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S02.E13: The Pittsburgh Steal-ers!

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In Clue Boom!  Rita Wilson had the word lesbian, she started off with "not a homosexual"?!?!  Why didn't she point at Jane?!  


I did enjoy the final round, I'm not familiar with the actress but she was the right amount of pop culture savvy, common sense and nervous jitters.


Did not like the IPad drawing game, at all.

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I agree...the drawing game wasn't that interesting.  I hope that's one they don't bring back. 


One of my favorite games, which I think I've only seen twice, is when the contestant has noise-cancelling headphones on and the three celebrities have to act out the song that's playing. 


I thought the first game in this episode was too easy, although I thought Michael Weatherly's comment that "Desperately Dick of Their Own" was one of the possible titles for his memoir was pretty clever.


I lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years growing up, so I had to go look up which high school Joe and Gillian went to -- turns out (per IMDB) that it was Mount Lebanon High School.  Oh, well, if my family hadn't moved, I would have gone to Upper St. Clair H.S.

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Wait a second. The guy normal saying "not a nickle back" for "quarterback" was okay?! 


I thought both Lauren and Rita represented themselves well. You could tell the normal on that team was so over Michael's antics. Jerome was pretty terrible (you couldn't get motorcycle? Maybe he thinks the only mode of transportation is "bus"?). Gillian and Joe were pretty good. I would have picked Lauren for the final round, but she can get flustered so maybe it would have been a bad choice!


I couldn't believe Gillian kept saying the name in the final round though. Are there only a certain number of clues? There must be since when you pass it comes back around. If she had said "his middle initial is L" for Samuel L Jackson, would there have been no way for them to get to 10 points? Am I thinking too much about a stupid game on a stupid TV show? Definitely.


I'm still over clue-boom. I don't mind the drawing game but I think it's confusing. 

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Yes, the musical game where the contestant wears the noise cancelling headphones is one of my favorites as well.


I don't like the 4 letter word game.


Michael was funny, but towards the end it got kinda old.  Also, he just didn't seem to be as competitive.  You could tell his civilian was very competitive. I thought the teams were pretty even, they both had duds (Jerome, MIchael) on their team.

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Wait a second. The guy normal saying "not a nickle back" for "quarterback" was okay?! 

I noticed that too,  It's bullshit.  Every game like this of any type on any show doesn't allow you to say part of an answer as a clue.

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I guess I don't see why nickleback was a problem.  It's a football position (a cornerback who serves as the fifth defensive back on the defense).  If the word was "mailman" and someone said "postman," I don't think they'd be disqualified, just because "man" is in both words; therefore, I didn't think it was an issue that "back" is in both "quarterback" and "nickleback."

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Gillian Jacobs was so adorbs on this - it was kind of odd seeing her all girly-girl since Britta is so not a girly-girl and Community is the only thing I've seen her in.  I admit that I thought she wasn't going to be very good but she was very quick and bright.


I can't believe Jerome didn't get motorcycle.  And that the Pittsburgh team didn't get Mad Men!  I don't even watch the show and I could have guessed it.  The Pittsburgh team really did not do well on TVID, but it was funny during the last clue where Gillian was debating if it was Gossip Girl or Veronica Mars and Joe said something like "Jerome and I don't watch those shows".  

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