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Welcome to the Primetimer Forums Movie forum!

Here are a couple guidelines on how best to interact in Movies.



Once a movie has been widely released in theatres in the United States, their specific movie thread will no longer need spoiler tags. Please proceed with caution if you have not seen the film. Before wide release, spoiler tags are only necessary if you've seen advanced screenings or sharing leaked script information. 

In the multiple works without a tag or general movie categories (Unpopular Opinions, Movie Star Crushes, Best/Worst, etc.) please use spoiler tags for A-bomb spoilers unless the topic allows for Spoilers. A-bomb spoilers are usually plot twists, character deaths, etc. Use your discretion.  


Everyone is welcome to start new movie threads if there is not one already existing. Please use the forum search first to make sure the movie thread does not exist. When creating a movie thread, add the year of the theatrical release as well.

For threads in Everything Else Movies, many movie topics are already covered, but please let us know or PM me if you want a new thread.


The number one rule is to be civil to your fellow posters.  If you see a discussion or post which is rude, please report and do not engage. Thank you. 


If you see something that doesn't look quite right, please do not hesitate to use the Report function. In every post there is a flag icon; click on that and you are taken to the report form and from there you can let us know what's up. 

The report can be viewed only by the mod team. Please report if it looks like discussion is out of control or maybe it's as simple as you made a typo in the title. That is why we are here and why there is a report function.  We encourage you to use it.

Please continue being prolific and have fun! If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this forum, please contact us. 

Thank you! 

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