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S08.E06: Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter

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When the face cream client showed up, I thought for a moment we were going to have a legal story. On a legal show. But alas, no. Harvey yelled at a 16 year old girl and stormed out of a meeting, and then a spat between Louis and Harvey over who "gets" the case. I didn't care who got it, I just wanted to see how it turned out.  Instead I got to see Harvey and Louis in therapy. This show is so lost.

I could not follow and did not care about the ladies' plot with the girls charity. Where did 5 million dollars magically come from? Who gets to yank it away like a candy bar?  The charity could have a case for breach of contract under the theory of promissory estoppel if they were relying on that money for a purpose.  How does .3% prove anything? Mean CEO folded like a tent in less than 30 seconds. Stupid. 

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Harvey and Louis have both been in therapy before, and they both have their issues as partners, so I didn't have an issue with them going to therapy together. I didn't like Louis wondering aloud if he could be the "boy" in the relationship because it's an obnoxious, sexist/heterosexist thing to think. For me, this was one of the first episodes this season where Harvey was tolerable. Maybe I just have sympathy for someone who's 40something and has such deep abandonment issues despite all his wealth and power, or I accept that part of the reason he's been so off-kilter of late is his abandonment issues and Mike/Rachel leaving.

In terms of the charity plot, the way I understood it was that Donna wanted to help out her besties' charity and tried to recruit Alex, who said he was too busy. But he secured a $5 million donation from one of his clients and suggested to Samantha that she help Donna out. Somehow the average overhead for a charity being 5 percent, and this charity's being 5.3 percent got Samantha's spidey-senses tingling. Donna wanted to talk to her bestie about if there was something amiss with the charity, and got a promise from Samantha to not do anything. Which Samantha promptly broke without telling Donna by getting Alex to get his client to withdraw the $5 million charitable contribution based on...nothing? Which led to the charity firing Donna's bestie before Donna could even talk with her. Which led to yet another "You did something untrustworthy again, so I can't trust you" conversation. In the end, Samantha and Donna randomly seem to guess that the charity is overpaying for stuff and getting kickbacks, and confront the CEO with their complete speculation, which is enough to get him to fold immediately.

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8 hours ago, bros402 said:

A lot of big charities like The American Red Cross spend more on fundraising then 5% - red cross spends 6.3%. The American Cancer Society spends an astonishing 35.6% on fundraising - only 58.4% goes to program expenses!

ome smaller groups like charity: water spend 8.3% on fundraising

Exactly.  There's no "5% Rule".  Which is why the spidey-sense tingling over .3% made no sense. I think the writers thought they were demonstrating just what an intuitive, astute bad-ass Samantha is. Instead I spent the whole plot going "wha...?"

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On 8/25/2018 at 1:42 PM, love2lovebadtv said:

Are we going to talk about Katrina? I have always liked her as a character. I'm glad she's a regular now. 

I hope they give her more stuff to do this season than long to become the youngest senior partner ever, suffer from migraines and do a will-they-or-won't-they dance with Brian. Because pretty much none of that is particularly interesting to me.

I thought the "oh I'm wiping food off your face" is-this-flirting thing was pretty cliche, and Donna acting as though she caught the two of them humping in the conference room was ridiculous. 

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I liked this episode because it was about friendship:  Louis and Harvey recognizing that they have one, Sam and Donna getting to one (and Donna's friendship with her charity friend) and Katrina keeping the bounds of friendship with Brian.  I especially liked Brian's smile as he caught her lie that she has other friends.

The 5% stuff was stupid, like 0.3% is going to make that much difference but I excuse it because of where it ended up.

I even liked the therapy sessions which has to be a first for me with a TV show.

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I enjoyed this episode too. Overall, I prefer this episode to the ones we had earlier (and perhaps all of the last couple of seasons): they've brought some of the humor back and toned down some of the "I'm a type A lawyer!" barking.

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