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Edie, Jade and Jake: Dynasty In Other Roles

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Fake Adam as Jude Kincade on Hit the Floor. (Kind of NSFW.)

Seriously. Why the hell wasn't he Steven? Hit the Floor took like forever with their hiatus because it basically got cancelled by VH1 and then got picked up by BET. I wish he had been scooped up in the meantime. He could have played the shit out of Steven. Brent Antonello is really good at generating chemistry with people- I'm kind of pissed he's in a pretty disposable part.

Anyway, back to Edie. Does anyone else remember when she did a t.v. movie where two of her daughters are kidnapped by Aunt Jackie's derpy husband from Roseanne? Or another one she did where this old guy believes that she's the love of his life from another lifetime and starts stalking her? I miss 90's t.v. movies.

As for Jade, she did a pretty cute homage to Parent Trap:

She was supposed to do Jawbreaker: The Musical as an off-Broadway show, but it never materialized, unfortunately. Kind of a shame, because the songs I've heard from the various workshops and concerts have been pretty good.

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The psychic is played by Harriet Harris, who I remember for her part as Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie, a human trafficker running a boarding house in 1920's New York City.

I saw the original production back in 2002...pretty good memories.

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