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S14.E06: Arctic Hurricane

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After this episode I took the show off my DVR.  No offense to the show or the network and I don't hate the captains either (well I'd make an exception for Harris!) but...it's just not the same.  Or maybe it's too much of the same.  The seemingly manufactured drama of the first few episodes has devolved into the standard look for crabs, lower pots, raise pots, stack pots.  The focus is more on the Captains than the guys on the deck and there's nothing new being taught to the viewers.  There used to be multiple guys followed and seeing how they work and cope was interesting but they don't do that as much with the deckhands now.  And I don't hate Sig or Jake or Keith I just don't find them watchable anymore.

So, OK, a little bit of letting my thoughts just dump into the keyboard there to say as much as I've always liked the show and I don't find anything truly, truly wrong it I'm not where it holds my attention much anymore either and I feel like it's time to bail.

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22 hours ago, QuinnInND said:

No. Not yet. I assume we'll find out in a couple weeks maybe. 

What the heck?  They made it a major plot point a couple of episodes ago and then just dropped it.

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On 5/16/2018 at 6:28 PM, Addlepated said:

Did I miss something?  Did they ever say what was wrong with Keith?

I assumed we'd see the MRI of the metal rod stuck up his cranky ass.

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