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S09.E22: Stairway To Heaven

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6 minutes ago, Demented Daisy said:

Well, yeah, but Carver has final say, right?  Maybe he had a plan for the veil that fell apart? (Whew, that was hard to type.  Carver and plan, that is.  ;-) )

Hee! Yeah, it was up to Carver to tie this up, I just remembered Dabb wrote the episode, though, and thought it was kinda interesting in that context.  


You would think they were sent to Heaven, but you know what assuming does, right? ;)

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Well, angel girl tried to be nice to the snotty mom who needed to mind her own business. Did Sam get a haircut? I can't imagine why else Dean would compliment it. Spears and Aguilera! "They like to hear me say their names." "I know a couple women like that." Can't argue with that one. Also can't blame Dean for not trusting Cas. I love Castiel having his angels perform miracles at hospitals. It's sweet and it's very Castiel. "Old shoes and alcoholism?" Heh, Bowling Angel called Metatron a nerd. Dean going at Flagstaff was frightening. Tessa! Cas knows Lord of the Rings, but not that seven eight nine? I like Hannah. She stands up to Dean Winchester without being a jerk. It's a rare quality. I like Tessa's reasoning. She's always been good to the souls she's charged with. I can see her pain at not being able to grant them peace. I like the circle of life thing going on with Tessa supposed to kill Dean and then her using Dean to kill herself. Why don't more people duct tape Dean's mouth? I spaced out during Metatron's part. "You really believe we three will be enough?" "We always have been." I wasn't supposed to start singing "Hmm, whatcha say" when Dean stabbed Gadreel, was I?

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Cas and cultural references was fun this episode, from Spears and Aguilara to LOTR and Indiana Jones.  

Of course Cas would choose Dean.  He was already favoring humans from the beginning, then the Winchesters in particular.  After Cas became human for a while, he understood and favored them even more.  I totally understood Cas would pick Dean over the angels.

Dean turning up the heat so much more, definitely the Mark of Cain is taking over and controlling Dean more than vice versa.  

I was not surprised that some angels were pretending for Cas.  Those following Meta will figure it out eventually, just like Gad did.

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On 5/14/2014 at 12:10 AM, catrox14 said:

I teared up too many goddamn times in this episode.  I do not like scary!Dean. Jensen is too good and it's really upsetting me. Take it back, I don't want demon!Dean at all. 😞


Cas choosing Dean over his army. I teared up. 


I just don't even know what to think at all. 


All I know is Jensen is awesome and I am scared to death for Dean's welfare :(. 


Did I mention that Cas chose Dean over his angel army? 



Cas CHOSE Dean over his angel army. 


Cas chose DEAN over his angel army.

Yeah, I am finding ragey Dean hard to watch. JA is doing too well at selling him.

Loved Cas choosing Dean.

On 5/14/2014 at 7:54 AM, elzin said:

Maybe reapers are "angels of death." That's all I got.

I hate what they have done to the reapers. They were so much better before. I am legitimately upset by what they did with Tessa.

On 5/14/2014 at 11:00 AM, catrox14 said:

So apparently there is a bit of a meltdown in twitterland and there is a perception that this episode was a big fuck you to viewers that care about the Winchester brothers relationship. I didn't get that idea at all. 


I thought it was showing that Sam is trying to figure out what the deal with Dean is but that Sam still has his issues with Dean.  Dean going 'Deantatorship" apparently meant that Sam is being written out of the show or something.  I don't get that at all.

It's interesting to hear about realtime reaction, but I don't get this reaction at all. 

On 5/14/2014 at 11:31 AM, ElleryAnne said:


I didn't see it as a fuck-you to the fans.  I did have serious problems with Dean acting that way, but I figured it was just meant to reinforce how messed up Dean is now.  It was horrible to watch, though, and I don't like Dean this way.  I'm consoling myself with the belief that, like Soulless Sam, MoC Dean is not permanent.

Absolutely. It is so hard to watch.

On 3/14/2015 at 10:50 AM, sarthaz said:

Been on a binge rewatch lately, and I can't escape that Tessa is my favorite recurring character.  Perfectly written and perfectly cast.  And every time she shows up, now all I can think about is how much I hate how they shit on her character in this episode. 😞

I overall liked this episode and the angel storyline has gotten infinitely more interesting for me, but I hate what they did to Tessa here. I think they could have had a "what is this doing to the reapers?" storyline without this being the result. It could have been great. 

Coming to the home stretch of S9, I am actually really enjoying it and I don't feel like it is as much of a plot dump as prior seasons.

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On 4/12/2018 at 8:42 PM, sarthaz said:

This is where I realized I hate Andrew Dabb. Between "Bloodlines" and the Tessa nonsense in this episode, it's clear he doesn't give a shit about the show and its characters. :(

Oh God, I loved this ep because of MoC!Dean, but what that bastard writer did to Tessa.....another round of me wanting to use Dean's wonderful blade (yeah, I am a big fan of the First Blade 😁)

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