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On 7/13/2018 at 5:11 PM, Teri313 said:

Why does Karen HAVE to have a copy of Bev's birth certificate because of insurance? I've never heard of anything like that. Then Karen tries to make Beverly feel stupid for not understanding that. And THEN gets mad at Bev and blames her for making Karen look bad. I don't get it. I do believe that Karen is controlling, and is now trying to turn things around and say that Bev always "threw" the responsibility for finances and discipline in Karen's lap. They are two completely different people, and people like Karen wouldn't feel comfortable NOT being in control of those things - especially finances. I think Karen is trying to get some sympathy and rewrite history. I also think that Cass needs to stay out of the parents' relationship/breakup.

Absolutely. Kids do tend to "choose" one or the other when their parents split up, especially when they're in their teens, but Cass was already estranged from Beverly and it seems like now she has completely cut the cord. So sad, especially since Beverly had been trying to reach out to her and show acceptance of her choices. 


So sad.

Has this show been canceled??

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On 7/8/2018 at 10:07 PM, KBrownie said:


Just give Beverly her fucking birth certificate for Christ's sake!  Who is Karen to hold on to someone else's birth certificate and tell Karen that she can just go get another one?  It doesn't belong to you.

And STFU Cas.  "You can just get another one.  It's not that hard."  It's so obvious that Cas is just using this to get back at Beverly.  Neither you or your father make those transitioning very empathetic as you both come off as selfish, passive-aggressive, narcissists.

Agreed. I just found this dumpster fire on tv last night. I have worked in the insurance field for decades. A birth certificate is NOT required to be on hand for any insurance policy, health, life, COBRA, etc. I have never been asked to provide a birth certificate for any of my clients or my family. The dad/now woman and daughter/now son both give a very bad rep to their entire tran community. They are both ugly assholes, inside and out. 

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