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S05.E00 Making the Cut

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Nicole stated that she had plenty of fish dried and smoked.  Considering all that she caught during S2, I tend to believe her.  Yes, she may have tapped because she was running out of plants which she said she needed to help combat the effects of MS.

Do you really think the producers would’ve left her in, esp since she has MS, if she was starving?

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there is as much validity in believing someone as there is in deciding they lied we will have to respectfully disagree. 

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 I could see she was skin and bone on the show, her tapout.  aint you got eyes? she was pretty skinny when the show started.

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 I could see she was skin and bone on the show,( her tapout)  Aint you got eyes? She was pretty skinny when the show started. They have ALWAYS been given the 20x20 and the 10x 10. Whether or not they also took the 12x12, is up to them. That's one of their  10 picks. I'd take 8 BIG treble hooks, hanging about  4ft off of the ground, baited with salted fishheads, for big cats and canines, tied to 40 lb drag logs with braided (4 strands) of the snare wire. . I'd make another 4 smaller treblehooks, hang them a foot off of the ground, for possums, skunks, porcupine/hedeghog, coons, weasels tied to a 10 lb drag log.  I'd also braid some wire set the snare loop 6 ft off of the ground, horizontally oriented, held there with 3 hunks of fishline, , baited with salted cambium, for deer, sheep, goats, the bait being 1 ft above the center of the loop. Around the neck snare,  tied to the same drag log, I'd use forked stakes to hold 6" snare loops, also of braided wire, horizontally,some of them vertically, as foot snares, with some bait on the ground, for hogs. 

I'd take the tiny 1.5" mesh, 44 sq ft gillnet, IF it could be made of braided (4 strands) nylon cordage. then I could unravel and reweave it into 400 sq ft of 4" mesh. If it has to be single strand netting, then I'd rather have the 12x12.  Taking the fishing kit is already costing me the skillet.

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