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90 Day Fiance Poll - Biggest Scammers so far

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Who do you feel is the biggest scammer to date?   POLL OPEN

106 members have voted

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My vote for worst American was very difficult, lol.  I chose David over Nicole ONLY because he is older and should know better and should not be attempting to live like a dorky 23 year old.   Davd  is 50 something and is dead ass BROKE.  It is not funny to be that broke at that age and yet still astonished that other grown ups won't support you.  Nicole is young and stupid and still Harlequin Romance-y (not a valid excuse) but that is why my vote is for Fat Ass David.

Biggest Scammer:  Azan as I think, Mo was sort of altruistic in his motives in coming here to help Danielle.  It is a stretch, yes, but Azan has been scamming Nicole and lots of other women since day one.

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Wow, I'm way off on all three questions. I thought Mohamed was worse than Azan. Azan was chatting up bimbos while pretending he wanted to marry Nicole, whom he'd seen once; Mohamed was traveling with bimbos while being married, two seconds after he got the green card. Spent the rest of the time sweet talking her to obtain citizenship, the ultimate goal.  

Second one could go either way, I guess,  although duping a young, stubborn and stupid Nicole may have been easier than an old, broke and stupid Danielle. Who kept copious notes.  

Danielle was a trip, no question about that and David is disgusting and a loser but I think you have to go long and hard to find anyone as condescending and gross as Mark. My skin crawls just thinking about that pompous ass. I felt so sorry for the teenybopper who got stuck with him.  

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I picked David over Nicole too because he actually abandoned his children for several years.   Nicole at least keeps May with her for now, and being in her 20's does have time to better herself if she chooses.   David is just like a huge whiny sponge that expects to be taken care of and won't work, which really pisses me off. 

As far as the biggest scammer  it's Azan all the way.   He actually followed through on ripping off Nicole in front of our eyes and he didn't care one bit.  I'm not saying this should be admired, quite the opposite I hope karma comes back big time and bites him in the ass.

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Mrs. Floatingbison and I vote for David, (we call him The Turtle). He appears to have no interest in getting a job and just wants handouts and to sponge off his friend   Chris.   At least people like Nicole and Danielle had jobs for a while.  

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I actually have no fundamental problem with Mohammed.  He has consistently said that he wants to work, which is more than I can say for David the Ninja Turtle, Danielle, and Nickel.  From Mohammed's point of view (and I get that he's a scammer to a certain extent), life with Danielle was insufferable and he dated other women after separating from her.     Posting pictures of his adventures on line wasn't a smart move, but from his point of view, he was completely done with his sham marriage and there was no point in sticking around in Ohio in the dead of winter when there's so many women in Florida ready to hang with a reality star.

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This Sophie's Choice of a poll was very difficult for me to do. So many scammers and terrible Americans! How does one narrow it down to the worst?

For the Azan v Mohamed question, I think I picked Azan because of the kid situation. Danielle's children are still minors but aware of the situation and will be out of the house in a few years time. Poor May is totally dependent and has no say in who her mother brings home. Azan shouldn't be asking for let alone taking money from Nicole when she has a toddler to provide for.

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