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S02.E10: Champs vs. Stars: Bank Rolling in the Deep 2018.06.19

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I wanted Casper and Louise to win just because the champs were so arrogant all season. Not that Casper isn't arrogant, but I liked Louise enough to make up for it. Casper was an idiot during the eating challenge though. She downs all that stuff and then he bitches at her to pick up the pace running. Ugh. 

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Casper has some of the best lines LOL - You don't win, you're losers. He still won money for his charity, I'm sure they don't think that amount of money is losing. 

And yeah for a CT win! I don't care how messy it is. It was almost like it was set for him - eating and puzzles. Of course he'll get it. 

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Ugh, Tony’s never going to let us forget that he won a challenge. Of course he won’t mention that he couldn’t have gotten past the puzzle on his own.

I too wanted Louise and Casper to win just because the champs were so intolerable this season. Even with the two-minute delay they were doing very well and could’ve taken it if Casper hadn’t acted such a fool at the eating station.

Yay, the season’s over!

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I wonder if Bananas gave his notice or something. That they are trying to really pimp out Tony and make him the "male lead" of the show/ franchise. CT took several seasons off between the rage monster and the guy everyone loves now. People still remember Tony cheating on his baby mama. So everytime he brings up his family all I think about is how much of a scum bag he is. Don't know enough about Johnny's personal life to know if he is the same shithead he is in the game.   Lol if this is the only way for him to win a final. Riding someone else to the win. 

I do wonder now when Cara decides to call a quites who will be the new top female. 

I did agree with CT about combining food. I was wondering why Casper wasn't dipping his dounuts in the syrup. Fucking Wes thinks his dog makes dog food look good. Some dogs drink tolet water is that something he wants to try too.

CT pulling your back out has nothing to do with being a dad and everything to do with the pounds you packed on and how out of shape you are. There must have been a huge time gap between when he finshed the puzzle and C&L finshed. No way he wins a foot race.

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Tony said he has maybe 1 or 2 left in him after he won Champs vs Stars.

I believe most people like Bananas outside of the challenge so he clearly plays up his persona on camera and for public events.  

CT lost a lot of the weight finally after the last challenge.  I saw a recent pic somewhere and his belly was gone, unless that pic was older but just posted recently.

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I was surprised by how the picks went for the food.  I can't believe Louise couldn't figure out that sweet snacks that are good to eat (donuts, cupcakes, marshmallows, etc.) would mean eating a serious amount of sugar in a short time.  That would kill my stomach.  I was shocked that peppers and saltines were left for CT and Tony.  Those two seem like a no-brainer.  Sure, the peppers are likely to be hot, but they probably aren't going to give you too many and then you eat the saltines to try and cool off your mouth after.  I get that saltines can be hard to eat when you've been exercising, but they had water there.  It legitimately would have been my first pick.  Also, Wes did a terrible job picking - dog food and fish sauce?  Bad idea.

I just loved CT being so excited for the eating challenge and making "onion wraps" to get everything down.

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I'm mad that Casper and Louise didn't win. I think that MTV set it up for CT and Tony to win as they have to protect their brand.


I don't like CT anymore, he's so pathetic with his "we can't let them win" bullshit. He is just so annoying on this spin-off. 

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Yay!  I will always be so happy when CT wins and for him to persevere through pain on his own was so amazing...

What’s that?  He had a teammate?  Oh ho ho he surely did not.  In my personal record book CT ran solo.

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I’m not sure there’s a charity I’d eat dog food for for 50k. I don’t see eating garbage as a competitive trait, just reality tv humiliation. It seems the fix to me was in the food round. Production sees C/L coming first and jams a dozen more cupcakes onto the tray. Though the rest would have to be pretty bad for syrup to be one of the top 5 choices.

Maybe now that Tony’s “accomplished” one thing in his life, it will lead to him wanting to “accomplish” a second thing that doesn’t involve getting drunk and getting a slut pregnant? Silver lining?

CT’s fat ass is losing interest from this viewer, as he never goes into elimination rounds, and since the show has to make him the “good guy” now, we get no drama, just “now that I’m a dad...” or “now that I’m older...” type of lame horse/faded coach platitudes. Dull. Get hot, crazy, or lost.

9 hours ago, notcreative enough said:

wonder if Bananas gave his notice or something. That they are trying to really pimp out Tony and make him the "male lead" of the show/ franchise.

I wish, as I will happily take one over both and would of course prefer none to one, but I have no hope this is reality. If that Rivals season where he/his fucktrash kin had the strongest partners, got to the enter the house first, and allowed him to steal all the money wasn’t his departure gift, I don’t think we’ll ever see it until the show ends. 

Also, with the new challenge trailer having that “it’s the end of the challenge...(lame clips)...as you know it!” I was thrillled! Until the second part. But I bet Bananas was breathing into a paper bag those few seconds between the title cards.

But dear lord this season was boring as hell and made for a dollar. I didn’t remember most of the cast either, but unlike the teams, I didn’t have a puzzle in my face to remind me, so I guess theyre gone forever.

They bothered with a reunion for this mess!? Other than hearing how Tony botched/sold for booze money his trip/proposal, there is not a single thing that happened on which I desire any follow up. They showed us everything that happened because nothing was happening, which was why it was so obvious nothing was happening.

“Casper, how did it feel to be called a villain?”

”Ashley, was it the right choice to sabotage your team?”

”Jozea, do you understand the English words that are coming out of my mouth?”

”Wes, how do your feel about Louise?”

”Shane, aren’t you a true waste of a human life?”


I can’t believe that’s a good use of MTV time and resources. Don’t they air those things once and then never again? Just put on a rerun of the finale to fill the air time and let’s get over it. 

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Well, at least it's over. You'll forgive me if I don't count this as "official," meaning that CT has two titles, not four. At best, Tony is on the same probation thing as Zach, in the sense that I want to believe there will be a time where I'd root for him, but he's probably still a dick. For now. Also, I want to see a GIF of Tony slowly rolling on the hoverboard.

Final endgame: jump up and down a thousand times. Put on clothes that were encased in ice. Jump up and down one thousand times. That is The Inferno-level fucked up. What, they couldn't find itching powder and treadmills?

At least the final mission was interesting. Only thing as funny as rolling Tony was Wes ripping on Casper in his talking head. Does anybody have the exact quote? I don't remember how Casper was a bad guy . . . mostly because I didn't care. Also, Wes makes up for Johnny's absence by losing respect for Louise . . .  somebody who took notes of his gameplay. Do we call him "Weston Watermelons" now? Hoverboards made me cringe . . . aside from Nicole, I don't want to remember RW: Skeletons. I'll have to check my posts from back then . . . I may have openly wished for one of those to catch fire while a housemate was riding it.

12 hours ago, notcreative enough said:

I wonder if Bananas gave his notice or something.

My best guesses: BMP didn't like Johnny using a kid from the Special Olympics to try and not get eliminated last time, or Special Olympics told him to shove it.

Hey, MTV didn't make us wait two weeks to see who won! Yaaaaaaaaaaay. #FaintestPraise

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I would have at least paired the lemon juice with the tuna, added some saltines, heck throw in the onions, I'll just have bad breath for 2 weeks straight. I would not have gone for the donuts, cupcakes or syrup, as I don't have a sweet tooth, don't want to have a sugar rush, and that much of that stuff is too filling for me. Marshmallows require too much chewing. 

I wanted anybody but Casper to win, so whatever I guess! Not sure bragging about having 3 hoverboards at home is the best idea. Some hot chocolate and sitting in front a warm fire would have been the best thing to do after that challenge. 

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It was actually a good final. With the rain, I’m sure it was tougher than the Vendettas final. The challenges and finals in the spinoff shows are often more creative and interesting than the main Challenge. The drama is 100 percent contrived, but I actually do enjoy the challenges. 


I’m not too hyped for the next real season. So maybe it will surprise me. The show needs some new winners. 

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I'm always a fan of CT, so I was super happy to see them come from behind and win.   Tony I could take or leave, but liked how hard he played this season.   I'm also impressed with both CT and Tony that they didn't get discouraged or even consider quitting.   A lot of other people, especially with the back issue CT was facing, would decide to pack it in and quit.   They kept on going and ended up lucking out with an eating and a puzzle challenge.   CT's puzzle skills should keep him valuable in the challenge world, no matter the shape  of his dad bod.  

I had to wonder if Wes though of the similar sliding puzzle he did last time on Champs vs. Stars where he was totally lost and CT just kept telling him which pieces to move where and he won with ease.   CT isn't a brainiac, but those things just come naturally to him.  

I was glad to see Casper and Louise lose, mainly because of Casper.  If he wasn't so overconfident then he could have housed through the eating challenge and probably won.   So sorry, not sad.  

Wes and Booby are adorable.   I'd like to see Booby back on a regular ol' challenge.   I think he might then realize that Wes isn't the total genius he thinks that he is.   Still, I'd be down to see him with the rest of the challenge crew.  

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It was very competitive Final but yeah, the food challenge wiped out those other two teams.

Louise isn't good at endurance Challenges but neither was Tony and CT.

Puzzles also played a big role, including unwrapping that box.

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Casper was a beast throughout the show and ought to be brought back for an normal Challenge, instead of a worthless fool like Josea.  So is the next final the last for the likes of  Bananas and other people who need to find real jobs for the rest of their lives?  

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