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S01.E07: Monster High

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I think that in some ways, Verena has been a good therapist for Plum to talk to because she has gotten Plum to really think about a lot of her issues and respond, but she is not a very good nutritionist. I'm not saying that she should tell Plum to get a food scale and measure everything she eats down to the gram, but it's very irresponsible of her to tell Plum to just eat however much she wants.

While I think Verena has sometimes made good points when talking with Plum, she's not a good therapist in any sense given her particular brand of therapy is not necessarily about what is best for Plum, so much as Verena has her own agenda and is using Plum to further said agenda. 


What we have here is an educated writer who entered into this contract quite some time ago (she's been dieting as a prerequisite), and walks into the doctor's and expects the receptionist to cut her a check for $10,000. And we learn she didn't read her contract. The public embarrassment in on Plum and she rightfully walked away.  I understand she's pissed, but that was her error. It would be nice if the doctor overlooked it, but he didn't do anything wrong.

Yes and no.  Yes, she should have read the contract, but any legitimate business is going to at least give some of that money back.  If it was a few days before Plum's surgery, and there was no getting the cost of the OR, doctor's fees, etc. back, I'd be more sympathetic to the idea that Plum loses the entire deposit.  As it was, the doctor is essentially getting $10,000.00 for nothing. 

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