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S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

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It was too much to expect, looks like.  She probably writes "Reality TV Star" on their tax return.

Well, if they have kids, hopefully Lauren's extra education will help her with homeschooling them (assuming they are going to do that.)  It's a shame the Duggars so limited their kids.

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2 hours ago, xwordfanatik said:

Christina, my sister was a SAHM until her eventual divorce.  Then she worked for DSHS for quite a few years as a caseworker and eventually a supervisor there.  Sadly, she died of cancer several years ago.  She would have been 70 this year.  I had hoped we'd become closer as retired old ladies, but it wasn't to be.  I miss her.

I wish you the best.  Hopefully your degree will be useful in a different job.  As it turned out, my undergrad degree wasn't really applicable in my eventual job, from which I retired years ago.  I'm still happy that I had the college experience that I did.  

BTT, will Lauren ever be allowed to work?  I wonder if her mother did, like Dillweed's mother.  At least she (Lauren) attended college, unlike Si.  She probably lords it over him! I just find her annoying.  I also think that the dress selection was prearranged.  Tonight must be the wedding episode.

That is so interesting!!! Sounds like your sister was able to transfer her skills into another career, and I'm sure she was great at it! It's scary, but I am a Christian (Methodist, so not crazy like these loons lol!) and am just trying to keep my trust in God, that he has a plan. It is super scary though! In a way, I'm ALMOST glad I got pushed out, though, because it forced me out of my comfort zone. I loved the day-to-day life on the job for the most part, though the bad parts got more frustrating each year. So many teachers stay for these reasons, but become very negative people. I would never want to be like that!

@BitterApple I don't think the Duggars attract many career oriented people! ???

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