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This is a brand new show that is based on a 13 book series by Kelley Armstrong. The pilot episode follows the first book pretty closely with a few minor understandable changes. Just curious if anyone else is watching this.

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I've read the books, heard the show was happening, but I guess it dropped off my radar. What channel is it on? I'll probably check it out. 

Edit: Looks like I missed two episodes but they're showing them like a billion times. Recording set up. First book is actually probably my least favorite of the series (there's a scene I just can't with) but hoping it does well enough to get some more of the characters in. 

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So I finally sat down to watch this and only made it halfway through the first episode before bailing. Just, ugh. Bad acting, almost every change from the book I thought was a crappy choice; de-aging and white-washing of characters, everyone is so generic looking, cheesy dialogue. The one I could get behind was giving Elena a job where she had a reason to be out in the middle of the night. Otherwise, blerg. The absolute breaking point was probably when whichever bad guy calls the woman in the bar a whore. The fact that I know the story and couldn't figure out which of the villains he's supposed to even be... not great. 

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It could have been so good, but isn't.  

I actually thought the first episode Edna couldn't get through was okay.  A bit badly paced, but the acting wasn't TOO bad and the overall approach was enough different from other supernatural shows on the air to perk some interest.

But its just gone nowhere since then.  LOOONG episodes with nothing happening--no real plot movement.  A really bad sense of how to cap off episodes--ending on boring "after" moments rather than on dramatic moments or cliffhangers.   Horrible heroes who you can't empathize with.  Just so much wrong.

A Season 2 could turn this around (and we maybe need a topic specifically about how), but it would be a major uphill climb.  The core of it (the look, general mythology, etc.) is still good.  It's just the details that suck.

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Fan of the books and have watched the shows with increasing frustration. Every episode is a long slog to get anywhere with the characters and plot. Wish they had invested more screentime on the mythology, Clay's origins, and flashbacks to when the pack was in its heyday. If I never hear the word "mutt" again it will be too damn soon!

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Well also (whether or not the books did it--its been so long since I read them I don't recall) the "rapey" and female oppression aspects of it needed to be better addressed.  We could roll with those things being present if the horribleness of them (coming from our heroes as much or more than our villains) was better acknowledged by more than Elena always whining about it.  Her position needed a lot more bolstering somehow--not that we the audience don't see how wrong it is but that if the show insists on the pack not coming off as total lunatics, we need to see proof they're the good guys.  Not with crushing the genitals of their opponents (who even though some of them are extra-rapey AROUND that have the benefit of being clearly oppressed), but with actual logic and us uncovering strong reasons stated ON SCREEN why being so heavy handed (stealing children, making life hell for all non-pack but limiting membership, killing people who discover their secrets, etc) was the right course.  Yes, we suspect a lot of unharassed or outted wolves would lead to mass violence and war with the humans, but the show didn't connect the dots solidly enough.  The pack came off as elitists, and cruel ones at that.

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I watched it till Tony died. But since my main interest was to see the books picturised. They've strayed from the books (without improving the storylines any, I should say), so I'm just not interested. 

I am still morbidly fascinated enough to check the discussions out though. 

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When did Bitten start borrowing the nanite wormholes from Revolution ?   Because the traveling back and forth between Stonehaven and Toronto is getting pretty ridiculous. Elena went from Toronto to Stonehaven, then back to Toronto deal with Olsen and then back to Stonehaven.  Yet in the first couple of episodes, Stonehaven was so far away that it was inconvenient and she played it up like it was a huge effort to even get there.

Why did it take Logan and Rachel so long to get to Stonehaven ?  They left before Elena and Nick and Jeremy, yet arrived after them - did the US Border Patrol maybe want to have a chat with him about why he was bleeding out in the back seat ?  Do you have anything to declare (other than you are in a lot of pain) ?

Then there is Santos and LeBlanc having no problem sneaking Clay back across the border in his Cadillac with the humongous trunk -- do all the wolves have Nexus cards ? 

Why did Rachel not insist on taking him to a hospital even against Logan's wishes, with access to doctors and medical equipment and yet seemed ok with operating on him on the kitchen table ?  Jeremy's not a doctor and she doesn't say a peep.  And she doesn't even question that Stonehaven has it's own infirmary area.  Logan had been stabbed and all they did was pull some fluid out of his torso -- how about some stitches to maybe stop the bleeding ?

Nick came off as all kinds of super creepy/skeevy with Rachel when he was alone with her.

Elena sits pensively near the sun-filled windowsill of contemplation, pondering what to do about Philip, casually stroking the engagement ring -- pack rules mandate that he has to be killed since he knows about the existence of the werewolves, so she has that to consider.

What's that banging noise downstairs ?  Pipes, repeat, I said pipes, now stop asking questions Rachel.

Worst retcon ever -- Jeremy telling Elena that he was planning to kill her since he thought she saw him mid-change after returning from a run in the woods when she first went to Stonehaven, and Clay was just doing him a favor by biting her and giving her the slimmest of chances to live.  That still doesn't explain why even though she thought Clay had bit her on purpose and ruined her life that Clay and Elena roamed North America as pack enforcers for a couple of years.  And now Clay is her BFF.
Sure, she saw some movement in the woods that day and heard something, but it was so far away.  Plus, she didn't know even know at that time that Jeremy was a werewolf, nor did she mention to Clay that she saw anything suspicious.

Santos wants to start his own family of pure-blood wolves with Elena, and force the current pack to roam as mutts -- power trip much ??

Elena easily took down Santos and LeBlanc -- why didn't she kill them right then and there ? 
At the minimum just for killing Pete and Antonio, and then stabbing Jeremy, Logan and Philip.  She killed Olsen, but killing Santos and Marsden was over the line -- one kill is ok but she draws the line at two or more.

Why did Elena hide a cell phone in Santos' car ?

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That was weird -- spoiler tagged for the Monday night crowd.

James Williams is ........ Jeremy's supposedly dead father, only not so dead.

The pack is so excruciatingly stupid.  They know an attack is coming so they board up the windows and block the doors, yet they don't arm themselves with knives or pipes or sticks or guns -- WTF ??.  Sure they set a trap or two, and fill up the random-vat-of-boiling-oil in the kitchen and fill up the random-tub-full-of-water that isn't anywhere near a bathroom -- all conveniently placed for fights later on in the episode.

The fight scenes aren't too bad, but make no sense.  The mutts know enough to toss a bunch of flash-bangs into Stonehaven, but are also too stupid to bring guns and only show up with a knife or two.  They are trying to exterminate the pack, but want to do it fairly.

LeBlanc and Santos -- dead and dead.  Plus lots of other random mutts are dead.  Marsden saved Elena and turned on the mutts to join the pack (or did he ??), so Jeremy spared his life.

All hail Jeremy -- master of the lumberjack games and the axe throw to end all axe throws, taking out a lunging wolf at a hundred paces.

Rachel gets stashed in a motel by Logan, then goes on a snack run because the mini-fridge is empty (seriously ?), gets captured by Santos and the mutts, gets rescued by the pack (after the aforementioned axe throw of the year), gets stashed in a closet during the battle for Stonehaven, bolts from the closet and escapes from Stonehaven into the woods (for no apparent reason), and finally gets kidnapped by James Williams and crew in the woods.  Logan goes after her, but since he is the worst tracker in the world doesn't find her before she is captured.

Philip is reportedly put on a plane to France to be safe (only it turns out France is the new Belize) as Philip is caught by the mutts (off-camera) and is killed and decapitated and Williams dumps his head in Elena's bedroom. After the end of the battle, Elena returns to her room and decides to put on her engagement ring in the sunfilled-window-of-contemplation to acknowledge her decision to finally marry Philip, only to discover Philip's head in her bedroom and she lets out a scream.

I think that effectively puts an end to the relentless number of trips back and forth to Toronto.  And I'll be curious to see Elena try to explain to Philip's sister that Philip was "accidentally" decapitated, and yet they can't find his body -- that's not suspicious at all.

ETA: Oops, duplicated a topic.  How does one go about deleting a duplicate topic ?

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Not a bad finale. The fighting over the top, but at least, stuff happened. I am glad Marsten switched sides and that Jeremy let him live. 

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I never heard of the books, but fell into the habit of watching the series because it was on right next to "Being Human."

I like the mythos. I like the characters when I can remember which identical looking actor is supposed to be who, And I even like the overall arcs. 

But, as everybody else has mentioned, it takes forever for anything to happen. So I question whether or not this show alone will be enough to keep me tuned in on Monday nights.

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Insanely long fight scene,and I still have no idea what the rules are supposed to be.

Wouldn't turning into a wolf before the battle generally be more effective than slugging it out for twenty minutes? Wait... weapons are allowed? Then why doesn't everybody have them? Even if there's a "no gun" rule that absolutely everybody no matter how devious agrees on, I find it hard to believe you can use knives and huge bludgeoning objects but, say, axes or swords or spears or whatever. If you think fighting as a human is better, use a tool. If you don't, then turn into a wolf and bite some throats out.

Logistically, it doesn't seem like rocket science, and if there are important sociopolitical reasons for them to suddenly start settling almost everything with fisticuffs, then maybe they could have mentioned it at some point in the last, oh, I don't know... THIRTEEN HOURS!

Maybe the CGI budget ran out? OK, improvise. It's not like those phony wolves were winning any awards anyway. Use close-ups of hand puppets. Or even just stick everybody who's supposed to have turned into a wolf into a gorilla suit. Hey, it was good enough for Seth Green...

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CletusMusashi, I was wondering the same as the inane neverending fight scenes played out. I still don't understand why no one had a gun.

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I'm not sure if this show can be saved. Over on TWoP I ranted about how they could have done the whole show differently so that we in the audience actually cared about these characters but I think it's too late. I stayed til the end and I tried, I really tried but in the end the only character I liked and respected was the town sheriff and you know local sheriffs never survive long on supernatural shows.

**This was my take on how the show should have gone:

"Maybe this show would have worked better if it started with Elena and Clay's romance and then followed a more liner storyline. Let her be bit, spend some time learning about the pack, bond with Jeremy as a father figure, the rest as family and then just as she was settling in, let her find out that Clay's bite should have been a death sentence (and let it be news to the audience too so we can feel the betrayal). Then let her flee to her new life and cue the mutts creeping in. "

I really think this would have made a much more interesting story and we would have learned about pack culture with Elena. Plus it would have felt like stuff was happening rather than all the good stuff turn out to be backstory. Sigh.

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A place to discuss particular episodes (that do not have specific episode threads), arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.

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Renewed for a second season.


There's not much of a pack left, so unless they start a recruitment drive and soon, everyone should be dead by the end of Season 2.


Plus, the order has been downsized from 13 episodes to 10 episodes, so basically they were lucky to get renewed.  It also means that the budget per episode will likely be reduced which will lead to fewer shitty CGI wolf scenes (so that's not all bad).


From that linked article:

-- "sexy, high-octane thriller" -- are they watching the same show as everyone else ? If anything it was slow and moping.

-- "Space’s most-watched original series ever." -- which wouldn't take much as there been so few original series produced by Space, most of the time any new shows are whatever they can pickup from Syfy.  So yeah, enough with the overuse of PR speak.

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Just discovered this show, and ended up watching the episodes back to back. Surprised, by how much I liked the show, despite the obvious flaws and plot holes. Hopefully, they have a bigger budget for season 2, so when someone says they are sending an army - they get to use more than 4 extras. Jeremy is by far the most docile Alpha in any of these type of shows. His actions indirectly led to the loss of many lives, and I see Nick challenging for Alpha at some point. He already seems to be questioning some of Jeremy's lenient actions.


What was up with the pregnant girl, first she goes for a candy run in the middle of a manhunt, then also decides to leave her secure hiding spot, to go around roaming in the woods. Tsk, tsk, tsk. There is so much eye candy on this show. The pack wolves were very good looking and I like that the British Mutt, is now part of the pack.


So one minute Elena is contemplating marrying William, the next minute, she is excited to wear Clay's ring. How did the bad wolves find William in France. Did they follow him? If they did, how did they get the head back in time? I guess next season, we get to witness a guilt plagued Elena.

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I have to admit that while I had a very hard time getting into the show, I was excited to see on Kelley Armstrong's Facebook page that season two will be based on the second book, Stolen, including the non-werewolf characters (which was not the original plan). So hopefully that means at least Paige and Savannah will be showing up.  And really, this show could use a lot more women.

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Here's the Season 2 trailer. I've never loved the writing or some of the acting on this show, but I'm interested to see how the new season goes. Honestly, I can be very shallow, so the potential for naked Clay or Nick will get me through a few episodes at least.


Well, that and shutting my brain off during the show. I'm still trying to accept that Elena, the awesomest tracker, couldn't smell her ex-boyfriend's decapitated and presumably bloody head from ten feet away.

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Episode Description:


Elena and The Pack are on the hunt for Malcolm. Meanwhile, back at Stonehaven, Jeremy receives an ultimatum from the Council of International Alphas that challenges his leadership over North America.




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Now that's how you come back to kick off Season 2 !


Several of the episodes last year were pretty lackluster because nothing ever seemed to happen. 


But in just one episode we get:

  • Several action-packed fight scenes
  • Not one but two hot sex scenes with plenty o' nudity
  • Immediate followup on the events of Season 1 finale, with everyone trying to find Rachel and Malcolm
  • Sexy Witches (with nice taste in cars, complete with the beekeeper option)
  • Introduction of bigger bad that via the symbol, that his apparently using humans to track and kill werewolves
  • Did I say sexy witches , with werewolf tracking marble 
  • A very quick cameo by Joey Jeremiah himself, Pat Mastrioanni, who unfortunately had his tongue ripped out by Elena and then she killed him and set him on fire.


That woman that Nick was having sexytime with -- was all kinds of hot.


I'll forgive the travel shenanigans -- because they went from New York state to Baton Rouge damn quickly.


After Clay mentioned to Elena that she hadn't slept in 3 days, they proceeded to have hot sex (instead of, oh say, going to sleep).  So later in the show when Elena told Logan that he hadn't slept in 3 days, I was wondering if she was going to have sex with him too?  :)


ETA: The wolf CGI was vastly improved over Season 1, when we saw Nate Parker transform and eventually get killed.

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Episode Description:


Clay investigates a mysterious symbol that may be related to witchcraft while the rest of The Pack interrogates a captive Malcolm. However, when both inquiries lead to the same destination, The Pack is faced with a disturbing truth - witches live among us.


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I'm starting to think that making Season 2 only 10 episodes has been a good idea since it cuts out the filler and the plot moves steadily forward.


A decent followup to the Season 2 premiere episode, but unfortunately there was minimal nakedness and sexytime (about 1 minute with Clay/Elena), but that left plenty of time for all the other plot developments.


Unfortunately, they have to keep Malcolm Danvers alive and locked up in the cage in the Stonehaven basement because he is the only connection to Rachel and Logan's baby. To make a point, Jeremy kills Roderigo for funding the mutt uprising right -- and he does it in front of Malcolm by tearing Roderigo's throat apart with two hands.


Clay ventures down to Louisiana to meet a professor at Tulane to ask about the symbol, and the professor gets all freaked out, tells Clay it is a symbol of malevolent witchcraft and points him to a voodoo priestess' home.  Who also unfortunately had previously been killed by Malcolm, so Clay searches her house and finds a grimoire that contains references to the symbol accompanied by the phrase 'The Destroyer Returns'.


We get some good backstory on Clay and find out that Clay was turned when he was 10 by none other than Malcolm Danvers.  Clay goes back to his old homestead and finds out from the property owner that Malcolm also killed Clay's mother.  It's not like Malcolm didn't have Jeremy, Elena, and Logan gunning to kill him, but now Clay wants to kill him too.


Just when you think this show is better because they ditched all the Toronto stuff, Philip's sister (Diane)shows up to bitch out Elena about indirectly causing Philip's death and not showing up to Philip's funeral (I imagine it was a closed casket because Philip's head is at Stonehaven). I hope that closes all the Toronto stuff for good.


The power goes out at Stonehaven which then gets enveloped by a dense fog that is filled with muttering voices and Elena/Nick head out into the woods to find what's going on.  Nick finds a small burlap bag that is moving and looks like it contains an animal or a child but that turns out to be a distraction so a witch can cast a spell on him that makes him think he's bleeding from his eyes and is now blind.  Jeremy and Elena go looking for Nick when Nick starts screaming leaving Stonehaven wide open for one of the witches to use her werewolf-guided marble to find Malcolm in the basement, but she leaves and all the fog disappears and Nick's sight returns.


After Clay returns and everyone is in the basement at Stonehaven looking at the grimoire, the witches (Ruth and Paige) show up and introduce themselves to the werewolves -- and ask for Malcolm Danvers so they can trade him for a young witch named Savannah who has been captured by the Destroyer.  So the witches and the werewolves have a common enemy, but Jeremy doesn't want to play nice with the witches so the witches leave.


Overnight, the witches cast a spell on Stonehaven that opens every window and door in the place -- including Malcolm's cage door.  And Malcolm is gone in the morning.


Couple of interesting tidbits during the conversation between Ruth and Jeremy:

  • witches have been around much longer than werewolves have
  • magic is real
  • witches only give birth to girls
  • witches inherit their magical powers


Elena was wearing some very sexy shiny black leggings when she met with Diane.


Tommie-Amber Pirie is extremely hot as Paige the witch.

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I don't have Space channel any more so I'm watching this online now.  Last season was so dodgy, I didn't think I'd miss the show but it has come back strong from the werewolf side.  I'm a bit disappointed in how the witches are being presented.  The witch characters were my favourites in the books, and I was hoping to see Eve, but I don't think that's going to happen.  Paige looks like she's in a chem test with Antonio and I'm not thrilled with that either.  I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes of season 2, but I'm a bit concerned about the way the show's going to treat my favourite characters. 

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Savannah should know better -- you don't take candy from strangers.  I am the key, I am the lock -- sounds a lot like Ghostbusters "I am Gatekeeper, I am the Keymaster" -- so I'm thinking it's going to open a door to something scary.


What does Alistair really want Savannah for if he claims that she will be the most powerful witch of all ?  Because that doesn't sound like he is going to give her back to the witches in exchange for Malclom Danvers.


It's quickly confirmed that the witches took Malcolm and Jeremy eventually agrees to work with the witches so that they get Savannah back and the werewolves will get Malcolm once he is no longer of any use to the witches.


Just to complicate things, members of the Spanish wolf pack show up to find out what happened to Roderigo (their Alpha) and ask for an inspection of Stonehaven, but leave empty-handed.  I bet they will be back for revenge at some point.


Clay and Elena get the body disposal detail for Roderigo -- which includes cutting off all his finger tips, bashing his skull in with a sledge hammer, and burning him.  Sometimes it sucks not to be the Alpha of the pack.  While they may have disposed of the body, what happened to Roderigo's car he drove to Stonehaven ?


To paraphrase Nick, the witches place a "witchy Skype call" to Savannah to get a status update, but Logan interrupts her when she mentions a screaming pregnant woman. Thankfully, there are no side effects to the witchy long distance call being disrupted, just the equivalent of a Schnapps headache according to Paige.


Everyone meets up at the farm and prepare the trap for Alistair using Malcolm as the bait.  One big question -- what's with all the dead animal heads hanging from the trees at this farm ?  Because it's kind of creepy.

In the aftershow, it was shown that all those dead animal heads were already hanging from the trees when they scouted the location, so they just wrote it into the show for that extra level of creepiness.


Alistair arrives, fatally wounds Bridget the witch, frees Malcolm, and casts a spell that dazes all the werewolves.  Alistair's followers show up in two panel vans and a battle royale ensues.  Malcolm cheeses it away from the farm followed by Elena -- Elena catches up to Malcolm, fights him and kills him.  However, Alistair then kidnaps Elena since she is obviously the 'stronger wolf'.  Ruth can barely defend herself against Alistair, which scares the crap out of her.  While Alistair's minions are collecting their dead, Logan does some forward thinking and buries himself in the bodies in the panel van.


Nick defends Paige against one of Alistair's followers that they are able to capture while Bridget dies.  However, the captured minion of Alistair proceeds to commit suicide after she was being interrogated.  But I bet the witches aren't done with her yet, there's gotta be a spell they can use on her.


Nick and Paige are starting to develop a friendship -- they are totally going to bang at some point.   And Paige's ceremonial cremation of Bridget was an really well done effect -- it looks really cool.  Clay is very emphatic to Ruth that she must help them find Savannah and Elena -- or else.


At least Jeremy can now show the Alpha council that Malcolm is truly dead (I think it's time for Malcolm's head on a pike).


To end the episode, we find Elena is strapped down to a table.  Why doesn't she just change into a wolf and escape from her bonds ?


This episode continues the Season 2 standard so far of being action packed and lots of forward plot movement. It's so much better than Season 1.


ETA:  Shades of the movie 'Inception' in Alistair's hideout with that spinning totem that would not fall down.  Not sure what that means.

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The problem with this show is that the werewolves are all unlikable murderous jerks. Give them a few more weeks and they'll just kill themselves. Were they this homicidal in the books? 

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Episode Description:


Elena awakens to find herself the subject of painful tests in a hidden compound run by a maniacal and powerful cult leader. Meanwhile, The Pack and witches must resort to dark magic in an effort to track down their missing members.


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The sped-up pace of this show continues -- and that's a good thing, because a lot happens.


Alistair wants to the complete the Undoing (whatever that is) -- as Elena gets stripped down, sampled, and tested by Dr. Bower (Alistair's research doctor), and then Elena is branded by Alistair with the symbol of the Destroyer.


Elena tries to find a way out of her cell by kicking a hole in the wall, and talks to Savannah.  Meanwhile, Paige makes another "witchy Skype call"  with Savannah and they discover that Elena is in the cell next to her there, but they still don't know where 'there' is. Savannah is being all bratty and won't answer many questions and the call is interrupted by a guard in Savannah's cell.


Nick continues to make moves on Paige in the guise of comforting her while she grieves for Bridget -- these two are totally going to bang, and right soon at that.


Based on some information Jeremy finds out, Alistair's lair is somewhere near Montreal.


Ruth decides to try and get some information out the corpse of Alistair's minion -- using dark magic.  Apparently left-hand magic is dark magic, and it's left-hand magic that Alistair is convincing Savannah to use as he trains her.  Did I mention that Alistair is a male witch ?  And male witches are not supposed to exist, per Paige someone broke a commandment to create this male witch.  I'm thinking it's got something to do with Ruth, especially after that conversation Ruth had with Alistair at the farm last episode.


Logan finally gets out of the panel van o' bodies and scouts around looking for Elena, but probably needs to find a phone to call Stonehaven to tell everyone where he is. Logan kills one of the guards and finds Rachel -- finally.  When they try to escape, as they reach a portion of the farm marked by the symbol on the trees (as seen in the S2 premier), the same symbol that is branded on Rachel's neck starts to smoke so they both stop and are captured.


It's interesting that neither Jeremy, Clay or Nick asked where Logan was after the battle at the farm.  Considering that 2 werewolves in the pack were killed last season, you would think someone would be concerned that another werewolf has gone missing in addition to Elena being kidnapped.


Savannah gets bratty and Elena gets tasered for bothering her, something Savannah didn't think would happen and it kind of solidifies what Elena told her about Alistair controlling her.


Jeremy plays 20 questions with Ruth while helping her paint her hands for the corpse interrogation ceremony, and discovers there are multiple covens in North America -- and that Ruth hasn't told any of the other covens about Savannah's kidnapping so they won't be getting any help soon.  And Jeremy tells Nick and Clay that they need to work with the witches only until they get their people back, and then they might have to take matters into their own hands.


During the corpse interrogation ceremony, the corpse reveals through Ruth that a Dr. Bower is involved somehow.  Jeremy restrains Paige from stopping the ceremony so he can ask more questions, but doesn't get a lot of helpful info.  The witches are a little pissed that Jeremy messed with them during the ceremony.


Elena is put into an arena with another werewolf named Richard where they are supposed to fight in order to get Elena to turn, but Elena doesn't turn and submits to the other wolf.  When guards are sent in to contain them werewolf Richard kills one guard and Elena takes down the other guard and they both escape and run into the woods.  Elena gets shot by a tranquillizer dart and then immediately pulls it out throws it into the eye of her attacker (which was really bad-ass). As Elena catches up to Richard at the perimeter, she starts to feel the effects of the tranq dart as Richard slows down, his Destroyer symbol brand starts to smoke and then werewolf Richard explodes.


Elena wakes up and is given a choice by Alistair -- change into a werewolf or he will kill Rachel.  So Rachel changes right in front of Rachel and Alistair -- and Rachel can't believe what's happening because until that point she still was unaware that werewolves existed (and she still doesn't know that Logan is a wolf).


Savannah and Elena have a heart-to-heart conversation through the wall and Elena convinces her that Alistair is bad and Elena will protect her.


Dr. Bower doesn't get the results she expected from Elena's werewolf -- and decides to take matters in to her own hands.  She draws a large sample of Elena's blood into a large needle, and then during a pagan-style ritual sex ceremony where Dr. Bower is riding cowgirl style on top of Alistair, as she reaches the height of orgasm she plunges the needle with Elena's wolfblood into her thigh and injects herself with it.   Got to admit, I did not see that ..... coming.

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I think the dead woman ended up staying inside Ruth's body after the connection was broken.  Ruth - "it's good to be home" and Paige's -  "we're not" seemed to suggest that..

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Ok, that last scene?  I actually said "WTF?" out loud to my empty apartment. I'm intrigued by the blood injection and, well, pretty much everything.  I didn't think I'd actually be that into this series because I kind of forgot about it after Season 1.  I'm hoping the Coven/Wolf combination sticks together. (Wareoven?  Covewolf?)  And I can't wait to see Nick and Page get together.  

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Continuing the faster pace of the first 4 episodes of this season, lots happens this episode too -- so much better than Season 1.


5 years ago Dr. Bauer was doing some really weird biological experimentation at a university she was working for, was found out, and fired.  She tried to commit suicide by jumping off a parking garage rooftop but was startled by some birds and fell back breaking her ankle in the process.  Aleistair shows up, heals her wound and promises that he will find her all sorts of interesting things to experiment on.  For some reason, she wants to feel the pain of the broken ankle, so Aleistair undoes the healing temporarily while Dr. Bauer wails in pain.  This means Aleistair has been planning the Undoing for some time, but how did he know that Dr. Bauer would be on that parking garage roof at that moment.


Elena is charged with making Dr. Bauer survive the transition, but Elena believes that she won't live through it.  But Dr. Bauer does survive and escapes.


Clay finds out that Dr. Bauer was fired from the university because of illicit gene splicing and animal mutations.


Nick and Paige visit Aleistair's mother at a nursing home, and find out that Timothy Ashmont (Aleistair) was adopted by the Almonts and was an evil child that killed his sdoptive father.  Aleistair is a witch as his mother says Paige has the same eyes as him.


Jeremy and Ruth take a drive after she told him about old enemy which turns out to be a witch that Ruth had previously stripped of her powers.  This former witch was responsible for killing Ruth's baby boy but couldn't and she dropped the boy off at a church -- and that baby was Aleistair.  As a rule, witches only give birth to girls because the witches mythology state that the son of a witch will kill all the witches (which is apparently what 'the Undoing' is).


The big reveal is that the first werewolf was created by a curse from a witch using dark magic, and that curse upset the balance in withcraft that it opened the door for th e Undoing -- which is a big surprise to all the members of the pack, because they thought it was something about the 7th son of a 7th son that was the first werewolf.  The combination of the Cursed and the One who Curses (Werewolves and Witches), in this case Elena and Savannah, will bring about death of all witches.  Still not sure why Aleistair wants to kill all the female witches -- some sort of Highlander 'there can be only one' scenario maybe in order to get all the power ?


Rachel gets a Clockwork Orange-style brainwashing session and is injected with Savannah's blood, but the brainwashing doesn't take.  Rachel escapes and finds the 'Inception-style spinning top on top of a map of the facility in Aleistair's office -- and stops it, which causes the symbol branded on her neck (and all of Aleistair's minions necks) to disappear, and Aleistair's minions are no longer under his control, but he quickly rectifies it and Rachel is quickly re-captured.  She really should have taken the top with her so that Aleistair couldn't re-enable that power.  For some reason, Logan is missing for the entire episode.


Dr. Bauer (in wolf form) kills a couple of Aleistair's minions and hunts Savannah, but returns back to human form -- only she is severely brain-damaged and Aleistair kills her (so much for the only the 2nd female werewolf ever).


Nick and Paige bang -- finally !  Against the trunk of a big tree -- though Paige might need some polysporin for all the scrapes on her back and butt from the tree bark.


Via another witchy Skype call, Elena fills in the pack with info on where she thinks they are so they can come find her.  Nick finds two possible locations that meet Elena's description so they split up -- Clay and Paige going to one location, Jeremy, Nick and Ruth to the other. 


Paige doesn't know that Aleistair is Ruth's son and her brother -- that should cause problems later on.


Savannah finally comes into her powers, and under Aleistair's control, she learns to control people, nearly killing one of Aleistair's minions.

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Witch Backstory -- we get the circumstances of how Aleister was born and not killed by the witches.  Ruth coerced another witch to kill the baby after it was born, but she couldn't do it so she dropped it off at a church (ironically called the Freewill Church).


Rachel gets penned up with Logan and she confronts him about being a werewolf.  And he confirms it.  After that, Rachel states to Logan that once they escape she never wants to see him again.  Ouch !!  While trying to escape, Logan triggers a gas bomb of some sort that nearly overcomes them in the cell.


Savannah is having trouble concentrating on her spells because she can feel Elena's anxiety, so Aleister casts a spell on Elena to calm her down.  She wakes up and escapes into Savannah's cell via the hole in the wall, and when it is discovered she has escaped, the minion finds the hole in the wall as Elena reaches through and breaks his neck.  she grabs the keys and escapes, but as she wanders through the complex she keeps feeling hands touching her until finally she is confined against the wall by hands that came out of the wall. 


Clay and Paige are out in the middle of nowhere of the Eastern Townships of Quebec looking for the Aleister's facility, but they aren't getting along so well.


Paige spots what she thinks might have been a flash of magic towards the end of some power lines so Paige and Clay bicker on their way back to the car.


Logan and Rachel escape from their cell as Logan figures out a way to unlock the door.


Elena has crazy dreams of Clay kissing her, of herself drowning in a pool of blood, and Philip's sister, Diane, looking all ravaged and hands covered in blood blaming Elena for Philip's death.  Then she encounters two of Aleister's minions carrying baseball bats, kills them both, takes the baseball bats and runs into a dream version of Savannah who tries to convince her that Elena is still imprisoned in the cell in a hallucinating state.


Aleister convenes the ceremony with all his minions to commit the undoing ceremony to kill all the witches, but Elena finally wakes up from the spell, makes it above ground after hallucinating Clay telling her to send him a signal.  So Elena lights a wick to explode a fuel tank as she confronts the Undoing ceremony slamming the baseball bats together as she approaches.  As Elena stands there with the baseball bats held high, the fuel tank explodes (it's a pretty cool looking scene).


Rachel and Logan go to Aleister's office and disrupt the totem, freeing all the minions and everyone else with the symbol burned onto their necks, and they high-tail it out of there.  They find a car and leave the base.


Elena catches up with Savannah in Aleister's office and tries to convince her to come with her, but Aleister shows up and restrains Savannah and shatters an upright mirror and all the shards stream towards Elena, but obviously Clay and Paige saw the explosion as Paige shows up, covers Elena and casts a spell that diverts all the glass shards.  Aleister and Paige chat where Aleister reveals that he is Paige's older brother, but Paige doesn't believe it.  Aleister loses control of Savannah (the Lock and the Key spell no longer works), and Savannah goes to Elena.  Paige then transports Aleister away to somewhere unknown, even Paige doesn't know for sure.


Aleister waked up in one of his ceremonial rooms, knocks out one of his wandering minions, and casts a spell that makes the minion look like Aleister and then impales the body on a post. Sucks to be a minion sometimes.  And Aleister knocks out the rest of the minions in the room.


Elena and Paige discover the room with Aleister's body and seem to be convinced that he's finally dead.  Elena takes Savannah to the car, while Clay shows up and talks to Paige about what happened. One of the minions wakes up and inquires where she is, and Paige puts her to sleep.  Clay indicates that Nick, Jeremy and Ruth are an hour away and Paige needs to keep all the minions who are still alive asleep so that they can all be moved off the property for when they wake up while Clay leaves to find Elena.  Elena puts Savannah in Clay's car and Clay shows up and they leave the property.  As they drive away, Aleister peaks around the corner of a building and watches them drive away.


I'm concerned for Paige since she is all alone on that old military base with Aleister and a bunch of his former minions, and her guard is down because she thinks Aleister is dead.

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Seriously, if Season 1 was as packed with plot development as Season 2, it would have been such a better show.  Because tons happens this episode.


Savannah has a pretty gnarly dream to start off the episode, dreaming in black and white that she is being chased by something while wearing on old-timey nightgown into a building where she sees Elena being eaten by someone (not sure who it is that is chewing on her gut) as Elena calls to her for help -- and then being confronted by Elena where Elena says "we are all dead by dawn" as other people (some looking like Aleister's minions) surround Savannah and she screams out.


Requisite scene of Clay's naked butt while Elena cuts her own hair.


Meanwhile, Paige is still at Aleister's compound and destroys Aleister's totem that controlled his minions and kept his captives from escaping.  It's a really great looking scene.


All of sudden Jeremy is back at Stonehaven -- but weren't Jeremy, Nick and Elena supposed to help Paige get all the former minions away from that property so there was no evidence of what went on there.  The Council of Alphas shows up for the evidence that Malcolm Danvers is truly dead, except Jeremy only has photos -- so where is Malcolm's body ?  Needless to say that the Alphas are not impressed.


Turns out that Nick and Paige are burning all the evidence at Aleister's compound so I'm not sure how Jeremy got back to Stonehaven.  And where is Ruth ?  Paige and Nick have a chat about the importance family -- Nick asks Paige if she thinks she can "hug the crazy out of Aleister".  Paige is insistent that Nick stop by the town (Hawkesbury) where Nick's mother (Lily) lives on the way back to Stonehaven.


Requisite scene of Elena in a sports bra and really tight yoga pants.


The other Alphas are fascinated with Elena and how she survived her first change to a wolf.


Paige and Nick find Lily at a diner called the 'Thirsty Cactus' in Hawkesbury.  When Paige asks Lily if she can change tables since it's a brighter location for her and her "fiancee", Lily says to Nick "Well come on over, I won't bite".  Hah !


One of the Alphas, Eduardo, who replaced Roderigo on the Alpha Council threatens Jeremy by telling him that he knows where Nick is and he will have him killed by the end of the day (which sound ominously like Savannah's dream) unless Jeremy kills someone named Roman, the Russian Alpha.


Clay phones Nick to warn him that he's in danger, but Nick and Paige both left there cell phones in the car while he and Paige were in the diner.  And there's a shady looking guy standing by Nick's car on the streets of Hawkesbury and he proceeds to break the window in Nick's car and steals his phone.  Nick should know better -- you never leave your phone in your car in plain sight.  That was a stupid move.


Jeremy instructs Clay to watch Eduardo closely to see what other plans he has in mind for the Stonehaven pack.
Clay tracks Eduardo to a meeting with Karl Marsten -- so some other shit is most certainly going down.


Savannah confronts Roman and Elena in the woods of Stonehaven to tell her about her vision that Elena is going to die.

Nick and Paige have a nice chat with Lily about how she ended up buying the diner -- and Lily regales them with the tale of how she lost her baby and fiancé when she was 17.

As Nick and Paige check in for the night at a bed and breakfast, Nick is feeling guilty about what his dad did to his mother and is slightly jealous of normal families with a mom and dad.  Parental issues !!!  Of course Nick and Paige get ready to bang again by stripping down, but not before Nick gives her a tongue bath before fading to black. Bom -chicka-wow-wow !!!


Savannah shares her dream with Elena -- only this time there are more details revealing that Aleister is in the building at the time Elena is being devoured.

And Savannah recognizes Roman as the werewolf devouring Elena in the dream.  And Roman demands that since Savannah knows what he is, she has to die.  And Jeremy has to find a replacement for himself -- someone that will stay in-line with the other Alphas.

All of a sudden only certain electric lights in Stonehaven explode -- why only some ?  Elena and Jeremy think its Savannah, but its not.


Lily shows up while Paige and Nick are having breakfast -- and confirms to Nick that she knows he is her son.  Turns out Antonio wasn't a completely heartless bastard cutting off all ties and had been regularly sending photos of Nick to Lily over the years.  Whoops !  Nick bolts away from Lily with Paige in pursuit.  Paige catches up to Nick, but Nick picks up on the scent of another werewolf nearby -- and they head out to find him.


Clay confronts Karl Marsten and strangles him while questioning him about why he is working with Eduardo.  Karl confirms that Eduardo wants to take over the North American pack, and that he was going to warn Jeremy because he owes Jeremy his life (but Marsten lies all the time, so I seriously doubt that). 


Nick and Paige track the mutt to a corn field. While Paige creates a distraction by generating smoke in the corn field, Nick heads out to find the mutt.  Surprisingly, the mutt shows up near Pagie with Lily and a knife to her throat demanding to see Nick or he will kill Lily.  Nick shows up as a wolf, knocks out the mutt and drags him into the cornfield right in front of Lily and Paige.  Lily figures out that Nick is the wolf.  That can't be good for her.  Nick converts back to human form and interrgates the mutt -- confirms that when Jeremy killed Roderigo he started a war, and that Nick will have nothing to go back to Stonehaven for as everyone there will be dead.  And Nick kills the mutt.


Jeremy presents Roman's blood-covered jacket to Eduardo as proof that he has killed Roman, but asserts that the body is being "taken care of" by the rest of the pack.  Turns out Roman is very much alive, bound in the basement being guarded by Elena.  Roman states to Elena that "if you are wrong, you will all be dead by dawn".  There's that line from Savannah's dream again.


More of Eduardo's pack shows up, and Elena tells Roman to shut up and listen -- as wolf hearing is pretty good and can hear through floors.  While Jeremy and Eduardo discuss the future, Elena starts stealthily killing off the members of Eduardo's pack. Of course Eduardo monologues his plans to get rid of Roman, just before Roman and Elena enter the room.

Problem is, Elena missed one of Eduardo's pack and that guy has grabbed Savannah, putting Roman's killing of Eduardo on hold.  All of a sudden, Eduardo's remaining pack member starts dripping blood on Savannah's hand (just like in the dream) as Savannah looks up and blood is pouring out of the wolf's ear, as he collapses to the floor dead.


Eduardo cheeses it. Clay arrives with Marsten, and Clay heads after Eduardo.  Roman agrees with Jeremy to terminate the Spanish pack, leaves.  Jeremy talks with Marsten, confirms that Marsten is safe and Marsten leaves.


Nick recovers the body of the mutt and sticks it in the car with Paige's help.  Nick knows that his mother knows what he is, and Paige tries to convince him not to kill her.  Nick meets up with Lily at the diner -- Lily admits that she has known all along that Antonio was a wolf, and Antonio knew that she knew, and that he had to take Nick away for her own safety on the condition that he sent her a picture of Nick every year.  Lily knows something is wrong since she didn't get a picture this year -- and Nick has to tell her that Antonio was killed.  Nick feels guilty about bringing so much trouble into her life.  Lily promises that she kept Antonio's secret all these years -- and she will do the same for Nick.  So Nick doesn't have to kill her, but he tells her that he can never see her again.


While Elena washes the blood off of Savannah's hands, she reassures her that what she did to Eduardo's pack member was what she had to do -- only Savannah confirms that it wasn't her doing.


Clay continues to track Eduardo through the woods, and when he stops he is assaulted by an invisible force that propels him against a shed.  And up walks Aleister -- he's the one holding him against the shed, and tells him that he is chasing the wrong enemy.  And Clay is very much surprised that Aleister is even alive.


Despite Clay's threats to kill him again, Aleister switches bodies with Clay -- Aleister's mind is in Clay's body, and Clay's mind is in Aleister's body.  Clay can't handle the transference and becomes unconscious as Aleister (in Clay's body) stashes Clay (in Aleister's body) in the shed.


Oh, shit just got real.


Where the hell has Ruth been all this time ?  The pack could really use her help, but Ruth doesn't even seem to be aware that Savannah is missing from her care.

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Episode Description:


Aleister returns to Stonehaven as Clay where he convinces Jeremy to let the Coven complete her initiation ritual on the property. Meanwhile, Clay finds himself trapped in his unconscious, wrestling with Aleister and his own mind.


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Yet another informative flashback to start the show -- Ruth removes the powers from the witch that saved Ruth's son, Aleister, for killing people for money.  Later on that unpowered witch encounters Aleister performing magic and announces that she's responsible for him being alive and calls him 'the Prophecy'.  Apparently Aleister was unaware that he was a witch until then -- he could do evil stuff, but didn't know why.


We resume from last episode with Aleister-in-Clay's-body wrapping up Clay-in-Aleister's-body in that shed in the woods, having placed him on the floor on top of the symbol of the Destroyer.  Clay bangs his head on the doorway of the shed to make it look like Eduardo attacked him as Nick and Jeremy show up looking for him.


After they all return to Stonehaven, they meet up with Ruth and Paige and discuss performing Savannah's initiation ritual on site so that she can focus her powers because they still believe that Savannah caused that member of Eduardo's pack to bleed out.


Clay ends up in a dream state of an abandoned Stonehaven and is taunted by a version of Aleister. Aleister tells Clay that his has taken possession of Clay's body via a spell.


Elena and Savannah have a nice heart-to-heart chat in a bedroom -- Clay comes in and acts a little off from normal, but no one really notices.


Paige and Ruth start Savannah's initiation ritual -- only it's not going all that well because Savannah selects a rat as her familiar, and unfortunately she's afraid of rats.


Clay and Elena discuss the initiation ritual while looking for a vessel for the latter part of her ritual.  Clay kisses Elena and Elena notices that something is different with Clay.


While Paige is in the basement prepping kindling from 4 different types of wood for a later part of the initiation ritual, Nick comes into help but he can't keep his hands off Paige -- faster than a hat can drop, it's sexy time for Paige and Nick.  Paige tells Nick that this is the last sexy time for them -- and they start banging up against the bars of the cage in the basement.  Poor Tommie-Amber Pirie -- first having a sex scene up against a tree and now up against steel bars.  That can't be comfortable during filming.


Ruth is building a teepee-like structure out in the middle of the woods while Aleister-in-Clay's-body tries to assist, as Nick and Paige to check on their progress.  Nick mentions that the structure should be closer to the mansion, but Clay is really insistent that it stay where it is.  And then Aleister-in-Clay's-body says to Nick that "somebody has been dipping their wick" and says that Paige is nothing but "a little witch-whore".  Nick demands an apology and Aleister-in-Clay's-body punches Nick.  Nick and Aleister-in-Clay's-body have a good old-fashioned fight in the woods.


Elena confronts Aleister-in-Clay's-body over him fighting with Nick -- and Aleister-in-Clay's-body claims its all the fault of the witches, that they are tearing the pack apart and he won't let it happen. Even Elena's notices that he is acting abnormally.  And then Aleister-in-Clay's-body tires to kiss Elena really aggressively until Elena finally slugs him and high-tails it out of the room.


Meanwhile, Clay continues to have visions -- only now of young version of himself inside vision Stonehaven.


Aleister-in-Clay's-body packs a rucksack full of rope in his bedroom as someone knocks on the door. It's Jeremy to confront Aleister-in-Clay's-body about his actions. Aleister-in-Clay's-body claims to have information that Jeremy doesn't know about what happened at Aleister's compound.


Elena comforts Savannah as she preps for the next stage of the initiation ritual, and then Elena asks Paige about Savannah's control issues and how dangerous can it get.  And if it can affect other people -- because Elena thinks Savannah's burgeoning powers are affecting Clay.


Aleister-in-Clay's-body tells Jeremy that Elena has changed because she was forced to change to a wolf in front of other people. Aleister-in-Clay's-body tells Jeremy that one of the people that saw Elena change was Rachel.  While all of Aleister's minions had their memories wipes of the events at Aleister's compound, it is a big issue for a human like Rachel to know about the fact werewolves are real. Aleister-in-Clay's-body tells Jeremy that Elena spending too much time with Savannah could have unexpected consequences.


Elena tells Paige about the changes in Clay's behavior -- almost like he is someone else. Elena' relates to Paige about the spell Aleister cast on her, but what Clay is experiencing is something vastly different than what Elena experienced.  Like Clay is not himself.  Paige dismisses it as the wolves blaming anything weird on magic, but it's not the witches fault.


Elena starts researching through the grimoire that Clay brought back from Louisiana -- looking for something that might be responsible for Clay's odd behavior.


Meanwhile, Aleister-in-Clay's-body starts setting up the rope as a noose in a warehouse nearby (not sure where he found this warehouse, as Stonehaven is pretty isolated) and constructs a ceremonial circle on the floor under the noose.


Clay continues in his dream state -- and encounters Malcolm Danvers and young Clay.  Vision Malcolm tells Clay to fight smart, not strong.  If Clay doesn't find a way out of the dream state he will die.


Elena finishes her research of the grimoire and tells Jeremy that she thinks someone has possessed Clay, specifically a dark witch. But Jeremy changes the subject about Elena changing in front of Rachel.  Only one problem -- the only people that knew about that were Rachel, Elena -- and Aleister.  She never told Clay.  Elena assures Jeremy that Clay is not the Clay she knows, and that despite the fact that Nick burned Aleister's body, she doesn't think Aleister is dead.  Elena asks where Clay was this morning -- and Jeremy indicates that he found Clay near a shed at the edge of Stonehaven property.


Ruth and Paige begin the second part of the initiation ritual, only Savannah is concerned that Elena isn't there for support.  Paige creates a talisman for Savannah, Ruth places it around Savannah's neck and Savannah enters the teepee.


Jeremy and Elena rush to the shed only to find the shed empty and no body in the wrapping on the floor -- after picking up the wrapping they see the Destroyer symbol on the floor.  Jeremy confirms that Elena was right about Aleister being alive and race to save Savannah since they know Aleister wants her for the Undoing.


Savannah is sitting in the teepee and a rat shows up (it is her familiar) -- she picks up the rat, says some magic words and Savannah is surrounded by a bright light as she closes her eyes while clutching the rat.  When she opens her eyes, the rat is gone.  As Savannah calls out to Ruth and Paige that she has completed the ceremony, no one responds.  But Aleister-in-Clay's-body shows up in front of the teepee.


Jeremy and Ruth discuss that fact that Aleister is alive and has possessed Clay's body -- Ruth's only answer to kill Clay's body outside the dark circle that Aleister-in-Clay's-body has constructed as that will kill Aleister, but also kill Clay.   Ruth confirms that possession spells are always fatal to those possessed.


Aleister-in-Clay's-body puts Savannah in the trunk of his car and has unconscious Clay-in-Aleister's-body in the passenger seat, but then drives off in Clay's truck.


Nick, Jeremy and Elena determine where the foundry is that Aleister-in-Clay's-body has built the dark circle.

Clay is still wandering in his dream state -- he finds an exit to the basement of vision Stonehaven and after some positive reinforcement from Malcolm heads downstairs.


Nick, Jeremy and Elena arrive at the foundry -- and Jeremy confirms to Nick and Elena that Clay is gone -- and that if they kill Aleister's body, it will put Aleister in Clay's body for good.  Elena refuses to give up hope that they can save Clay.  Jeremy tells Nick how to kill Aleister.


Ruth and Paige are still in Stonehaven and perform a protection spell on Savannah, and use another spell to determine where Savannah's talisman is.


Aleister-in-Clay's-body enters the dark circle and prepares to hang himself -- Jeremy sees this happening and knocks Aleister-in-Clay's-body off the oil drum he was standing on. Jeremy and Clay get up and start brawling.


Clay continues in his vision to the basement of vision Stonehaven, and finds a wolf in the cage, beating its head against the cage door trying to get out.


Aleister-in-Clay's-body jumps up into the air and sticks his head through the noose -- Jeremy grabs a steel pipe and cuts the rope.  They brawl some more, Jeremy gets the upper hand and stabs Clay in the side of the chest as Nick and Elena run onto the scene.

In his dream state, Clay opens the cage door and releases the wolf. 


Aleister-in-Clay's-body starts to turn into a wolf.  And Jeremy is afraid if Aleister is in control when he turns into a wolf that he will kill them all.  Once the transformation is complete, the wolf acts aggressively.  But in Clay's dream state, the wolf and Clay become one -- and the wolf in front of Nick, Jeremy and Elena shakes his head and becomes passive.  So they know that Clay is alive as himself again.  The wolf CGI is so much better this year than Season 1.


Nick asks Jeremy if this means Aleister is dead.  Meanwhile, Aleister awakens in his own body in the car.


Clay confirms he was fighting to stay alive in the vision/dream -- and he could hear Elena but couldn't find her.


Aleister removes Savannah from the trunk of the car.  Savannah tries to escape since Aleister wants to kill all the witches, but Aleister uses the "I am the lock" spell on Savannah and she responds in turn "I am the key" and so she is back under Aleister's control.  Aleister removes the vial of Elena's blood from his jacket pocket and commands Savannah to drink it.  Which she does that results in an eruption of energy from Savannah that disturbs even the clouds and causes Paige and Ruth extreme pain and Ruth's nose starts to drip blood.  Ruth confirms that it is the beginning of the end (meaning 'The Undoing' has begun).


Wow -- can't believe that there are only two episodes left this season.

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Episode Description:


Elena, Clay, Paige and Nick scramble to find Aleister after he casts his undoing spell, while Jeremy helps Ruth delve into Left Hand magic in hopes of bringing down their enemy. Elsewhere, devastating news from Rachel pushes Logan into some pretty dark corners.


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