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Name a New Topic: Suggestions for JD and Abbie

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Once again we find ourselves brainstorming for a new topic title. Please remember in your suggestions that this title will carry through marriage and children. (So, no, there will not be new titles should any of the couples have more children.) It should be all encompassing. We'll go through on Monday and pick out some and put up a poll. Our choices are not scientific or logical but what we think would work best. 

And with that done, have at it. 

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JD & Abbie: High-Flying Adored

JD & Abbie: God’s Been Demoted to Flight Engineer

JD & Abbie: Bachelor, Enraptured 


ETA: JD & Abbie: They Have Actual Career Opportunities 

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JD & Abbie: Enraptured Bachelor and the Captured Nurse

JD & Abbie: He'll Fly Her to the Moon & Carry Her Luggage Too

JD & Abbie: One Way Tickets

JD & Abbie: The Flying Fundies

Abbie & JD: Pains, Planes and Baby Mobiles

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JD and Abbie: Enrapture the Former Bachelor

I think that the title needs to include "rapture" in some form because it not only refers to the second coming of Christ in evangelical circles, but the secular definition of rapture is also: "a feeling of intense pleasure of joy," which makes JD's "Bachelor 'till the Rapture" statement have a double meaning.

Enrapture = give pleasure and joy to

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