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S14.Special Battle Scars (and it's a Bait!)

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While Disco is calling Storm Surge the season finale, this is now in the listings (at least on Comcast): generally:

With scars still fresh from a harrowing season on the Bering Sea and battered by a super-moon storm, the captains reveal the most critical decisions they've made and how those choices and actions made them the captains they are today.

Since everyone had ended their season by the end of the previous episode, I'm not sure what's being hauled.  It sounds more like a Bait episode, but being weird about what is what is a Disco tradition.

ETA: and Disco is numbering it as a Bait episode, so ... wooo?  Link is here.

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Oooooo kay.  

Can the series be over now?

Bill has mellowed.  Keith has mellowed.  Jake seems to have calmed down.  

And, oh, yeah.  That whole Monte's fired for disrespecting Freddie?  It was Casey & Monte on the Wizard at three a.m., but Keith was on the boat too and did his raid o' revenge a mere eight hours later.  So, Monte was fired and sent to the lower 48?  Don't think so.

Please, can the series be over now?

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Don't know about series being over, but I am over Keith. 

I used to give him the benefit of the doubt.  That he was just an emotional dude who got angry a lot of the time due to being under a lot of stress.  But now I think the guy is just a borderline psycho.  I mean, just because mean ol' Casey says some mean things about him, his solution is to have his crew go over to the CM and have psycho Freddie swing an axe at the galley table?  That's what he feels is an appropriate response? 

Assuming that wasn't some Discovery fakery going on again (always a bigtime assumption), I would have Keith and Freddie arrested for trespassing and criminal damage to property.  Either way, I wouldn't mind at all of Keith wasn't featured next season.

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Casey broke the Wizard's galley table after losing about four hundred rounds of arm wrestling while drunk.  He basically up-ended it, but since that's the sort of thing you batten down because boats do a lot of swaying, it was not the same as flipping a card table.

Keith gave Freddie a fire ax, and they proceeded to the Cornelia Marie where Freddie tried to chop up the CM's galley table.  Tried, because on the first swing the fire ax handle broke.  Apparently the CM's galley table is mounted on a steel plate.  It was Keith's idea, Freddie appeared to be stone cold sober and still agreed to do it, and please can the show be over?

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I couldn't believe that shit from Keith and Freddie.  Seriously!?  We know that most of them have a few screws loose but that was truly a WTF moment.  Casey was trashing Keith and the Wizard to Monte but Monte took up for Keith and the boat.  I think Wild Bill is the only one that has truly mellowed.  If Keith has mellowed, then no wonder he couldn't keep a crew.  

It looks like Jake fully understands his ambitions but really doesn't know how to control it.

Hoping that Wild Bill and Zack can have some kind of relationship.  Wild Bill looked really hurt and upset when talking about what all he gave up, mostly family, to be a captain.

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Keith, if nothing about your filmed behavior over the years has prompted you to seek help, consider that this footage is just the sort of thing that will be presented as evidence should anybody ever be injured or killed as a result of your behavior.  

I actually thought Casey was way out of line talking about Keith to Keith's brother on Keith's boat. But he was plastered (still was 9 hrs later). You were stone sober and so was Freddie. Had Freddie been drunk God knows what might have happened. As it was, half asleep, still drunk Casey jumped right into that, which kind of surprised and impressed me. Close quarters, Freddie with an axe?

I still find it weird that Sig dogs Jake for leaving the NW. Sig was clear that he wasn't going anywhere and even Edgar wasn't going to get more wheel time. As much as he's the kid to us, Jake was already in his 30s. If you were planning on working him into captaining the NW you should have made a solid plan, not made him think he might be a deck hand until he was 50. You toyed with him until he had to make his own plans. And given the Mandy/husband arc now, he might have put in 5 more years and gotten screwed over like other guys we've seen on various ships who were promised a role in the wheelhouse long term only to have it snatched away.

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On 9/4/2018 at 10:46 PM, kassygreene said:

Keith has mellowed. 


Except for the whole fire ax thing.   Keith could use some therapy, if not medication.   Freddie years ago was once of my favorites.  He's certifiable.

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I agree, Casey shouldn't have been talking shit about Keith, but, they were drunk and it was a conversation Monte was ok with up to a point.  It was pretty clear that the arm wrestling thing that broke the table was an accident and if Keith had just shown up and said you broke my boat asshole, you need to replace my table! I'm pretty sure Casey would have been like, yeah, my bad, here's the money.  Problem solved.  Showing up with a psychotic Freddie and a fire axe is NOT an ok way to handle it.

I really don't know what Jake Anderson ever expected with the Northwestern, though.  I don't think he really got screwed, to me it seems like Jake had created a whole narrative where he was going to be the heir to the boat in his own mind.  He came into a situation where it was a family run boat, there are 3 brothers, at least one of whom (Edgar, I think) has a son, and Sig has a daughter who expressed an interest in fishing.  It has always been a family operation.  They certainly were willing to help him learn as much as possible, but there also always seemed to be a disconnect where Jake was somehow expecting that Sig was going to give him time in the wheelhouse (when he doesn't even give it to Edgar!), and that they weren't handing over the boat to him when he'd gone to captain school.  I was always kind of puzzled by that, since I could see them maybe using him as a skipper for salmon tendering or something, but the odds of him getting the keys to the NW were always pretty much non-existent.  

I am also puzzled by his current attitude where he seems split on his ambition vs being home.  I get that fishing isn't an easy thing to do, that you are away from your family a lot and that it is hard.  But, what exactly is he qualified to do otherwise?  I see this with people in other jobs, too, they have no skills or training to do anything, so they basically are in a position where they trade their time/labor for a higher wage (as opposed to a dr or a lawyer, who would make more money by having more training- I realize this isn't a foolproof example, but please bear with me).  Then they get upset about the time demands of their jobs, and they decide they want to be home more, which is fine, but there's never really a plan for it.  It's not like Jake is saying, well, I'm going to go to school and learn to be a plumber and then I'll open a business.  He's just like, I don't want to be away from my family, so I'm not going to fish.  Well, ok, then how are you going to provide for your family?  Isn't that pretty much the lesson from Sig?  This job isn't easy, it has things that suck about it, but it will let you provide really well for your family?

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