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S15.E05: Academy 1 2018.07.09

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I also didn't see Marina.  I think that's her name.  She was in the first audition episode and she did a lot of contortion moves.  I loved her too.

She said on her Instagram that she can't compete because of visa issues. :( 

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On 7/11/2018 at 4:18 PM, Mason said:

I remember way back  when she choreographed Boogie Shoes for LoFro & Billy Bell. She got heat from the judges for such a simplistic piece. Fast Forward to Lala Land, where she gets an Oscar for something very similar. Though a child of the disco era, I have always hated that song; however, this routine remains one of my favourites, precisely because it is light and fun. 

This dance and Another One Bites The Dust with LoFro and Tadd are the reasons why I prefer Mandy's jazz pieces to her contemporary ones.

17 hours ago, Zuleikha said:


She said on her Instagram that she can't compete because of visa issues. :( 

That's too bad.  I wanted to see more of her.

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On 7/10/2018 at 9:06 AM, PhD-Purgatory15 said:

If the numbers are right, then they literally cut only 10 or 12 people (not counting the one injury withdrawal) in the Hip Hop and Ballroom rounds combined because they started Hip Hop with 53 left. They may have only cut like Ryan, Rachel and two other dancers altogether during the ballroom round.

They began the academy with 70 dancers in the solo round. The judges then cut 17 people so that there were 53 dancers in the hip hop round.

The ballroom round began with 44 dancers (it's unclear if Cat was including Zoe, the injured dancer, in that number because first Cat said there were 44 dancers and then she said one dancer was injured). At the end of the ballroom round, there were 41 dancers left so they cut very few people there.

On 7/9/2018 at 9:54 PM, crowceilidh said:

I was fascinated that Jay chose to start fighting with Nigel (I'd love to know what the edit monkeys did to that scene)-

I don't think that Jay was picking a fight with Nigel. To me it sounded like Jay admitted he did badly in the ballroom round but that he wanted to show the judges that he's more than a performer and that he can really dance. But I do wonder what else from their conversation was cut (sidenote: I know more than one act that made it to the televised round of America's Got Talent and the stories they told me about what the judges said and how it was edited made me give that show a permanent side eye, which is why I kind of gave Arcadian Broad a pass for saying that the producers told him what kind of routine to do). The transcript of what was said:

Nigel: We weren't happy with your partner [Baby] so we gave you the opportunity of dancing with Stephanie. It blew your mind. You were dancing with somebody that wasn't really there for you and you were the strong one. When you transferred and let the tiger out of the cage-
Jay: She ate me.
Nigel: She ate you. And you were just lost.
Jay: I know that. And I will show you that I deserve to be here.
Nigel: I wasn't really happy with you coming to the academy.
Jay: No kidding!
Nigel: And you are slowly turning me around.
Jay: You told me that very first day. You said, "You're an entertainer, not a dancer," and that hurt - not because I believed you but because I know that's what you believe. And I promise you before I leave here, you will know that I am a dancer.
Nigel: You're already doing that.
Jay: And I will continue to.
Nigel: And more than that, you're proving that you are a dancer with guts.
Jay: Thank you.

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