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Media: TV Would Never Lie To Me

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The ad the show is running where Ryan Phillipe follows a trail a blood into his garage and then bitchfaced Juliette Lewis pops out at him make me never want to watch the show again, and I've only watched it on mute.

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Well color me shocked, apparently the ratings for the show has been really good and increased every week. I was sure this would be a one season show that ABC would just drag to the reveal at the end. I guess that's great for the actors but I'm so surprised considering how many issues this show has.

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If Ryan Phillippe or Juliette Lewis set your teeth on edge by just appearing on screen, there's no way to enjoy this. But the show is pretty well done so far. The hero doesn't think like a psychopath/libertarian. And he's not kicked any ass at all yet. And if you look closely, the plot hasn't disintegrated into BS yet.* For some of us these are good things. 




*Serials usually get ruined by the ending, so Secrets & Lies may yet turn out to be terrible.

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I think this could be one of those shows where it can drastically improve from its first season. I think the writers and Juliette Lewis will have a better handle on Cornell. And they won't need to be so loyal to the Australian series.

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Do we know if Juliette Lewis will be in season 2 though? If they are doing the True Detective way I guess there could be a new lead detective as well. I hope we'll see Cornell again though. I loved the pilot of Wayward Pines and don't want JL pulled from that, hopefully she'll be able to do both.

They need to stop with the Cornell Confidential though, not fair that us living abroad can't see such a vital part of the story :/

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So they are renewing the show with the one character who's point of view we never got - except online? If they were planning to do a second season revolving around her, they really should have put that Cornell Confidential stuff in the actual show. I didn't watch it till the last one - I wonder if I would have liked the show or her character more if I had? But, on general principle, I'm against making a show that you have to watch in two different places. If its all only online, fine, but if its on TV, the whole thing should be on TV. Getting you hooked and then not airing a complete show is really not cool. 


I wonder if the new season will also be from the point of view of someone Cornell is investigating, rather than from her point of view. Odd choice for the recurring character. Has that ever been done before? Like has there ever been a procedural where you have the same detective in every episode but the episodes are from the point of view of the criminal or the falsely accused? I can think of individual episodes/books/short stories featuring famous detectives like from Agatha Christie that were from someone else's point of view, but that was usually a deviation from the norm of the rest of the series. 

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On 25/07/2017 at 4:57 AM, iheartET said:

I am SO disappointed and shocked this show got cancelled. Smh. It was a very good show.

It has been cancelled? 

I'm not surprised; a swift autopsy: -

1) Juliette Lewis' character was not a strong enough connective thread to hold the series together.  

2) The first season was full of underwritten characters (not helped by the fact Philippe is such a bland and emotionless actor), silly twists and absurd plot off-shoots ( particularly all that nonsense with the neighbour stalking and kidnapping the MC). The extension of the series in webisodes is just irritating; if you have a story to tell, tell all of it in one format. Your audience should not have to work to experience the entire intended story, it alienates them. 

3) The second season actually had a number of compelling characters, but they won't be appearing again if it follows the format of the previous season. As with the first season, the twists and secrets piled one upon another until all suspension of disbelief was lost, mine snapped early but it was utterly shattered by the bigamy twist, which turned the show into an unintentional comedy. The murderer was telegraphed far too early (by virtue of being the only apparently innocent member in the core cast, which followed exactly the format of the first season). They tried to develop Juliette Lewis' character, but there was very little they could actually do to make such a cold fish personable. The final cliff hanger felt cheap and exploitative of the audience. 

4) Another season would probably compare poorly to the second season (in terms of the characters). I would be wishing the MC, his brother, his friend and the NY cop were in it for the entire run. 

However, I did enjoy it and would have liked to watch a third season. 

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