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Catelynn (and Tyler)

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1 hour ago, Tatum said:

Wow, when Amber is the best dressed one in the group...

Agree, although I’m trying to figure out if she is wearing support hose....her legs look shiny.

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28 minutes ago, heatherchandler said:

Uuugh why is Amber wearing nude nylons???

Where did she even find those?  

Why is Catelynn sticking her chest out so much?  Her girls are big enough without purposely emphasizing them.

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7 hours ago, ghoulina said:

Every single one of those outfits is problematic. I guess money can't buy good taste. 

I guess they don’t shop at Amber’s boutique.

Oh, wait! 😂

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9 hours ago, Marisagf said:

I just realized that Maci is wearing leather overalls.  SMH

I cannot fathom the heat that leather overalls create.  Not to mention....how do you sit down???

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On 5/22/2019 at 10:06 AM, ginger90 said:


"Lady`s"  ugh. 

I also can't believe this sh!tshow has been on for ten years. And not a one has done anything worth noting with their lives. Why us this show still on???

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