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S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

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Man, pretty much all of these junior high school boys can go home. Keep Jordan, Venmo, Kenny and Colton (out of spite) send the rest packing. Bring on a fresh bunch.

1 minute ago, Armchair Critic said:

I don't get it, is the only way Tia can talk to Colton is if they are on TV? If they were seriously interested in each other they would have talked after Becca's season and before Paradise.

The whole thing is so scripted. I wonder if Tia realizes it's making everyone hate her. No way would I want her around me IRL.

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Just now, In2You said:

It's so hilarious when these folks cry after getting sent home

I might start bawling too if my all-expense-paid vaca was cut short along with my 15 minutes of reality-teevee fame.

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1 minute ago, CindyBee said:

Poor Wills, we never saw him talk to anyone.   At least drunk Nick was part of the Goose gang.  

Wills is too normal for this franchise. I guess that's a good trade off to have, he probably actually has a life.

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Why does Colton assume he has to even see Becca?  

Well, because the producers will require it, of course.  Drahhhhhhhhmaaaaaa. 

Jeez, he's really piling the crap on.  You are NOT going to be the Bachelor Colton, stop auditioning!

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Just now, Ohwell said:

They're setting this doofus up to be the next Bachelor, aren't they?

Ugh I am afraid so. I know Becca and Garret threw their support to Jason as the next Bachelor but this does seem like a set up to make Colton the Bachelor who finds love again after getting his heart broken by Becca.

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I hate that Colton is getting the Bach edit. The fake Tia drama on Becca's season, causing him to be sent home, only to go to Paradise for more Tia drama, then Becca drama. Yeah, it's all scripted. 

God, now Tia's back on my screen. I can't stand her. Let's have another rose ceremony and send her ass away.

2 minutes ago, dizzyd said:

Noooooo? Why can't TPTB get it that what they want is not what WE want! 

THIS! EXACTLY! Read here, show PAs. None of us want Colton as Bach.

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I refuse to believe they'll make a virgin the Bachelor.  There would be no need for 3 overnight dates in the fantasy suites.  They could just plop them down on a couch for 8 hours. 

Too much of the mystique and appeal is the "will they or won't they have sex".  

With Colton, it's completely off the table.  

And I doubt they'd put him on THREE shows in a row.  Nick got 2 with Paradise then as Bachelor, but Colton is not Nick.  

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Just now, CindyBee said:

Who knew that Chicken David would be the one to console Colton

That's the only good part of this sucky scripted part of this sucky scripted fakety fake show.

More Kenny Mexican wrestling please.

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I've had my TV muted since Becca walked out. No way I can take another second of her.   

Just now, Armchair Critic said:

I called it! Colton will leave early because he's not over Becca... setting him up to be the next Bachelor. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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Why the eff is Becca there?  I can’t remember any of the other Bachelor/ettes visiting paradise.  Colton should leave.  They know he is still raw and are clearly using him for the drama. I liked how the guys from Becca’s season just basically ignored her. 

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Previews sucked. Becca is asking Colton if he's ready "for love"? Didn't we just go through an entire season of her asking that crap? Get off BIP Becca. Plus if Colton is REALLY still "in love" with you, he needs you to tell him you're engaged and in love with your new fiance? Not. The script she was given and the contract she signed is now portraying her as a cold-hearted bitch. Let's stab Colton in his broken heart ... which only can be mended by him becoming The Next New Bachelor!

Why do I watch this crap. It only took one episode to make me hate everyone on this show.

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1 hour ago, Stats Queen said:

David is revealing more about him than about Jordan, and it’s not pretty.

Didn’t David use that same “he’s just looking to settle” bs with Becca (I forget about who)? SUCH a heartwarming “feel good” for the girl he’s saying it to. Douche.

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3 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:

I would too if I was somebody rejected, she is not a friend and why bother kissing her ass any more? 

The only one she really talked to besides Colton was Chris and we all know how that ended.   Plus Kenny, Eric and Kevin haven't even met her so yeah, no one was happy to see her fake smiling self.  

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