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Yeah, the irony! He's a practicing Muslim, the religion of peace, and the prayer rug ignited a fight!?! Yeah, the new dude was flexing and posturing, but why in the world do you knock on the door mid stroke? 

Who knows how much of this series is real to the actual Akils and how much is poetic license, but I'm getting a vibe the Yasir ( Salim) is riding Nuri (Mara) coattails.  Go look at their credits.  Where would he be without her? On someone's couch?  Entry level job somewhere?  Season 2 needs some type of redemption for Yasir.  What was his greatest accomplishment on his own this season? A part time book store gig for a grown azz 30 something year old man.  With an ex wife, son, and a missing prayer rug to call his own

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On 8/23/2018 at 6:23 PM, mrsbagnet said:

I've been pondering the irony of Yasir getting into a fistfight over a prayer rug. SMDH.

I'm still perturbed that he didn't just walk out when he saw Ruby having sex in *her* living room. He just stands there, laughing to himself, and then mocks the guy, as if he's somehow better than him. Such an ass.

If I'd been with a guy for less than a month, and I saw him flip out on his ex (who's raising his child) like that, that would have been the end of our relationship. If she'd been abusing their son, his reaction might have been justified, but over some classes? Nope, nope, nope. All I would think is "If that's how he treats her, how will he treat me?" TBH, his mom even tried to warn Nuri off. That's the worst sign possible.

I assume the show creators thought showing us future Nuri and Yasir would make viewers more accepting of the younger versions, as if to say "See, it all worked out in the end." Sorry, I'm not buying it.

When the mother warns you, that's a red flag. 

For me, Yasir's attitude during the apartment scene exudes his arrogance and insecurity. Seeing Ruby with another man was proof she didn't want him anymore whereas the previous times he was there, Ruby still pined for him. In true Yasir fashion, he responded like a jealous ex. "I can move on but how dare you move on." With the other guy, his insecurity rose and to make himself feel better, took shots at him. 

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‘Cause we all know this had nothing to do with the prayer rug, right?

Knocking heavily on the bedroom door of a couple enjoying their “private time”. Because he can’t find his prayer rug. 


Obviously, that rug was still at Ruby’s place the entire time he was spending nights at Nuri’s, grinding it out on HER living room floor. It wasn’t all so fired up important then. 

Just get yourself another one, Yasir, and leave Ruby and her new guy alone.


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And now the show is not picked up.  After December 18th. It was not renewed after Salim Akil was accused of domestic violence against an old giGirlfriend

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