish step dancing so I don't know enough to really critique Jake. Like the clown guy, he made a smart choice - he did something to make himself memorable. As soon as the music changed, the mirrors opened so that gimmick is what got him to the next round.

I wasn't that impressed with Vale. I've taken dance classes before where everyone is blindfolded. You can still see shapes so you can tell where everyone else is and weirdly, even if you close your eyes, you can often feel how close people are to you even when you aren't close enough to touch. The choreography was okay. Typical contemporary flailing combined with some technique.

Ainsley is the best contemporary dancer we've seen so far this season - very clean, lots of control. If I had to pick one contemporary act to go through of the five we've seen in two episodes, I'd go with Ainsley.

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This week's auditions feature acts showing off all styles of dance, from ballet to Afrobeats, street to ballroom and contemporary to tap, as they give the performances of their lives in the hope of opening the mirror. Expect dramatic auditions, outstanding talent and jaw-dropping surprises.

Dances under the cut:


The Queens - jazz

Hannah - rhythmic gymnast

Brothers of Dance - contemporary


Original air date: 1/18/20

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Finally, a jazz routine! I didn't think the Queens needed the granny twist near the end but I guess that was the last ditch effort to get votes just in case.

I liked Hannah's rhythmic gymnastics routine because I really like having a break from all the contemporary routines. I used to watch rhythmic gymnastics competitions on tv when I was a kid because I loved how graceful and flexible the girls are.

Brothers of Dance - another contemporary routine. I do not understand this audience. They start screaming and cheering for what looks like nothing to me. Several times during this routine, it happened and I thought I'd missed something so I had to rewind and it turned out I hadn't missed anything. These people are just cheering for no reason. I mean, I'm all for a supportive audience but damn.

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