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S01.E05: Harvest

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No, she chats online about quilts, not TV. She instead complained to me about Sissy Spacek's hair for the three-year run of Bloodline!

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I think Henry just moves along weighed down by dread the entire time he’s in this horrible town.   Probably he’s feeling the residual trauma of his child hood.  Also, I think he just tries to calmly process Molly’s weird statements to him, because on some level he knows she is kind of right (this town is messed up and something paranormal is going on).

I felt bad for Alan there at the end.  He really does love Ruth.  Inviting the maybe-devil to come help her is going to be a bad decision, though ...

holy shit that birthday scene was disturbing ...


Why does Jackie continue to live in this town?  She’s bored and never seems to get any writing done.  

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I thought the birthday party was a memory, not a real time thing.  Record player was going, he got a baseball glove and he had no kids.  Seemed old timey to me?

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