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S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

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Unpopular Opinion:  I friggin HATE Wells!  GAH!  I didn't like him on the Bachelorette, I didn't like him last season on BIP, and good lawd I don't like him now!  (or his stupid side kick the asian chick)  I'm not sure how everyone here feels about him but on any other site I visit they love him for some reason.  They think he's funny and cute but I just find him annoying AF!  Little twerp.  I miss Jorge =(

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On 8/13/2018 at 9:30 PM, Ohwell said:

I'm not at all convinced that Wills is even interested in women.  I think he just wanted the tv exposure.

Why? Because he’s good-looking and fashionable and didn’t throw himself at the harpies on this show?  Please.  Miss me with that shit.  It’s 2018.

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On 8/13/2018 at 9:15 PM, leighdear said:

Good for Jordan.  He wants Colton off his lawn too.  

And Colton was let go by Becca on April 25th.  Months to reconnect with Tia.  Seriously. 

I don’t know where you got the April 25th date, but that sounds about right given the time frame...however, BIP started filming the first week of June, so it’s really more like a month and a half between when he was let go and the filming of this dumpster fire.  Maybe you rounded up, but just wasn’t sure if you were taking that into consideration when you said “months”.  If he truly was that in love with Becca, I could see why he wasn’t that ready.  He didn’t get in touch with Tia, bc let’s face it, he’s just not that into her.  I’m not sure I trust either of them at this point, but I’m over her manipulation and ultimatums.  If she came to BIP just to pursue him,  I feel like she is on the wrong.  Reach out to him directly before the show in that case.   If she was open to other connections (as she should be coming into BIP), she should allow him to be also.  They had ONE date..he owes her nothing.

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7 hours ago, Token said:

I've seen this excuse before and I don't buy it.  They got together in August 2016 and broke up in June 2017.  That's less than a year together; not exactly long-term.  He was a hot young guy for a long time before and after that.  

and Hot young guys CAN choose not to have sex outside of a serious relationship.   

I know a lot of men and women who COULD have sex but choose to wait until the right relationship happens.  They're not lying about their sexual orientation, they're just making a choice that's right for them.  

I don't understand the thought that if someone is good looking, but not sexually active, they're lying about being attracted to the opposite sex.  And by the way, I also know some young people who are gay who choose to wait for sex until they are in the right relationship.  everyone is different.   the idea that gay men pretend they're straight, and go on dating shows to date women makes absolutely no sense to me. 

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13 hours ago, Dirtybubble said:

Unpopular Opinion:  I friggin HATE Wells!  GAH!  I didn't like him on the Bachelorette, I didn't like him last season on BIP, and good lawd I don't like him now!  

I'll join you. I was neutral on him (I think) until last year's BIP, when he brought out the puppets and joined in the juvenile snarking on Christen's so-called scallop fingers. 

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15 hours ago, backformore said:

I disagree.  Colton was in a long-term relationship with Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman.  Maybe SHE wanted to remain a virgin, and he respected that.  


You can't really tell what someone's sexual orientation is, it's best to just believe them about it.

Yes but that's not what he said . He said HE wanted to be a virgin . Plenty of gay people have been in relationships with people of the opposite sex . It definitely would not be the first time . 

Whether he's gay or not , something about the way he acts doesn't add up . He says one thing but his eyes say another . And his reasoning for being a virgin doesn't make sense . He said because he was a football player so it was hard for him to be intimate .

but anyway .. he's just not into tia . None of these people seem into each other . I don't blame him for going on the date , but I did think it was weird for venmo John to be laying there with Caroline holding her and jubilee came down the steps asking for a date . It was odd timing to do it in front of Caroline . Then again , it is BIP. 

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I think Col-Ton and Wills might both be the type that dare not speak it's name -- asexuals!   I was married to one for ten years, I know the signs. Not terribly interested, except from afar and then mostly attracted to someone who looks exceptionally clean and sterile.  More interested in their own appearance and clothing than in anyone else's.  Not gay, mildly attracted to the opposite sex, hoping for marriage and children, all provided they aren't expected to get all messed up and sweaty when there's better things to do like go shopping or watch TV.

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On 8/14/2018 at 12:38 PM, LBS said:

For that matter, we are missing out on a lot of conversations/interactions due to the T&C crap.   Who knows if Wills was silent or if he was actively seeking out friends because we weren't shown anything.  Same with Eric and Nyesha.  

This. For all we know, Wills was chat-chat-chatting away every night with people they didn't show us. Nyesha who? At least we got a little Eric-dancing but I think he's short-run as well. They knew who they wanted to focus on (maybe because they knew who was going home, maybe for drama, maybe because they still want to force Colton down our throats as next bachelor) and the rest simply didn't exist when editing time came around. 

On 8/14/2018 at 2:59 PM, CindyBee said:

Kinda like Nysha & Eric, like why were people sure she was giving hers to Eric when we've never seen them.

Because either they HAD been together and just not shown or ... well, maybe another reason but I can't quite ... put ... my ... finger ... on ... it. :/

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On 8/15/2018 at 4:58 PM, Dirtybubble said:

Unpopular Opinion:  I friggin HATE Wells! 

Oh, I do too, he works my last nerve.  While I'm at it, I can't stand Daniel either, I hope his stupid ass doesn't pop up this season.

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On 8/15/2018 at 11:46 AM, huskerj12 said:

MY GRAND THEORY ON COLTON AND TIA: I think the show is expecting us to believe their history is ONLY what we've been shown in episodes, when in fact they and everyone else on the show have a lot more information. The vibe I get is that they "dated" for awhile after Arie's season, then Colton signed up for the show when they both assumed Tia was going to be the Bachelorette. When she didn't get the gig, they figured he would get a good run and then they'd both meet back up in Paradise where they would be this season's "It Couple" and end up together. In the months between Becca's season and Paradise, Colton decided he didn't want to be locked in but never called off the plan with Tia.

Now that they're in Paradise, everybody obviously knows they planned on getting together there which is why they're so confused and shocked that Colton isn't going along with it anymore. So in Tia's defense, I think she's kind of like "uhh dude, what is going on why aren't you sticking to the plan??" and in Colton's defense he wants to play the field which is fine in theory. But since he seems to be a really immature guy who just wants an easy path to fame, he doesn't know how to have a conversation with her to just break it off. Instead he's pulling a Dean and saying "well just because I'm interested in other girls doesn't mean I'm NOT interested in you, I want to see where it goes that's all!"

That factors into the big tearful breakdown too, I'm not convinced at all that he was heartbroken and just can't get over his beloved Becca. I think he's exhausted and just wants to chill and make out with whoever he wants but then Tia wouldn't listen, why wouldn't she just go talk to someone else and just leave him alone?! and now Becca is here and they're gonna make me talk to her and UGH THIS IS SO ANNOYING I JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN WHY WON'T THEY JUST LET ME HAVE FUN EVERYONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO JUST HAVE FUN AT THIS FUN SUMMER CAMP I WANT TO GO HOOOOOME IT'S NOT FAIR *cue tears*

I thought the only reason he went out with.Tia is because he thought she was going to be the Bachelorette and he wanted to get a leg up- how else did they meet; what are the odds?  When she wasn’t the chosen one, there was no reason to be interested anymore.  What was truly absurd was when Colton confessed that he had gone out with Tia, Becca never asked how they met in the first place - she probably knew the answer to that question because all of them are fame hoes.  I suppose Tia is operating under the assumption that Colton just wants to be on tv - they all do - and she can secure future episodes of BIP for him if he just pretends to like her, so she has to now come to the conclusion that even staying on tv isn’t worth pretending to like her.  Kick in the face for sure.  But, she may not realize that the real reason be doesn’t have to pretend to like her is because he’s running his own game: pretending to still love Becca so that he can be the star of the Bachelor.  Of course none of them can say all this - but it’s pretty lame that Tia is going to act all scorned when she knew from the jump that the only reason Colton went out with her (on one date) in the first place is because he thought she was going to be the Bachelorette.  And even then, I mean let’s get real, if you do really like someone, and you think you may be falling in love with them - you would remove yourself from the Bachelorette because you don’t need the show to “find your person” (a phrase I have never heard in my life until I saw the Bachelorette).  

I could be wrong about all of this, but Becca’s season is the first time I had ever watched any bachelor show (prompted to watch by binging every season of Unreal), and then I binged the Arie season to figure out why all the angst.  Otherwise, I have no history of how these shows work.   All I know is love isn’t a factor at all for any of these fools.  If it happens, it’s by accident.

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A little Grease “Summer Nights” rundown of the Tia/Colton date. But Goose is the anti-Kenickie. Tia’s hopelessly devoted to Colton, and Colton’s rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot.

Oh. My. God. David is STILL Wrong Reasoning Jordan. But, I think Jordan might really be Here for the Right Reasons with Annalise.

Kenny gets Crystal to Take Down Her Walls about being a Rudos.

Nick realizes he’s spent all week honking with the Goose that he hopes the 5 minutes he spent talking with [forgot her name—maybe starts with a C but not Crystal or Claire] on night 1 was enough to seal their love connection.

John and Joe—two fan favorites—fighting over Kendall, another fan favorite. Da-da-dum! Whoa! I think John is winning out with that kiss!

Tia is basically extorting an engagement from Colton week 1. She’s threatening him, but wouldn’t Angela give him a rose? Chris swoops in with some sweet tea, and now she’s marrying him instead. Tia’s ridiculous. Chris HAS been listening to your conversations; he’s been stalking you!

Angela gave her rose to John?!? But Bibiana  gave it to Colton (thanks to the producers)?!? Wills going home!! Noooo!! Come on!

Conversation #347 between Becca and Tia over Colton. This is SO RIDICULOUS because Colton doesn’t want Tia and never has—not that it’s up to THEM to decide. This is like me and my friends back in the day deciding which New Kid on the Block we were going to marry just to make sure we didn’t claim the same one. (I’m willing to part with Donnie now, ladies.) 

Oh, no, Colton needs some therapy, not a girlfriend. He’s supposed to be perfect. He can’t show any emotions. This isn’t who he’s supposed to portray. This is sad.

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