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Perry Mason

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The commercials for Perry Mason on MeTV are very clever.  There's one that features a bunch of Hamilton Burger clips, one of 50s era Perry's style, and best of all the Perry/Della are they or aren't they romantic moments.   

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7.15 "The Case of the Capering Camera" just aired on MeTV.
Looking up the actors I discovered one of them died before it aired in circumstances that sound like a Perry Mason plot, except it seems it was never resolved:

From Wikipedia about Karyn (Cookie) Kupcinet:


Kupcinet's last onscreen appearance was on Perry Mason in the role of Penny Ames, in an episode entitled "The Case of the Capering Camera". The episode aired on CBS on January 16, 1964, nearly two months after her death.[citation needed]

 See more details: wikipedia.org/wiki/Karyn_Kupcinet#Death


About the episode: 
It was about blackmailing models who had done "calendar art" photoshoots to make extra money.
During the trial, the wife of a prominent politician who was also blackmailed years earlier said she told the wannabe blackmailer to go ahead and publish the pictures, that she was proud of her body. 
One of the better lines spoken by a woman in the series who was not Della Street.

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Going through Season 1 Volume 1 DVD and am halfway through "The Case of The Moth Eaten Mink" and I haven't looked it up but this must be the pilot episode but they aired it later in the season. Am I right? It just seemed suddenly different from the previous episodes.

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On 5/9/2023 at 5:28 PM, Egg McMuffin said:

Yep, it’s the pilot. Check out some more details about the pilot here:


Thanks! Besides Perry's shorter hair, and the more noir-ish style, another tip off for me as the show went on was it didn't have variations of the title theme constantly playing throughout! It probably wasn't written yet when they made the pilot. One thing I noticed watching the episodes in season 1 is they really worked the theme more often than later seasons. 

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Season 1 watch continuing:

Case of the Lonely Heiress:

The murder victim is played by L.Q. Jones who I've only seen before as an old man in Casino and Mask of Zorro. It's crazy seeing him so young.

Case of the One Eyed Witness:

Angie Dickinson! 

Scooby Doo ending!

Case of the Deadly Double:

First episode that doesn't have "Earl Stanley Gardner's.." before the title. Instead it says "Based on characters by Earl Stanley Gardner" So I guess this wasn't based on one of the books. 

The Three Faces Of Eve came out a year earlier in 1957. The writers must have seen it and gotten ideas for this one.

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Earlier in season 1, I spotted two of James Mason's henchmen from North By Northwest each in back to back episodes, "The Case of the Vagabond Vixen" and "The Case of the Runaway Corpse":




Just watched "The Case of the Screaming Woman"  and it has both the real Lester Townsend and the woman pretending to be his wife!





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Watching "The Case of the Prodigal Parent" and thought one of the actresses in it looked familiar and then I saw in the credits that it was Fay Wray! Ann Darrow from the original King Kong herself. This might be one of my favorite episodes of season 1 despite it not being based on one of the books. I love when a mystery has a big soap opera element.

Also want to talk about how the previous episodes had 1960s TV Commissioner Gordon AND his daughter Barbara aka Batgirl playing a stepfather and stepdaughter!

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