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S06.E01: An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

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1 hour ago, Trey said:

Plus, criminals know who he is so they target him, as a challenge to their - and his - intelligence.

Assuming the new guy is a hit man / serial killer I am hoping it's a coincidence that he ran into Sherlock again. The story line I don't want is Michael having targeted Sherlock because he knows who he is -- and that's not a stretch since Sherlock is famous in certain circles. Better an accidental friendship with a killer than a serial nutjob toying with him. The problem with my wish is, even if he didn't know in advance who Sherlock was he will soon find out.

As soon as Michael picked up the phone and seemed out of breath I turned to my BF and said "he's our new bad guy and he's killing someone right now". He thought I was reaching because he's never seen the show before. He asked, then why would he answer the phone? Because it's Sherlock calling!

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That ending totally threw me, though as soon as they showed Michael in the woods and breathing hard it was obvious something was up.  It was extremely creepy needless to say.  I agree that it creates another layer to Sherlock's level of recovery to see how soon he picks up on something suspicious about this person, and how soon he realizes Michael is a killer.

I have to say that the way the show has handled Sherlock's illness and his and Joan's reaction to it is just outstanding.  Almost any other show would have gone sentimental in some way, or overly melodramatic, instead both the writers and the Miller and Liu did a fabulous job making you feel what they are both going through.  I watched both new episodes back to back tonight (backwards, crazy I know) but while watching I was thinking that this will be a show people will rewatch years from now.

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1 hour ago, CaptainCranky said:

Excellent show. Love when Sherlock gets in the van and immediately says the driving position was for a person 6' 3"

That was from the episode following this one, but true.  I wonder if there's some flashback scene where Sherlock hires a bunch of sex workers of various sizes and has them sit in vehicles with instruction to adjust the seat until they fit comfortably.  Then they get out and he gets in to note that height and position.

Actually, that'd be something they'd probably do on Sherlock.  With Elementary, we've seen enough by this point that we should just accept that Sherlock knows his shit. 

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On 5/1/2018 at 10:53 PM, AEMom said:

So glad that this show is back.  An interesting diagnosis for Sherlock to deal with.

I was shocked to see the In Memoriam for Nelsan Ellis. I never heard a thing about him passing away. When I googled after the show I realized that he died when I was away on vacation and maybe that's how I missed it.  Only 39 years old, what a shame. 

Nelsan used to follow me on Instagram. I can’t believe I didn’t know he had passed until I saw this episode. 

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