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S05.E08: Slayer II

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if you take the fishing kit as 4 BIG treblehooks, and 4 smaller ones, you can set the big ones for wolves and big cats.  Take the 3 lb block of salt to mongolia or Patagonia. Since youwont be  on a beach, it will be good bait and you'll need salt to help you preserve meat and fish. A salted fishhead, hung about 5 ft in the air, encourages the animal to rear up and gulp the treblehook. Wire it to a drag log. The animal wont go far and he'll leave an obvious trail. Take one of Chief Aj's slingbows, with 6  of the 4-tined fishing heads and 3 broadheads. 5 of the fishing arrows should feature flu flu fletching, so as to drastically reduce the range of the arrows. After you remove the tines of 5 arrows, converting each tine into 2 fishhooks with the multitool (2 minutes per hook) the remaining blunt arrow will still be useful vs birds and small animals. The one fishing arrow remaining should feature slip on rubber fletching.  Make baked clay balls for use in the slingshot, cause rocks dont fly straight. when you follow the trail of a drag log, keep an arrow nocked in the slingbow and your senses on HIGH alert. Inside your belt in back, have the E tool ready to be drawn and split a skull.

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On 8/5/2018 at 12:33 AM, Auntie Anxiety said:

I’m thinking that it’s getting cold enough for them to just freeze the meat outside. And they can cook down the fat and refreeze it for future use (my Life Below Zero training is kicking in here). Make as much deer jerky as possible, use leftovers to bait some traps, use the skin as a blanket.

actually, they DO have a way to store meat and fish, IF they take the 3 lb block of salt as one of their 10 items.  You make a brine and dip the strips of fish or meat in the brine, then kebab the strips and smoke them, but it has to be NON-coniferous wood smoke!  and first you  have to CATCH more fish or meat than you can eat. Nobody's done so.  You CAN eat 5 lbs of fish in a day. That's 10 lbs of live weight fish and nobody's come close to catching that much fish as of yet. 

you ever TRIED brain-tanning a hide? :-) it takes days of effort. On this show, they dont have the time or calories to waste on such things.

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On 8/2/2018 at 11:11 PM, dgpolo said:

He had such a nice little cabin.

wasting his time and calories on that cabin cost him a clear  1/4 million $ win, and with it, another clear 1/4 million from people who'd then want to train with him. Nobody wants to train with you if you win by being fat and lucky. You  have to get really busy and make the 1500 sq ft of 2" mesh netting in 2 weeks or less. Every day, you knock out 200 sq ft of it, before you do anything else. Every couple of days, you put  400 sq ft of it in the water, as a net-weir, as the wing to the weir (the shoreline being the other wing) or as a seine.

On 8/2/2018 at 11:12 PM, Quilt Fairy said:

He had such nice abs. 

His ferro rod rolled into the fire.

thats' no reason to quit. when you have a fire, you can have ashes and charred punk wood, so that you can start more fires with any carbon steel tool and any sharp, hard rock.  keep them dry in a bag made of tape and your gaiters. you can also make a McElroy big pump drill in half a day, which easily lets you start friction fires. It features  removable spindle head, and you can dove tail in a removable hearth-chunk, so you only have to keep those parts dry. The rest of the spindle set up can be green, wet wood and it wont matter.

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