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Welcome New Preacher Fans!

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With the closing of the AMC chat, we have an influx of new posters.  Welcome to Primetimer!  We are happy to have you!

I am the lead Moderator for the Preacher forum.  I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips, tricks and norms for Primetimer.

First,  you may want to peruse the site FAQs & Guides.  This includes everything from our main rule, be civil to your fellow posters, to a how to guide on using the site.  Not sure how to reply to a post?  Check the FAQ!  Want to quote multiple posts, that's there too.  You can also set up a customized home page to help you spot when something new has been added to the Preacher site.

Second, I want to call out one big difference between Primetimer and some other sites.  We do not create new threads for each question or comment.  Preacher will have a thread for each episode.  We also have several ongoing threads.  Saw an article about the show? Talk about it in the The Media Thread.  Saw one of the actors in a different show?  There's a thread for that!  And most  importantly, if you want to chat about non-Preacher stuff and/or catch up with your fellow posters, go to Small Talk, where all of your non-Preacher specific dreams come true!  

We are very happy to have you join the Primetimer community.  If you have any specific questions, please IM me by using the envelope icon at the top of the page or hovering over my user name, then selecting Message in the pop-up box.

Again, welcome to the site!  Come on in, the posting's fine!  

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