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The women arrive in Cartegena, Colombia, for their vacation; Bethenny has an allergic reaction; Luann reveals a shocking new look; an injured Ramona gets wheeled around the cobblestone streets. Bethenny clashes with Dorinda and Carole.

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The visual in my head of Ramona "abandoning her uber" and "jumping into" red scarf's car is hilarious. 

If her ankle was sprained at the time, it makes it even better.

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5 minutes ago, Mozelle said:

I will say that Tinsley is pretty good about gift giving. From what I've seen on the show, she doesn't do strings attached gifts, or a "Here's a product I'm developing that I'm 'gifting' (when it's really just a product placement)" move....

Skinny girl jeans are probably more $$$$ than the necklace

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1 minute ago, mwell345 said:

What the heck is Carole wearing?

IKR! Are those green feathers earrings or part of that horrible dress? 

I think everyone heard Ramona screaming in the elevator but didn’t respond on purpose.

oh lawd, Lu in the wig! She kind of looks like a Go-Go girl from the 60’s. 

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Just now, poeticlicensed said:

Carole thinks she's a fashionista.

She has her own individual style! I was the same way going back to the 60's! I had a way of putting things together that made it my own! ;-)

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