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S04.E10: The Beginning (1)

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4 minutes ago, Notwisconsin said:

If you got spectrum cable. you can see this and the final episode right now....

If that is the case, any body who watches it early is free to comment on it in the episode topics. 

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The first scene with everyone sitting around the table in shock and devastated was gut-wrenching. Jennifer just crying, Cassie defiant and broken, Jones so steady in her resolve even though you could tell she was destroyed.

And James. Oh, James. Resigned and determined and guilt-stricken, not only because he was the demon, but because he knew he was the cause of all the grief at that table. 

Beautifully played be everyone.

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I'm not going to lie, y'all. I got a little teary as soon as I saw that we were beginning the episode with Jones asking Cole if he believed in fate from the very first episode. Normally I'm the kind of person who ignores or fast forwards through the previously on section, but I loved the voiceover from Jones as we got to see so many of the moments that led us to the series finale.

That first scene was just a total guilt-fest (well, everyone but Cassie).

Poor Jennifer. The guilt over the unwitting part she played in the primaries' goal of erasing Cole was so sad, partly because all this time she thought she had a purpose and that she was doing something to help, and partly because she loves Cole so much and she feels like she betrayed him.

Cole, on the other hand, felt responsible because he is the snake eating its tale and everything he's done to try to save the world, all the sacrifices he made, were for nothing if he's going to end up being erased, but he still knows that's what needs to be done.

Jones, despite her love for Cole, had to be the one to point out that their mission was still the same: save the world. As she said, the only thing that had changed were their feelings. The irony of Cole saying in the first episode, "One life for seven billion? That math works for me" now that he's the one life that has to be sacrificed just gutted me.

I loved how Cassie refused to give up on the idea that there was a way to save Cole.

The moment when Ramse quit trying to fight Cole and just hugged him and said, "I'm sorry" - awwwwww.

But HA, loved Ramse and Cole's final mission together to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack was A+ (as was Cole's Thelma and Louise reference).

Loved Jennifer tricking Olivia by telling her that her logo looked like a penis, complete with illustration.

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I was happy Ramse was part of the final mission to take Titan. I got a little teary when he stopped fighting Cole and they hugged. If only you had done that in the past, boys. The following scene was one of the reasons I love this show: Cole gets done explaining that he shot and killed Ramse in the past and promised not to undue it, Olivia was The Witness, they were planning to take Titan, and oh yeah, you'll have to go back and die afterward because of causality, and Ramse's just like "I'm in." 

Aww at Cole wearing Hannah's scarf when he was completing his cycle. 

It's embarrassing how long it took me to figure out that was Cole's dad's car and the ring he was going to propose to "Marian" with. 

LOL Jennifer. "She's his grammy" and "little penis man." 

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Mocking Olivia is never not funny. 

I can't say how much I loved the scene of Cole and Ramse trying to find a good song to die to. A good song! "The Time of My Life"? Couldn't have been more perfect. Their faces were hilarious too, because they looked like they wanted to hate it but fuck it. They liked it.

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I had to watch this twice before I could even formulate coherent thoughts. I was much too upset to really be able to think of what I wanted to say until second viewing. Some thoughts for part 1:

  • I was hoping to get the full dialogue with “future asshole” and “asshole” again in The Emerson. I wanted to hear the conversation again now that I know what’s happened to get them there. I remember the gist of it since I just watched it the other day, but I just would’ve liked to have seen it from both sides.  I also still don’t get why they didn’t paradox when he touched himself. May have been explained along the way, but I don’t remember. 
  • Cole’s dewy, sad eyes throughout broke my heart. 
  • I love the “I have a plan”conversation. Cole’s all serious until he sees Cassie look. Lol.  Then “The plan’s this way” I’m really going to miss this cast acting together. They’re just amazing. 
  • It must’ve been heartbreaking for Cole to have grab Ramse at the moment right before he killed him. “Come on Brother, it’s all right.  It’s me, brother” *sob* I think part of why Ramse was (somewhat) ok with going back to his death was the fact that Cole also said he was going to wipe himself out. I think it may have been a bit harder of a sell if it was that Ramse was going to his death so everyone, but him, could live a happy-go-lucky life. 
  • “She’s his Grammy... just filling him in” lol. 
  • I loved, loved, loved the proposal. So bittersweet. Cassie’s face knowing that they would never be able to have a future. 
  • I also laughed out loud at “little penis man”. This show had me swinging from tears to laughter throughout the whole finale.  I’m going to miss Jennifer so much!
  • I laughed so hard at “The Time of My Life”.  “I’ve got to die to a good song, brother”. Perfect! I loved how Olivia’s speech was interrupted by the song, even though there’s no way that car radio would’ve been that loud. Still loved it. the music in this show has always been amazing. 

I’ll continue my musings in the part 2 thread. 

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Just finished part one... a little afraid to watch part two, though Athan's speech in the beginning gave me some hope.

Regardless of what ends up happening, this episode was sheer awesome. Ramse and Cole forever.

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3 hours ago, dargosmydaddy said:

Just finished part one... a little afraid to watch part two, though Athan's speech in the beginning gave me some hope.

Regardless of what ends up happening, this episode was sheer awesome. Ramse and Cole forever.

As much as I wanted to see how the show ended, I took a half hour break after part one. I felt like I needed to absorb and enjoy everything from part one before seeing how it all ended. 

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Pretty sure I held my breath for 3/4 of the episode. It was that intense.

The ending scene (from the second part) was on my Instagram feed within minutes of the actual episode airing. I have yet to find someone who uploaded the proposal scene as quickly.

I liked Ramse in this. And I wound up despising Ramse by the end of his run.

I'm glad they got to wrap things up (like with FutureCole).

That's basically all I remember, must have been the oxygen deprivation.

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Cassie's face during the proposal scene was incredible. A engagement ring represents a promise of a lifetime together. For Cassie it represents all the things that that she won't get with Cole, the children that they'll never have, the lifetime that they'll never share. She sold the hell out of that scene.

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