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S02E06: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

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Misty and Colleen kicking ass, taking names, and talking about their futures (oh, and the importance of healthy eating!)  Now, there's a spin-off I would love to see!

Ah, the old "We got the bad guy down, but my leg is broken and my ally has now jumped back to one of her other personalities and can't remember anything" situation.  A classic one!

Will Ward and Joy ever be able to to mend those fences?

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So I guess Davos was Double Fisting it? 

Colleen and Misty were great; enjoyed the Ward and Joy scenes. I teared up when Ward talked about the physical abuse he suffered at Harold's hands. I'd actually forgotten about those punching bag scenes from S1.

(Side note: I miss David Wenham's Meachum. He was such a great baddie from S1. I mean, I don't want them to resurrect him again, but still.)

I figured that Typhoid's DID was going to come at a critical moment when they needed to rely on her badass side. I hate that it means what I kind of feared- that her character was really just a plot device all along. She's virtually unrecognizable from her comic version, except for the DID which they obviously just wanted so that they could have a last minute reversal of fortune.

It did make me realize just what it was that bugged me about their treatment of Mary, though. She should be a force of nature. The calm before the storm (mild-mannered Mary) and the hurricane that follows (Typhoid). She is worthy of being the big bad all on her own, and not just a plot device to move the story forward. Typhoid Mary- as envisioned by Ann Nocenti- was a force of Chaos. She brought pain and disruption and misery (and heartache) by her very presence, in both her personas. She was the archetypal Angel in the Streets/Devil in the Sheets. She was the answer to the Maddona/Whore ideal of men by literally being both embodied in one- the supposed fantasy of men brought to life as punishment for that outdated, misogynistic fantasy. All of which is why she was the perfect villain for Matt Murdock, who through the course of his career was kind of a carefree womanizer- particularly under the pen of some more chauvinistic male writers.

All of which goes back to why she's not a particularly good IF villain. Danny Rand has been one of the most faithful, monogamistic characters in comics; his romance with Misty Knight going back practically to both characters' first appearances (and only recently- sadly- being broken up). Her character here in S2 really misses the point- and the power- of Typhoid's character, and is directed in a misguided direction to boot (as Danny has shown absolutely no inclination nor temptation to be anything but faithful to Colleen). 

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Danny actually figuring out that Mary had a different agenda than him. Way to go son, that's something he wouldn't have done last season. I do think the show is putting out some feelers with having Misty and Colleen together so much. The Ward and Joy stuff was good, Ward kinda does break my heart. Come on Joy, that guy truly does love you. Davos continues to bore me. Was this the episode with some of his backstory or was it ep. 5. I don't know, I kind of zone out when he's on.

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I love all the scenes with Colleen and Misty. And how they (well Colleen) kicked ass! I also liked that Danny figured out that Walker had her own plan in mind. It sucks that she changed back right when he needed her to grab Davos. They will have to find another way to take him out. I agree with those that are kind of bored with him. He is basically doing what the punisher was doing, except Frank had a much better reason.  That being said so far this season is much better than season 1.

I also liked that Ward and Joy finally had a conversation, as that story has been dragging out for way to long.

On 9/12/2018 at 11:00 PM, mxc90 said:

In one scene: Colleen and Misty are driving in a rain/snow mix. In the next scene: Davos and the other guy are cruising for kills in clear weather. I know the city is huge but c'mon!

Where I live it does that. It could be snowing and you drive like 5 minutes and is sunny.

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Oh, of all the times for Mary to show up again! I do appreciate Danny actually realizing that Walker had her own plan, but then, of course, unforeseen circumstances messed everything up. It wasn't an awful plan, but things can go bad when both multiple personalities that are radically different AND superpowers can get involved. 

Colleen and Misty kicking ass together and hanging out is still a great time, especially towards the end where Misty was teasing Colleen about getting a tattoo of Danny's name with a heart around it! They're just super great together. I also liked seeing Ward and Joy have a real conversation at last. I get why Joy is upset, and she should call Ward out on how selfish he has been, but, currently, Ward really is trying to be a better person, and Joy just teamed up with a guy who cut the skin off of her childhood best friend. Maybe call it even? 

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Colleen kicks ass again, she has been the highlight of the season for me so far.  Misty and Colleen together are great, they should just be their own buddy cop show.  I don't know how Danny can fight again this season with a broken leg now on top of all his other injuries.  This guy needs more than to heal up, he's going to need months of physical therapy.  I continue to hate Joy.  Actually I hate the writers because I really liked Joy last season.  But they have made her so bitter and petulant that you can't empathize with her at all.  And why does no one call out to her face that her dad killed Danny's parents and almost killed him?  So between her and her dad, Danny has lost his family and the iron fist, but SHE's the one who feels wronged? You can't feel for her or hope she can mend fences with Ward when you don't see any justification for her anger.  She's just a rich spoiled brat with daddy issues.  Misty calling her a POS was okay, but I really want Colleen to rip her face off since she is closer and more affected by the crap that Joy did.  Davos continues to be the most boring villain of all these Marvel shows so far.  Coming off of Luke Cage with Mariah and the Bushmaster, and past villains like Kilgrave and Wilson Fisk, Davos is a snore.

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