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Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

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3 hours ago, Clanstarling said:

Thank you @saber5055 for putting the list up each week - I'd never remember my score if you didn't.

Thank you back, @Clanstarling. I'm always hoping new players will join, or some of the ones who have dropped out (10!) will play catch up and get back in the contest. Any tardy players who want back in, let me know and I will tell you at which week to start.

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Week 14: 1/5

Season to date 38/70, 4*

26 minutes ago, DXD526 said:

Yikes, looks like everyone did well this week, but a bad week here, 1/5. Toys 'R' Us was an instaget, so good thing it came along on Friday to avoid the shutout!

I had a bad week also; the one I got was the author.  I was close, but no cigar, on a couple of them.

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3/5 for this week! 

I'm going to have to take a break from the contest for the next couple of weeks, since I'm going to Antarctica!  Damn you, Alex Trebek for introducing me to Lindblad Expeditions....  I'll see y'all again in January!

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Week 1/5

Season 35/75

38 minutes ago, Browncoat said:


I'm going to have to take a break from the contest for the next couple of weeks, since I'm going to Antarctica!  Damn you, Alex Trebek for introducing me to Lindblad Expeditions....  I'll see y'all again in January!

You’ll still get more correct then me

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@Browncoat: Christmas in Antarctica ... sounds like a deal to me. Oh, wait, I'm not invited? Boo hiss! I'd love to go, but the only way I could is if I win the Fantasy Jeopardy contest. Yeah, that's the ticket ...

Play catch up on FJ questions here when you come back. You must stay in the contest! Safe travels. Post a pic for us when you get back.

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WEEK 15 — ONE asterisk
71. Norse Mythology. After turning himself into a mare, he gave birth to an 8-legged horse that was later the prized steed of Odin.
72. U.S. Landmarks. The 1st segment of this was dedicated on July 4, 1930; the next, Aug. 30, 1936; section 3, on Sept. 17, 1937 & the last, on July 2, 1939.

73. Poets’ Birthplaces. 5 Cwmdonkin Drive was the address of the family home where he was born in 1914.
* 74. The Works of Mozart. Composed in 1791, the year he died, & last in the Kochel catalog of all his works, K. 626 is this work. *
75. Geography & The Movies. Named the first U.S. National Monument in 1906, it was featured prominently in a blockbuster movie 71 years later.

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3/5, no asterisk. I saw Close Encounters recently, but didn't realize (or at least didn't internalize) that it was at a landmark of some kind. But it seems obvious now that I know.

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2 hours ago, Clanstarling said:

Not the best week for me, but we're going for average eventually (end of season?)

Not to worry. I have prizes for high/low scores, most/fewest asterisks, then two potluck drawings for participation. Every player has a number on my score sheet; numbers will be drawn for participation prize winners after category winner numbers are removed. "You win a prize, YOU win a prize, you win a prize!" -TM Oprah

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Week 15: 1 for 5.


Maybe I'll get my Christmas miracle next week.

7 hours ago, j5cochran said:

I had been to Devil's Tower many years before the movie came out, and remember looking at the mashed potatoes, thinking "that looks so familiar!"

I love that scene.

Alas, I could only come up with the movie, not the monument.

Browncoat, have a wonderful trip.

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2 hours ago, helpmerhonda said:

My downward trend continues.

Not to worry. You are still in contention for a prize. Plus, as "they" say, "There is always next year!"

Early Merry Christmas wishes to all Final J Contest players and lurkers, and additional wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Season to those who forego Christmas. To quote Tiny Tim, "God bless you everyone!"

Edited by saber5055
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On 12/26/2018 at 7:32 AM, Good Queen Jane said:

4/5 with a *. A Christmas miracle!

@Good Queen Jane, I put this score for your last week's total (Week 15) as I didn't have that, plus there was one asterisk last week, none this week. Now I need this week's total!

Edited by saber5055
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WEEK 16 — NO asterisks
76. British Names. The last name of this 17th century baronet who held many offices is synonymous with the government & especially the Prime Minister’s residence.
77. The Supreme Court. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes once referred to this 1857 decision as the court’s first self-inflicted wound.
78. Historical Geography. Most of the land fighting in the First Punic War between Rome & Carthage was on this island.
79. Coastlines. At 3,700 miles, the longest ocean trench is named for these 2 nations that share most of South America’s Pacific coast.
80. Authors. The first novelist on Forbes’ list of billionaires, this author fell off in 2012 after giving an estimated $160 million to charity.

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