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S06.E04: Just Suck My Blood Please

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Well, that sucked, and I'm not talking about the leeches.  I had that team as one of my favorites to win, hate the U-turns, even tho I know they're part of the game,  bad taxi luck didn't help either, sad that they're gone... :(

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Ugh! We were sooooooo close to losing the annoying couple.

That was a perfectly executed U-Turn. I was so annoyed when the athletes U-Turned the brother & sister (sorry, still learning the names). Why wouldn't you U-Turn the strong team that is already in danger of being eliminated? Don't get me wrong, I really liked them, but they were probably the strongest team there. The Armed Forces ladies played that one perfectly.

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Well, I have the annoying couple in my pool, so I'm glad they survived!  Funny how both the teams u-turned had someone who knew how to sew on the team.  I would be surprised if the other teams did.  Good job Martina for kicking butt on that task!

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Well there is my favourite team gone, through no fault of their own. I know it is part of the game but I hate it when one team (or more) falls behind because they are unlucky enough to get a cab driver who doesn't know where he is going. Add in that I was bored with the tasks they were given including the dance, and I don't know if I will continue watching. I only started watching this after not watching the American version for many years, because it was a Canadian version. But the same things that bugged me on the U.S. version are bugging me now. Add in that I was ill watching cats being stuck in small cages and another one being shoved into one, and I will say that I totally hated the whole episode. 

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Yeah, the dance routine ones may look nice when the actual dancers do a sample, but watching racers mess it up over and over again is not fun.  Watching them wash snakes and put leeches on each other again, is pretty boring after the initial scream.

It's too bad Todd and Anna were eliminated because prior to this leg they had been doing so well.  I was hoping for a non-elimination.  Adam and Courtney were lucky there was a u-turn because otherwise they would be gone.

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Anna and Annoying Courtney are too high strung for this game; I feared one - or both - would explode when they were the only spectators left at the Roadblock.

Taylor and Amazing Courtney remain my favourites, followed by Martina and Phil [both brothers were great at the dancing - Taylor being adorable, Phil being fast].

Did the sewing challenge sound harder than it was? Or was it just further away? I was surprised it proved so unpopular. I probably would've sewn my hands together but I'd gladly take that over touching a snake [shudder].

Go siblings!

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