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S05.E10: Cold War

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On 8/16/2018 at 10:49 PM, dbell1 said:

Sam winning made this season for me. Quality man who took his original season and improved on it. I admit to a tear when his wife walked up. So much more satisfying than last season's bickering brothers. His asking "who has food" was pretty funny, in a "hey, I'm starving, toss a granola bar at me, at least" way.

Britt was my other favorite, after we lost Carleigh so early. Another awesome man who just learned from the past and applied it.

Dear producers: I don't want another redemption season, and I don't want another couples season. 

haha. funny. quality man, did nothing but live off of his body fat, stayed 4 days longer, in better conditions, not as much rain, wind, etc. big deal. 60 days. they were GONE before it hit below 20F and within 2 weeks of it first dropping below freezing temps. Bunch of wimps

On 8/18/2018 at 2:52 AM, Yeah No said:

I know, Sam's parting insights truly touched and impressed me with their wisdom and maturity.  Being alone for so long forces a person to think about what's really important in life, and what they can do to be better people, because all the distractions of modern life are taken away.  I loved how both he and Larry reframed their experience this time and came away with a positive feeling about it.  For me, that redeems this season from any of its failings.  This kind of experience can help a person grow both emotionally and spiritually in ways that will serve them all through their lives.  It's one reason Christian mystics and other spiritual types traditionally go alone out in nature to get closer to God and re-center themselves.  That's the thing I love about this show more than anything else.

this is hilarious. Millions of men have been locked in solitary confinement for MUCH longer, and believe me, it's MUCH harder on you than being in the bush with lots of stuff, making $5000 per day! In WW2, tens of millions of men did not see their families for 4+ years, dude. 2 months is NOTHiNG.

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On 8/18/2018 at 11:43 AM, ChitChat said:

This kind of ending is to be expected when you have a season in which nobody can get any food.  It becomes a game of being able to keep your mental faculties about you and trying not to freeze!  What else could they do in this particular situation?  They all go into this with the dream of getting a deer or some other large animal, but we never see it pan out. I give them credit for the shelters they built and what they did accomplish.  They're much tougher than I would be given those cold temperatures!

they CAN get food, if they take the right stuff, know anything and aint lazy. they've all had large bodies of water that will provide them with LOTS of fish, with a few days spent making netting out of the 2 person rope hammock and a day spent making a pontoon outrigger raft.

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